The 45 Best Business Schools in Europe

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These 45 entrepreneurial business schools were chosen for being the best universities for entrepreneurship in the respective countries on continental Europe. 

The listed universities provide the best undergraduate Bachelor programs, teaching students the basics of business in a multinational and rapidly-changing environment.

"I believe for the first time in history, entrepreneurship is now a viable career."

- Eric Ries

Each business school listed mentions the notable alumni that graduated from their educational institution and succeeded in building their entrepreneurial career, and the list includes some of the best universities in Europe.

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Based on the universities' rank in a particular country, the study degree, and alumni, Valuer has prepared a table with the most appropriate institutions to study entrepreneurship. These courses provide the best of both theoretical and practical knowledge. So, if you want the best undergraduate entrepreneurship programs, read on.

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Triple crown accreditation

There are many criteria that define the level of education taught in business schools. A triple crown accreditation is one of them. It consists of the three accreditations listed below. This particular trio is sought by many business schools as they are the largest and most influential business school accreditation organisations. recognised.

The above accreditation means that the higher education institution has passed all the requirements asked by the competent organisations and pays a fee.

The accreditation itself assesses the quality of learning for particular degrees available in universities. Only 88 business schools worldwide are proud to hold the title of being a triple crown institution. And of those 88, 69% are made up by European schools!




AMBA logo

Association of MBA is one of the most expensive accreditation systems that shows the high quality of the program with an innovative way of studying.

The main focus of the organization is on Business Administration postgraduate degrees, approving 240 schools from 70 different countries.

For students, AMBA accreditation means that a particular university has an appealing MBA program, highly valuable among employers as they look to hire graduates proved by this accreditation.

AMBA indicates that a student at this particular university has acquired adequate knowledge in the business and entrepreneurship field for founding a company or holding an executive position.




EQUIS logo

The main difference between AMBA and EQUIS is that the latter examines the educational institution as a whole, taking into consideration all the available study degrees and programs, research activities, teaching processes, and staff.




AACSB logo


The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) is an international institution that connects the educators of universities, students, and businesses to achieve one common goal: "to create the next generation of great leaders".

Members of this highly professional network gain access to a movement that aims to improve the quality of education at business schools worldwide. They become part of a vast network of over three million enrolled students, with active and prestigious members of the business community.

Of the top full-time MBA business programs, all have achieved an AACSB Accreditation.



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Without further ado, here is the list of the 45 best entrepreneurship schools in continental Europe. Many of them are in cooperation with other universities and larger corporations. Thousands of international students gain valuable knowledge on entrepreneurship, innovation, management, and business life at these business schools.



Epoka University


epoka university logo

Epoka University is one of the most demanding higher educational institutions located in the capital of Albania, starting its activity in 2007 and gained university status in 5 years. Epoka attracts not only foreign staff that counts for more than 20% of the overall amount of employees but also international students from Montenegro, Turkey, United States, Pakistan and more.

Students who apply for a Bachelor's in Business Administration at Epoka University are provided assistance from the university to find an adequate job in domestic and foreign labor markets as they are in collaboration with many organizations.

According to the worldwide ranking, this university takes the first place among Albania's higher educational institutions and graduates from the BBA programme acquire the relevant knowledge of business administration in both public and private sectors.

Course: Bachelor in Business Administration
Founded: 2007
Annual Tuition Fee
Domestic: €2,500.00
International: €2,500.00


Notable Alumni


Violent Zani


Violent Zani picture

Violent Zani graduated from Epoka University in Computer Engineering by finishing both his Bachelor's and Master's there. Violent was eager in IT and worked as an IT specialist and developer until he founded the start-up GoWeHost that offers web services such as cloud hosting, domain registration, VPN, and others.


Arnold Drita


Arnold Drita picture

The experienced Android developer who graduated from Epoka University is Arnold Drita. He helped to develop several projects, and in 2016 got the position of Technology Consultant in Softlab Albania, a tech start-up based in Tirana. At the same time, Arnold co-founded and still holds the position of CTO in Softmogul. Softmogul is an operating system that works as a platform for hotels in order to make the management process easier.



University of Andorra


Universitat D'Andorra logo


The University of Andorra is supposed to be the biggest higher education institution operating in Andorra and provides its students with around 130 study programmes in various fields. This university takes care of its culture and uses Andorra's official Catalan language for preparing students with professional skills.

Applicants have a lot of possible options for studies starting with languages taught there and ending with the possibility of online studying. As the level of education is continuously improving, the University of Andorra is looking forward to participating in several international associations on educational issues.

Course: Bachelor in Business Administration
Founded: 1997
Annual Tuition Fee
Domestic: €2,500.00
International: €2,500.00


Notable Alumni


Jan Aramburu Armengol


Jan Aramburu Armengol picture

Jan Aramburu Armengol holds a degree in Information Technology. Working many years as a marketing manager and director in a couple of companies, Armengol became a partner in the AI company named Quantum Fields Technologies. Being a mentor in several startup accelerators, the alumnus currently develops his co-founded projects Olyseum (social network) and Pirineus Marketing Consulting (consultancy).


Felipe Gallardo


Felipe Gallardo picture

Felipe Gallardo is a successful entrepreneur who received his BBA degree from the University of Andorra. His entrepreneurial career started in 2004 by co-founding BCC Speakers and founding TEDx in Andorra and Speakers Associates of America LLC based in New York 6 years later. Since 2014, Gallardo has been a co-founder of Cow or King, a startup-oriented in providing co-working spaces. The alumnus is well known for being an associate in Speakers Associates Ltd.



Vienna University



Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien logo


WU or Vienna University of Economics and Business is a well-known worldwide institution based in the capital of Austria and founded in 1898 that prepares over 23,000 students with professional knowledge in the field of economics, entrepreneurship, logistics and business science as well as other social sciences.

WU is an attractive place for international students with over 110 nationalities (especially those who came from neighboring Germany, Hungary, and Slovakia) that account for over 6,000 in total because of the high level of education and affordable tuition fees.

The university actively participates in student mobility programmes being in collaboration with more than 240 partner universities. In ranking, WU takes one of the highest positions competing for being the best business school in Europe.

Course: Bachelor in Business Administration
Founded: 1898
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: €19.70
non-EU: €1,453.44


Notable Alumni


Johann 'Hansi' Hansmann


Johann 'Hansi' Hansmann picture


Johann 'Hansi' Hansmann is a notable investor with great investing experience. He finished PhD degree in WU in Economics, graduating in 1978. Since that time he has invested in tens of start-ups and companies and lately Hansmann likes to take place in business events and accelerators as a speaker or member of board and provides his advisory services to startups and even founded one of them named as RENÉSIM which is an online market platform that offers luxury jewelry.


Stephan Heller


Stephan Heller picture

Stephan Heller studied Digital Communication and Marketing at Vienna University, finishing his Bachelor's degree in 2009. Heller participated in 3 different projects as an angel investor and afterward founded FinCompare GmbH, originally located in Germany. FinCompare is a fast-developing start-up that provides SME financing.



Belarusian State University

Belarusian State University logoThe oldest and greatest higher institution in Belarus for business science is Belarus State University located in Minsk. The university was founded almost a hundred years ago and since then, they've developed their study methods and programmes, making them desirable for domestic and foreign students. Belarus State University's School of Business started its activity in 1996 and currently has graduate programmes in Business Administration, Management, Logistics, and others.

This school is highly recognizable in Belarus and prestigious, thus tuition fees are high for enrolling students, for both natives and internationals. BSU takes, as example, study practices from Western higher educational institutions and tries to adopt them while having partnership relations, with many located in Italy, Slovenia, Poland, and Switzerland.

Course: Bachelor in Business Administration
Founded: 1996
Annual Tuition Fee
Domestic: €3,450.00
International: €3,450.00


Notable Alumni


Viktor Prokopenya


Viktor Prokopenya picture

Viktor Prokopenya is a graduate from Belarusian State University where he studied Law. He was engaged in different IT startups that were developing mobile apps and software. Prokopenya founded a couple of tech start-ups starting in 2012. One of them was named 'The best IT company to work for'. Now the alumnus is the founder of VP Capital, the investment company working with real estate assets.


Yury Melnichek


Yury Melnichek picture

Yury Melnichek finished his Master's in Computer Science at Belarusian State University and his main activities are investing in start-ups and also entrepreneurship. Melnichek founded several companies that are very demanding and famous worldwide as MAPS.ME that was sold afterward to Russian Group and also AIMATTER, the rights of which were transferred to Google in 2017. Besides this, Melnichek established with his partner an investment company named Bulba Ventures that funds Belarussian tech start-ups. The graduate is a chairman of Fabby, a startup that deals with photo and video editing.


Yakau Buta


Yakau Buta picture

Yakau Buta is a holder of Master's Diploma in Innovation Management. During his undergraduate degree in journalism, Buta worked as a journalist on a Belarusian national channel from 2008-2015 and in the year of 2013 became a CEO of media agency named Like Media Marketing. Now, this company has 5 years of experience in the market and is the biggest digital agency in Belarus. Apart from this, since 2015, the alumnus has held the position of Chief Executive Officer in Stringershub based in Minsk, its main aim is to provide videos from all over the world at clients' requests.



KU Leuven

Ku Leuven logoKU Leuven is one of the oldest educational institutions in the world which was established in 1425. KU Leuven concentrates its efforts on building student communities with people that are eager to study, to be creative, to exchange their ideas and culture.

The university is situated in Leuven city, with approx 30,000 inhabitants, while the total amount of students studying in KU exceeds 40K (10,000+ international students). That makes this city a pretty interesting and unique environment to live in. Currently, there are more than 160 nationalities, but this destination attracts most of its candidates from the Netherlands, India, Spain, and China.

As a highly innovative and experienced institution, KU Leuven ranks as one of the 50 best universities not only among EU higher educational institutions but also worldwide. For international students that play an important role in the universities' image, KU Leuven provides 86 study programmes in English.

Course: Bachelor in Business Administration
Founded: 1425
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: €906.10
non-EU: €3,500.00


Notable Alumni


Roland Duchâtelet


Roland Duchâtelet picture

Roland Duchâtelet is a billionaire from Belgium who founded several large corporations such as Vivant, X-FAB and also owned a couple of football clubs. Besides this, Duchâtelet is a famous Belgian politician and organized the social liberal party to promote his ideology. The entrepreneur is 71 years old and mainly focuses on politics.


Julien De Wilde


Julien De Wilde picture

Julien De Wilde is another successful Belgian businessman who graduated with a Master's in Chemical Engineering. De Wilde started his career as an engineer in Texaco Belgium after graduation and in 10 years started to work at high positions in well-known Belgian corporations. Now, the businessman is a member of director boards in 6 different companies such as Nyrstar, Telenet, Bekaert, Agfa-Gevaert, Prince Albert Foundation, Agoria, that operate in various industries.


Luc Bertrand


Luc Bertrand picture

The last notable alumnus attended KU Leuven and became a successful entrepreneur is Luc Bertrand. He finished his Master's in 1974 as a commercial engineer. As Bertrand was interested in finances, after graduation he worked in the USA in a trust company and became the Vice President after 6 years. By working many years for corporations, the Belgian entrepreneur gained lots of knowledge that enabled him to participate as a Managing Director and Chairman in Ackermans & van Haaren since 1996.


Bosnia and Herzegovina

University of Sarajevo


University of Sarajevo logo

The University of Sarajevo used to be the only educational institution operating within the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina until 1975, where it supported the establishment of subsequent universities in the country. The University of Sarajevo is nowadays the largest and most desirable for domestic applicants, as this public university aims to support the European pattern of completing a Bachelor's and Master's degree.

The most interesting fact about this university is that 40% of the overall teachers in Bosnia and Herzegovina teach around 27,000 students at the University of Sarajevo. The institution claims that it has valuable cooperation agreements with 150+ universities worldwide.

Course: Bachelor in International Business and Finance
Founded: 1949
Annual Tuition Fee
Domestic: €3,850.00
International: €5,500.00


Notable Alumni


Amina Basic


Amina Basic picture

Amina Basic is a businesswoman and an entrepreneur that has graduated with a Law degree program at the University of Sarajevo. She has worked in numerous executive positions, such as the Operations Director at Debbie Dogrul Associates, CEO at Keller Williams Realty and Director of HR at ATG. Her main activity is related to recruiting or finding experienced staff for companies. Nowadays, Basic holds the position of CEO in Keller Williams McLean and Regional Director in Kristan Cole Network.


Jan Zlatan Kulenovic


Jan Zlatan Kulenovic picture

Jan Zlatan Kulenovic graduated with a Bachelor's in 2002 while working with a couple of Youth Agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main activity of the alumnus was focusing on consultancy in youth employment issues that led him to found his own Social Innovation Incubator named MUNJA in 2016. MUNJA provides its users with a social platform filled with information considering youth empowerment.


Sasha Savic


Sasha Savic

During 1988-1992 Sasha Savic, our next notable alumnus was a full-time student in the University of Sarajevo. Currently, Savic lives in the United States and works as a Chief Executive Officer in MediaCom, USA department. MediaCom is the leading media agency operating in more than 85 countries with thousands of employees in over 100 offices. The company plays an important role in the media area, serving well-known companies as Coca-Cola, P&G, Mars, and others. No wonder, before being appointed to this position, Savic worked many years for several marketing agencies as Havas Media Group, Starcom MediaVest Group, and others.



Sofia University

Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski logo

Sofia University is the oldest university founded in Bulgaria, established in 1888. The full name of the educational institution is Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” named after the clerk who introduced the Cyrillic alphabet used in Bulgaria.

With strong connections and collaboration partnerships, Sofia University opens a lot of opportunities for students to participate in mobility programmes, educational and cultural experience, and courses for international students. To become a regular student in Sofia University and apply for one of the 117 study programmes available, an applicant has to successfully pass entry exams which are mathematics and foreign language such as English, German or French.

Course: Bachelor in Business Administration
Founded: 1888
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: €3,300.00
non-EU: €3,850.00


Notable Alumni


Plamen Russev


Plamen Russev

Plamen Russev attended Sofia University as a Master's student in Mathematics and Informatics, e-Education. The alumnus is a specialist in many fields. For starters, Russev has invested in a wide range of companies working in IT, Healthcare, Investment, Internet of Things and others, and has participated on the board of several foreign companies. The entrepreneur is an in-demand consultant in IT, digital agenda and market development issues. The main project Russev is engaged in is Webit.Foundatition that is a global meeting community gathering each year with thousands of businessmen, influencers, investors and founders, and hosts events 5 times annually in 5 different countries.


Vladimir Tzankov


Vladimir Tzankov picture

Vladimir Tzankov has graduated from Sofia University where he finished his Master's in Computer Science. Tzankov started his career as a software engineer and worked as a hacker before he founded his own company named HyperScience. This company offers advisory services to firms in order to develop their Artificial Intelligence.


Lyuben Belov


Lyuben Belov picture

Lyuben Belov decided to finish his Law study programme at Sofia University but after graduating he found himself in entrepreneurship and internet media in particular. Not a long time after graduating, Belov co-founded and worked as a CEO at Net Info that introduced the best products in the Bulgarian internet media market. Lately, the alumnus is running LAUNCHub Ventures as a managing partner. The company helps new entrepreneurs in e-commerce and internet marketing or media spheres by investing in most competitive projects.



University of Zagreb

University of Zagreb logoBased in the capital of Croatia, the University of Zagreb is the oldest university in the country and one of the first among its neighboring countries being founded in 1669. Since 1920 the University of Zagreb has started the Faculty of Economics and Business. As the main mission, the University of Zagreb aims for the gradual improvement of the study process, with innovation implementation and creative thinking.

To highlight the importance of this particular higher educational institution, the state government is in close partnership with the university to discuss and decide on educational issues and implement required changes for preparing skillful graduates. The university is a very large institution with a capacity of over 70,000 students (half of all students enrolled in Croatia's public educational institutions). Here, the applied student has a chance to choose between 29 faculties and become a participant in an exchange programme.

Course: Bachelor Degree in Business (BDiB)
Founded: 1888
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: €3,300.00
non-EU: €3,850.00


Notable Alumni


Ivica Todorić


Ivica Todorić picture

Ivica Todorić is a businessman originally from Croatia and born in 1951. He graduated in 1976 with a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Economics. The career of Todorić started in former Yugoslavia after graduating from the University of Zagreb when he started to trade flowers and expanded his distribution around the whole country. He named the company 'Agrokor', and it was developing at a fast pace in coverage area and product variety by offering a wide range of food and beverage along with retail services. Todorić made a lot of effort to increase the value of Agrokor, and in 1989 the company was registered as a joint stock company where he owns 100% of stocks. Now Agrokor is a well-known distributor operating in many countries and is a parent company for many subsidiaries. Todorić has been the founder and owner of the enterprise for 42 years so far.


Davor Štern


Davor Štern picture

Davor Štern is the next notable entrepreneur from Croatia with a degree from the Petroleum, Geology and Mining faculty from 1967. After graduation, he decided to connect his life with building a career in the petroleum industry by joining INA, the powerful oil company originally located in Croatia. In ten years, the alumnus was promoted to director of imports, and in 1982 he worked in the Moscow office as a branch director for four years. He has changed a lot of executive positions not only at INA but also was a part of the team in Philbro and Glencore. The key point of his life happened in 1997 when he was appointed as a general manager of INA and participated in the supervisory board of the oil company since 2010. By now, Štern is one of the wealthiest people in Croatia with the net worth more than 40 million euro.



University of Nicosia University of Nicosia

The University of Nicosia is situated in the educational center attracting many international students as an institution with multilingual study programmes. The staff come not only from Cyprus but also from the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Germany and other countries, as the main objective of this educational institution is providing degree programmes at all levels with Western practices and quality approved by the EU educational policy.

Over 5,000 students are studying at the University of Nicosia as regular students, where they will receive a recognizable diploma throughout Europe. Perfect for eager entrepreneurship applicants, the university has established a School of Business where programmes are offered in Finance, Management, Business Administration, Marketing etc. Moreover, the international students enrolled in the University of Nicosia have a right to work within Cyrpus's territory at part-time jobs, making this place quite affordable for studying.

Course: Bachelor in Business Administration
Founded: 1980
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: €8,700.00
non-EU: €9,120.00


Notable Alumni


Rupert Hackett


Rupert Hackett picture

Rupert Hackett works as the Chief Executive Officer at, an exchange platform working in Australia. This company operates online so anyone is able to exchange money into bitcoin in a convenient and fast way. Hackett is highly experienced in this field as he has worked in related crypto companies and finished his Master's in Digital Currencies attending classes in the University of Nicosia.


Christopher Zenios

Christopher Zenios picture

Christopher Zenios attended the BBA degree programme at the University of Nicosia during 2003-2009. In the next year, the entrepreneur plans to get Ms in Digital Currency and Blockchain Technology at this university. He is a specialist in marketing and SEO, in particular, gaining practical knowledge in Btyres Ltd, and focuses on training and teaching people the in-depth insights of Search Engine Optimization by speaking at Web Theoria Academy, Crypto Sky Rocket and Zenios became an entrepreneur through co-founding Alcaeus Labs (online business consulting in marketing aspects) and (offers blockchain with own secure digital vault).


Olivier Beaujean


Olivier Beaujean picture

Olivier Beaujean is a holder of a certificate issued by the University of Nicosia in 2017 by passing their Introduction to Digital Currencies, a blockchain course. By this time Beaujean worked as a manager in several companies and even co-founded Cleverwood (Altavia ACT), a media company and membered the board in Swan Insights (Bisnode) along with a CTO position. During last two years, the alumnus co-founded Safone and Stampify and became a partner of Klow Partners based in Belgium.


Czech Republic

Charles University

Charles University logoCharles University was established in the 14th century making it one of the oldest universities in Europe. The university developed its practices on European standards by taking Bologna University as an excellent example of the teaching process. Originally starting with four faculties, Charles University offers 17 faculties of different specializations for more than 49,000 students and participates a lot in the international student exchanges.

According to the statistics, this university takes the 5th place of the most attractive destinations for student exchanges within the Erasmus+ programme. The important activity of the best Czech higher educational institution is research, which accounts for 24% of all scientific activities in the country.

Applicants have an option to choose among 300 graduate programmes and are assured of being taught by academic staff in English, Czech, German or French and being perceived as an integral part of the student community.

Course: Bachelor in Economics and Finance
Founded: 1348
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: -
non-EU: €6,000.00


Notable Alumni


Eduard Kucera


Eduard Kucera picture

With a doctorate in Physics, acquired at Charles University, Eduard Kucera has spent most of his time developing the idea of the future antivirus software AVAST. He joined the company former ALWIL as a research and development specialist in 1977 and after 1991 became a partner and took the position of CEO 16 years later. Currently, Kucera has been serving the board of AVAST Software for ten years.


Jakub Konecny


Jakub Konecny picture

The next successful entrepreneur graduated from Charles University in International Relations is Jakub Konecny who after gaining work experience in management in his 30's, founded his own start-up BridgeWaterBlu. BridgeWaterBlu was established in 2017 and operates exclusively in the Czech Republic offering advisory services to firms in order to improve their IT capacity.


Marie (Chytilová) Havlíčková


Marie (Chytilová) Havlíčková picture

Marie (Chytilová) Havlíčková is a graduate from Charles University where she gained a Bs title in Semiotics. Marie started to participate in a start-up called Slevomat in 2012 at managers' positions and since 2014 she became a CEO of the company and was mentioned in the Czech version of Forbes in the #30under30 category.



Copenhagen Business School

Copenhagen Business School logoThe establishment of Copenhagen Business School as an educational institution was back in 1917. CBS nowadays takes the first place in educating students in the field of business and entrepreneurship in Denmark. In the business school, more than 20,000 students are enrolled. 4,000 of them are international.

The international environment is affected by the school's participation in over 300 exchange programmes and partnerships with many institutions worldwide. As CBS takes care of its image and awareness, incoming applicants have to pass a widely-used English test.

Course: Bachelor in International Business
Founded: 1917
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: -
non-EU: €9,500.00


Notable Alumni


Lise Kingo


Lise Kingo picture

Lise Kingo is a famous businesswoman holding three Bachelor's degrees acquired in Denmark, with a Diploma in Marketing Economics from CBS. She became a well-known person starting her career in Denmark, working as an Executive Vice President for Novo Nordisk for 26 years until 2014. Afterward, she moved to the US to take on the position of CEO and Executive Director in the United Nations Global Compact. She has been working there for three years.


Thor Angelo


Thor Angelo picture

Thor Angelo is a Nordic entrepreneur and investor who finished his MBA degree at CBS. As a highly experienced business and investment administrator, Angelo is a consultant, advisor and angel investor in many danish start-ups and companies. More recently, he pushes efforts to develop Angelo, his company that monitors the activity of Shoptagr, TuteeApS, MyMonii in which he has invested and works as the CEO and co-founder at OrderYOYO, based in Copenhagen. This company deals with take-away services from a restaurant by introducing e-commerce platforms.


Henrik Akselbo


Henrik Akselbo

Henrik Akselbo is a successful young entrepreneur that started his career while studying at Copenhagen Business School with a Bachelors Degree in Business. By his graduation in 2011, he co-founded a couple of projects and worked as a COO and CEO in Danish companies. Akselbo is a co-founder in, an investor and board of directors in , company based in Denmark. Currently, the alumnus puts an effort on developing the influencer network, Bloggers Delight.



University of Tartu


University of Tartu logo

The University of Tartu is a leading university within Estonia's territory by both research and trainee activities. Founded in 1632, UT is in the top 1% of best universities in the world. The university holds approximately 12,000 domestic students and around 1,000 international ones that attend one of 23 programmes taught in English from 4 available faculties.

The University of Tartu is involved in an international exchange cooperation with many foreign universities and organizations and thus UT's students can use the provided opportunity to participate in student exchange programmes and build a great career after graduation. The higher education institution provides a high-quality qualification and lists in the 350 best universities from all over the world. UT has over 3,500 employees, with 50 percent being academic professors. Academic writing experts at GetGoodGrade writing platform advise this university as one of the best ones to attain a degree in business and foster your business school background, paving you the way to successful entrepreneurship.

Course: Bachelor in Business Administration
Founded: 1632
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: -
non-EU: €1,700.00


Notable Alumni


Markus Villig


Markus Villig picture

Markus Villig is a notable alumni from the University of Tartu. This young entrepreneur enrolled in the Estonian University in 2013 for his Bachelor's in Computer Science and meanwhile started to work on his own project - Taxify. Now, Taxify is one of the most fast-growing start-ups worldwide, ranking number 82 on CrunchBase. This ridesharing platform is becoming more and more popular and is available in 43 cities of 27 countries located in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. Of course, with such level of development, many new markets seem to be entered by Taxify in the nearest future.


Jaan Tallinn


Jaan Tallinn picture

Jaan Tallinn has successfully graduated from the University of Tartu where he acquired Bachelor's degree in Theoretical Physics. Not a long time after graduation he started to participate as a founding engineer for companies such as Skype and Kazaa. He gained knowledge fast and began to provide advisory services to companies and fund start-ups on the rights of the angel investor. More recently, Tallinn is a board member in several companies and co-founded a couple of companies. In 2012 Jaan founded MetaMed where he has a position of CTO.


Ahti Heinla


Ahti Heinla picture

Ahti Heinla has a quite interesting background after receiving a Diploma in Physics. After spending six years as a Chief Technical Architect in Skype, Ahti decided to become an entrepreneur and succeeded in it. He founded in 2003 with other Skype engineers a company that held a minority share of Skype and resold it to eBay. Since then, he began working in investment. As a co-founder and CEO, the alumnus tries to develop the idea of delivery services conducted by robots.



Aalto University

Aalto University logo

Aalto University was founded in the middle of the last century and due to rapid development, it became the most influential university with an international character. More than 35% its employees are international. Aalto is famous for its art and design related study programmes. This university also provides recognizable diplomas in International Business and other subjects connected to Management and Business.

As for a relatively new founded educational institution based in Helsinki, the number of doctorates increased by 39%, making it more attractive for applicants. Teaching the most relevant professional competencies is the main goal the university wants to achieve through providing high-quality courses, online learning and demanding degree programmes. Aalto is listed as the seventh best university and was founded less than 50 years ago, according to a QS ranking, showing that even new-founded universities like Aalto are worth studying in.

Course: Bachelor in International Business
Founded: 2010
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: -
non-EU: €12,000.00


Notable Alumni


Riku Asikainen


Riku Asikainen picture

Riku Asikainen is a notable graduate from Aalto University, nominated as the Alumni of the Year in 2014. Asikainen is a well-known person in Finland as he is a successful entrepreneur and investor. Riku holds a Ms degree in Finance and since graduation, has been involved in tens of different companies. Being an active angel investor, the alumnus co-founded and served the board of Finnish Business Angels Network that helps to find investors for private start-ups. Moreover, Asikainen participates a lot as a coach and co-founder of Start-up Sauna, an accelerator for early-stage start-ups.


Kare Casals


Kare Casals picture

Kare Casals is a well-known Finnish developer with over 30 years of experience. His career started in 1984 right after enrolling in Aalto's Helsinki School of Business to acquire a Diploma in Organization and Management. In Finland, Casals is one of the leaders in e-commerce and retail fields by holding several executive positions in such companies as SOK, Aldata, IT-Pooli Group and others. Since 2010, the alumnus puts efforts on developing his co-founded company, Business Meeting Park Ltd, based in Helsinki where he works as both President and CEO.


Taneli Tikka


Taneli Tikka picture

Taneli Tikka is a 40 years old Finnish entrepreneur. He completed his Executive MBA program in the former Helsinki School of Economics, which integrated afterward with other schools into nowadays Aalto University. Tikka has gained experience through becoming a CEO, Member of the Board and Vice President in tens of companies. In 2018, the alumnus participates as a speaker at the Speakers Forum, conducts advisory services for a couple of companies, and develops the Finnish company Vake along with the Startup Sauna Foundation.



Montpellier Business School

Montpellier Business School logo

Located in France, Montpellier Business School was founded in 1897 and puts an emphasis on providing professional skills in the field of Management that could be applied for both domestic and foreign environments, making its graduates valuable employees and helps to build an incredible future career.

The image of Montpellier is influenced by international students from 60+ countries who want to enroll. No wonder this Business School has highly recognizable diplomas. 97% of alumni found a job up to three months after graduating. Moreover, students who attended classes in Business Administration have an option to choose among 7,000 internship positions during their study, provided by Montpellier.

Course: Bachelor in International Business Administartion
Founded: 1897
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: €12,900.00
non-EU: €12,900.00


Notable Alumni


Gregory Duconge


Gregory Duconge picture

Gregory Duconge finished Montpellier's MBA programme in 1999. He participated in start-up projects like Let and Miyowa and worked as the COO and CFO in a couple of companies. More recently Duconge has been working for 2.5 years in Vulog as the CEO. Vulog entered the market in 2006 and it's a high-ranked company providing solutions in the SaaS field.


Yanis Kiansky


Yanis Kiansky picture

Yanis Kiansky obtained his Master's degree from the Montpellier Business School in the field of management, marketing, and finances. For many years he worked as a functional consultant in different companies, and in 2011 he got a president's position in Allocab, the start-up co-founded by the alumnus in 2011. This start-up helps customers through the internet to hire private car drivers or motorcycle taxis.



Mannheim University

University of Mannheim logo

The best university for entrepreneurship in Germany is without a doubt Mannheim University. Collaborating with 400+ business schools worldwide, Mannheim takes the top position in the field of Busines and Management in Germany. It attracts international students from 100+ countries. In comparison to the many private and public schools in Europe, tuition fees for EU and non-EU citizens are quite affordable, even though study degree in Business Administration is known to be expensive.

Graduates from this university are quite successful entrepreneurs and executives. Mannheim gives advice in the field of companies' founding and providing job positions to its students, helping them build their career. Many companies are in close relationships with the university as they know the level of qualification the alumni receive.

Course: Bachelor in Business Administartion
Founded: 1967
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: €320.00
non-EU: €1,500.00


Notable Alumni


Stefan Lippe


Stefan Lippe picture

The University of Mannheim is proud to name its notable alumnus Stefan Lippe, a graduate in Business Administration. After finishing his doctorate, Lippe spent almost 30 years building his career at Swiss Re, becoming the Chief Executive Officer there in 2009 and retiring in 2012. Swiss Re is based in Zurich and deals with different forms of insurance providing its clients the best services in this field. Apart from that, the alumnus served several boards in German and Swiss companies as CelsiusPro AG, German Insurance Association, and Paperless Inc along with Acqufinn AG which he co-founded.


David Handlos


David Handlos picture

David Handlos was born in Germany and gained his first degree in Business Administration at Mannheim University. David is a known person as he designed and founded Stocard in 2012, a mobile app that turns users' mobile phones into a wallet for convenient purchasing approved by more than 25 million people using it.


Dieter Schwarz


Dieter Schwarz picture

According to the list of the richest people in the world, prepared by Forbes, the next notable alumnus, graduated from Mannheim University, Dieter Schwarz took the 46th place with a net worth of almost 16 billion dollars. By inheriting the business from his father, Schwarz became the CEO of Südfrüchte Grosshandel Lidl & Co in 1977 opening and developing the supply chains named Lidl and Kaufland, making them among the biggest discount suppliers not only in Germany but in other European countries as well, expanding rapidly under the alumni's control.



Athens University of Economics and Business

Athens University of Economics and Business logoThe Athens University of Economics and Business was founded in 1920. Applicants can conduct research or enroll in the undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate degree programmes out of four departments. This university is an active member in several international associations on educational issues and has many exchange agreements with other universities under Erasmus+ and Jean Monnet Programmes.

The Athens University of Economics and Business is the oldest educational institution in the field of management and business science in Greece and is considered the best study programme offered. Thousands of alumni have proved the competencies acquired in the university by holding executive positions in companies and founding organizations.

Course: Bachelor in Business Administartion
Founded: 1920
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: €8,000.00
non-EU: €9,500.00


Notable Alumni


Panos Papadopoulos


Panos Papadopoulos picture

Panos Papadopoulos is a successful investor and entrepreneur interested in the tech sphere. He is a notable alumnus from Athens University of Economics and Business where he acquired a Bs title in Computer Science. Papadopoulos's main activities are related to venture capital and founding with the main focus on data, Internet of Things and infrastructure development. The key point of his career was founding BugSense, a mobile application for management consulting, acquired by Splunk NASDAQ: SPLK. Then Papadopoulos started to invest in start-ups, give them solutions in order to increase their capital and help founders with Marathon Venture Capital where he currently works. The third activity the alumnus was eager to be engaged in was participating as a board member in accelerators and network platforms.


Alexandros Chatzieleftheriou


Alexandros Chatzieleftheriou picture

Athens University of Economics and Business taught the next notable alumnus Alexandros Chatzieleftheriou and issued him a diploma in Decision Sciences. After graduation, he worked and built his career for seven years in McKinsey. He then spent two years at Samsung, and founded his own start-up, Blueground, within that time. This tech start-up changed the view of long-term housing by providing a platform with rentals and renters that makes it possible to gain the best housing experience.



Corvinus University of Budapest

Corvinus University of Budapest logoHungarian Corvinus University is located in Budapest and is known to provide the best level of education for its students, especially in the field of Business and Management. The university respects its traditions from the Renaissance period and tries to implement the international and friendly environment for students enrolled there. In order to apply for English-language study programmes, an applicant has to prove his English level by providing a certificate verifying the knowledge of English at a B2 level above. Usually, a Bachelor's degree lasts for six semesters, but one additional semester for a mandatory internship may take place.

Course: Bachelor in Business and Management
Founded: 1920
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: €3,500.00
non-EU: €4,900.00


Notable Alumni


József Váradi


József Váradi picture

One of the most famous and progressive alumni from Corvinus University of Budapest is József Váradi. After finishing his studies, the alumnus started his career in 1991 by working at P&G, where he was promoted from Sales Manager to the executive position of Sales Director. By holding a degree in Economics, Váradi gained experience by leading the Malev Hungarian National Airline in 2001-2003, and afterward founded the start-up, Wizz Air, that outcompeted many other companies which provide discount flights. It became the leading low-cost airline company available in more than 100 airports around Europe. Moreover, Váradi was a member of the board in Lufthansa, Wizz Air, and Mandala Airlines (FlyScoot) during his career.


Ganhuyag Chuluun Hutagt


Ganhuyag Chuluun Hutagt picture

Ganhuyag Chuluun Hutagt enrolled and finished his Bachelor's study programme of Economic Sciences during 1993-1997 in the Corvinus University of Budapest. Two years later Hutagt became XAC's CEO, one of the first non-bank financial company in Mongolia that was merged with the related company into a commercial bank XacBank. The notable alumnus was responsible for future development of the company, its subsidiaries, and acquisition with insurance company TenGer. Hutagt took high positions in Mongolia such as Vice Minister of the Ministry of Finance in Mongolia, President of the Student Union in Mongolia and the Prime Minister's Advisor of Mongolia on Economic and Development issues. Currently a Chief Executive Officer in an investment holding company Ard Holdings.


Tamas Kadar


Tamas Kadar picture

Tamas Kadar has a Bachelor's Diploma of Science issued by the Corvinus University of Budapest. Since 2015, Kadar has been the CEO of SEON. SEON offers advisory services to firms in risk management by gathering in-depth information on all possible risk vectors and handing report to the claimed company. Apart from that, Kadar is a very experienced specialist in software development.



University of Iceland

University of Iceland logoThe University of Iceland was founded in 1911 in Reykjavik. It is well-known, boasting the best state higher educational institution in Iceland teaching over 10,000 students each year while 10% of the overall amount of enrolled are international students mostly from Germany, the USA, and Scandinavian countries. Besides this, the university offers hundreds of study degrees with a possibility to get a scholarship for great grades.

The University of Iceland is developing rapidly and proud to rank among best 200-250 universities from around the world, focusing on humanities, education, natural sciences, health and social sciences. For international students or those who want to study in English, the institution provides various study programmes taught exclusively in English with possible Icelandic courses.

Course: Bachelor in Business Administartion
Founded: 1911
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: €600.00
non-EU: €600.00


Notable Alumni


Thor Sigfusson


Thor Sigfusson picture

During 2009-2012 our next alumnus Thor Sigfusson gained a Ph.D. degree in the University of Iceland in Business Administration. Thor is the Founder and Chairman of Board for Iceland Ocean Cluster that operates the Ocean Cluster House. It works in the marine industry for the purpose of connecting businessmen and entrepreneurs with the same interests and providing them services. Besides this, the graduate is a co-founder and board member on three start-ups.


Georg Ludviksson


Georg Ludviksson picture

Georg Ludviksson is an IT expert and entrepreneur who has a Bachelor in Software Engineering issued by the University of Iceland. When Georg was in his final year, he co-founded Dimon Software Inc., and worked there for five years. In 2007 he concentrated his abilities on co-founding UpDown, an investing platform. Last year, the graduate became a board member of Icelands leading airline, Icelandair, but left the board in March 2018. The recent activity of Ludviksson is concentrated on Meniga, a company providing solutions to retail banks in the Nordic region that was co-founded by the alumnus in 2009.


Hilmar Veigar Pétursson


Hilmar Veigar Pétursson picture

Hilmar Veigar Pétursson is an alumni from the University of Iceland with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Pétursson's main focus is on software development, programming and creating computer games. After he gained enough knowledge and capital in the mentioned field, the alumnus decided to connect his specialization with entrepreneurship and became a CEO of CCP, founded in 1997 and since then it has won a variety of awards as the leading multiplayer game company.

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University College Dublin

University College Dublin logoThe University College of Dublin takes place among the top 1% of over 17,000 higher education institutions worldwide and has a great influence on Ireland's educational system. The biggest university based in Ireland prepares 30,000 students with adequate knowledge in the learned area. Every fifth student comes from a foreign country to study making UCD an international university with many English-language degrees, increasing the number of published literature in English each year by UCD researchers.

Moreover, the university is listed in the top 10 universities with the most successful entrepreneurs that have graduated from mentioned institutions. The University College of Dublin established a center named NovaUCD which has supported over two hundred innovative start-ups with €100 million invested in equity for the purpose of companies' fundraising.

Course: Bachelor in Economics and Finance
Founded: 1854
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: -
non-EU: €18,700.00


Notable Alumni


Peter Sutherland


Peter Sutherland picture

Peter Sutherland is an Irish entrepreneur, barrister, and businessman from University College Dublin. Sutherland was born in 1946 and held a degree in Civil Law. He is a well-known person in the business community as has worked and served many executive positions in big enterprises. He was elected for the position of European Commissioner for Competition from 1985 to 1989. Before being a Chairman of Golden Sachs for 20 years, Sutherland took the responsibilities of Attorney General of Ireland until 1994 as well as Director-General of the WTO till 1995. Apart from Golden Sachs, Sutherland influenced the activity of Allied Irish Banks and the Royal Bank of Scotland. 


Denis O'Brien


Denis O'Brien picture

Denis O'Brien is one of the wealthiest Irish businessmen and was listed as one of the wealthiest people in the world in 2015. Denis graduated from the University College of Dublin in 1977, studying history and politics. After ten years, the alumnus founded and fully owned Communicorp which is a media holding company operating in Europe. But the main achievement of O'Brien was his founding of Digicel. Digicel is a network provider for mobile phones serving millions of users that live in the Oceania region as well as in Central America and the Carribean. The company was established in 2001 and in three months it acquired more than 100.000 users.



University of Milan

University of Milan logoThe University of Milan was chosen as the best university for entrepreneurship with the total number of enrolled students being approximately 66,000. Half of the students study a Bachelor's degrees in one of the 65 available programmes provided by eight faculties.

The University of Milan is quite a demanding educational institution as it's among the top five universities in Italy. There are lots of domestic and foreign applicants still waiting to become a student. The faculty of political, economic and social sciences has a study programme in economics and international management in English for those who want to acquire knowledge of the business area or become an entrepreneur in the future.

Course: Bachelor in Economics and Business Management
Founded: 1924
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: €2,000.00
non-EU: €2,300.00


Notable Alumni


Marina Berlusconi


Marina Berlusconi picture

The daughter of the Prime Minister of Italy and an influential businesswoman is Marina Berlusconi who's alma mater is the University of Milan. This alumna is a chairwoman of 2 powerful companies: media-focused Fininvest founded by her father, and Magasin Mondadori. Marina was mentioned in Forbes and got the position of the 48th of most powerful women in the world.


Gianfelice Rocca


Gianfelice Rocca picture

A billionaire and notable alumnus of the University of Milan is Gianfelice Rocca, the holder of first Bachelor's degree in Physics. His grandfather Agostino Rocca founded the company Techint, which is now an enormous conglomerate operating in six business areas with several subsidiaries. Rocca joined the company in 1974 and has been the chairman of Techint Group since 1997. His brother also participates in the family business and their combined net worth exceeds four billion dollars.



Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University logo

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (KazNU) is the best provider of tertiary education in Kazakhstan being established in 1934. The university has proved that the level of education is at a high level as many of alumni became well-known people in the country by taking the positions of Governors, Founders, CEOs, and Politicians.

The High School of Economics and Business of KazNU is the first school offering study programmes in management, marketing, business administration and related areas in the country as it was founded in 1949. Every applicant applying to the School of Economics and Business has the right to choose whether to study in English, Russian or Kazakh languages and ask for a grant. The constant research activity and modernization of teaching make Al-Farabi Kazakh National University the best school for entrepreneurship with notable alumni conducting business activity.

Course: Bachelor in Management
Founded: 1934
Annual Tuition Fee
Domestic: €2,400.00
International: €2,800.00


Notable Alumni


Oleg Novachuk


Oleg Novachuk picture

Oleg Novachuk is a notable graduate from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. He completed his Ms degree in Applied Mathematics and became a known Kazakh businessman. From 1998 to 2001 Novachuk held the position of Chairman in one of the biggest private banks located in Kazakhstan named JSC Kazprombank. In 2001, the alumnus joined Kazakhmys (KAZ Minerals) chopper mining company and since 2007 has been working there as CEO. Novachuk was mentioned in the Forbes article published in 2014 as one of 'The Richest People in Kazakhstan' as he held around 8% of the company's assets.


Kairat Boranbayev


Kairat Boranbayev picture

Kairat Boranbayev is the next millionaire that earned money through his business activity after graduating from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. He holds a Ms degree in Law and a Ph.D. in pedagogy. The key point of his career was the appointment of Executive Director at KazTransGas and a chairman position KazRosGas. After that, Boranbayev got involved in sport by being elected as the president of the Boxing Federation in 2009 and becoming a chairman of FC Kairat Almaty after three years.



University of Latvia


University of Latvia logo

Formerly known as Riga Polytechnic University, the University of Latvia was founded in 1919. The bachelor's degree in Business Administration opens for its graduates an ability to conduct their business activity on an international level and cooperate with foreign companies in both the private and public sectors. Many alumni from the University of Latvia became famous entrepreneurs and businessmen and have adequate qualifications for working in the fast-changing business environment and distinctive regulations in every country.

The best feature of being enrolled in this university is that students gain practical knowledge of the field they wish to work in. Currently, the University of Latvia is proud to teach over 14,000 students in one of its 13 faculties. As one of the most influential universities in the Baltic region, an applicant has to provide documents that prove proficiency in English, a diploma issued by secondary high school attended by him/her, and pass an exam on Mathematics with a grade not less than 4 out of 10.

Course: Bachelor in Business Administration
Founded: 1919
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: €2,500.00
non-EU: €2,500.00


Notable Alumni


Uldis Leiterts


Uldis Leiterts picture

Uldis Leiterts is a young entrepreneur with a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from the University of Latvia. After graduation in 2012, he started to participate and work to help to hold events related to start-up demo days like Fragmentic, and the Digital Freedom Festival. More recently, Leiterts began his own start-up video channel named 'Baltic Mafia', and created Catbot AI used in Messenger from Facebook. Besides this, the alumnus has a direct connection to new the start-up AirBoard as he is an angel investor. Currently, he is the CEO of Infogram which he co-founded in 2012.


Boris Burshteyn


Boris Burshteyn picture

Boris Burshteyn was a notable graduate from the University of Latvia where he studied Applied Mathematics. He spent many years working as technical staff in several companies including Oracle and HP until he founded Master Information System in 1994 and developed introduced software product MUSKOX. After this, he worked for seven years as the principal engineer in PostPath and Cisco and finally founded a start-up in 2015 named CryptoMove, a data security platform.


Normunds Kvilis


Normunds Kvilis picture

Normunds Kvilis holds a Bachelor's degree in International Economics and a Master's in Economics, Finance, and Credit from the University of Latvia. Kvilis has been working for Nordea Bank where now he takes the position of Fund Analyst. While working for Nordea, the alumnus has gained knowledge in the field of angel investing by being a project manager in Latvian Business Angels Network. A year ago, Kvilis co-founded that provides its users with a possibility to secure and control digital and crypto assets.



University of Liechtenstein

University of Liechtenstein logoEstablished in 1961, the University of Liechtenstein plays an important role in educating its students by offering Bachelor's study programmes, taught exclusively in German. In a close relationship with Stanford University, students of the University of Liechtenstein who study Business Administration have the possibility to attend short seminars taking place in the US university, and therefore business-related degrees are the focus of the university with a huge number of academic staff (1 per every 14 students) and partners from different countries of origin. Graduates will be issued a Diploma that guarantees the knowledge of entrepreneurship and business science and will lead to executive positions, and become highly-competent employees.

Course: Bachelor in International Management and Entrepreneurship
Founded: 1961
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: €1,650.00
non-EU: €2,150.00


Notable Alumni


Werner Flatz


Werner Flatz picture

Werner Flatz graduated from the University of Liechtenstein and he is a young entrepreneur in Switzerland. He co-founding Anivo, the first insurance company dealing with the online broker advising in car, health and legal protection insurance by providing an insurance platform for comparison among different Swiss companies. The startup began its activities in 2015.


Heini O. Seger


Heini O. Seger picture

Heini O. Seger is the second alumnus of the best school for entrepreneurship in Liechtenstein. Now Heini is highly concentrated on developing his start-up named Tomsfive, taking the position of President and Founder of the newly-established company. Tomsfive focuses on recruiting activity by offering their services in finding the right candidate for a particular company. This helps to boost the culture of the organization and make it possible to meet applicants before hiring them. The service finds a match between the company's vision and the candidate's skills and demeanor.


Martin Greguletz


Martin Greguletz picture

Last but not the least, the alumni Martin Greguletz obtained his Master's degree from the University of Liechtenstein in Science and Entrepreneurship. He started to build his career in 2009 and starting from 2014 Martin co-founded Janke, Popp und Greguletz GbR and participated in establishing Tradico while becoming the COO of this fast-growing FinTech start-up in 2016. Tradico is a useful assistance platform located in Munchen that helps small and medium-sized enterprises with pre-financing of products they are planning to purchase.



Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University logoThe leader among Lithuanian universities in the field of modern sciences is Vilnius Gediminas Technical University that prepares its students for entering the labor market with adequate qualification gained. Since its founding in 1956, VGTU has established multiple research laboratories and performs its activity through 14 educational institutions.

The total amount of graduated alumni exceeds 77,000 and currently, the amount of students enrolled is around 10,500 people. The study degree in Business Management helps students learn theoretical and practical knowledge of business activities and management basics while the university has close relationships with over 400 businesses and 500 universities worldwide.

Course: Bachelor in Business Management
Founded: 1956
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: €1,272.00
non-EU: €2,700.00


Notable Alumni


Gediminas Žiemelis


Gediminas Žiemelis picture

Gediminas Žiemelis is a holder of a Bachelor’s Diploma in Business Management study programme provided by Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. He founded the investment company ZIA VALDA in 1997. The company operates in different areas like real estate, IT, pharmacy, agriculture and others. He also founded aviation holding Avia Solutions Group AB and has been a chairman of the holding for almost ten years. His net worth exceeds €200 million.


Arvydas Avulis


Arvydas Avulis picture

Arvydas Avulis finished his Civil Engineering degree in 1978. Gaining work experience in various construction companies, the alumnus founded his own company AB Hanner in 1991. AB Hanner's main activity is real estate investing and after ten years the company became a leader in the Baltic regions real estate market. Since 1995, Avulis has been serving the board of this company. His net worth exceeds €100 million.



University of Luxembourg

University of Luxembourg logo

The University of Luxembourg is a newly-founded institution which started its activity in 2003, making this university a modern provider of tertiary education with a focus on multilingual and international perspectives of studying.

The University of Luxembourg is proud of its research centers with 800+ scientists and research staff. While being enrolled in a Bachelor's degree program, a student has to spend one semester abroad in one of the partners' universities. This university supports study programmes taught in both French and English, and French and German, but it's also necessary to add that international students are able to attend classes solely taught in English. Currently, the best school for entrepreneurship in Luxembourg teaches more than 6,000 in total from 113 countries.

Course: Bachelor in Economics and Management
Founded: 2003
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: €300.00
non-EU: €300.00


Notable Alumni


Pierre Steffen


Pierre Steffen picture

Pierre Steffen is a holder of Bs diploma in Mechanical Engineering. Pierre worked for Airbus, spending around 25 years working for the company. After leaving Airbus in 2011, alumnus worked at companies directly related to the flight industry and since 2015 he became the founder and owner of Red Lions Consultants S.A.R.L., originally located in Luxembourg. This company concentrates its activity towards advisory services and management support for firms working in the flight industry. Currently, Mr. Steffen is a Senior Vice-President of Row44, solving the problem of Wi-Fi availability during a flight by introducing in-flight connectivity. It has been embedded in more than 400 planes already.


Polina Montano


Polina Montano picture

Polina Montano is a businesswoman and entrepreneur that has acquired a Master's degree in Science, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation. Polina participated in three projects and developed the idea of taking the responsibilities of the owner of organized companies. She started by constructing the supply chain for fashion products made in Italy. Then she established Poshe Sarl by taking the franchise agreement with Shell and provided retail services. The most recent start-up Montano engaged in is Job Today started in 2014. Job Today has created the marketplace for recruiting, and Montano works there as COO and the Head of Global PR and Brand Marketing, as well as being a co-founder.



Ss Cyril and Methodius University Skopje


Ss Cyril and Methodius University Skopje logo

The Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia was established in 1949 with only four faculties out of the current 23. This university is quite a complex institution, with various study programmes in different fields with independent research centers operating on behalf of the university.

The Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje is the most popular destination for studying among citizens of Macedonia where 60,000 students and 700 foreign students attend every year. For international students, the University provides free three to six month long course in Macedonian as a part of the non-credit programme. In 70 years,150,000 have graduated with Bachelor degrees.

Course: Bachelor in Management
Founded: 1949
Annual Tuition Fee
Domestic: €2,500.00
International: €2,500.00


Notable Alumni


Sonja Markova


Sonja Markova picture

Sonja Markova is a successful entrepreneur currently working in San Francisco as an executive director at the oldest angel investment company, Band of Angels. Her educational background started by completing a Bachelor's degree in Management at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje in 2000. After graduating, the alumna moved to the US where she studied in California State University's MBA programme. While being a student. Markova started to work in Keiretsu Forum, a venture investment community and became the Vice President in 2004. The other executive position held by Markova was in Point Reyes Management, also specialized in venture capital investment. She worked there for one and a half years and was then hired by the Band of Angels where she currently works.


Vesna Prčkovska


Vesna Prčkovska picture

Vesna Prčkovska is a graduate in Electrical Engineering from the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. Before co-founding her start-up in computational analytics, the alumna continued studying in the Netherlands and worked for five years as a researcher and afterward opened with two co-founders, QMENTA (former Mint Labs), a start-up launched in 2013, starting its activity in 2015. QMENTA offers a special platform that helps specialists identify the best treatment practices and diagnosis for their patients, providing a 3D map of the brain in order to see neurological diseases that patients are suffering from.



University of MaltaUniversity of Malta logo

The University of Malta has been conducting its activity since the 18th century. It is is well known for its Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation. As the university has adopted Bologna's regulations towards the educational system and is an active member of EHEA the university participates a lot in student mobility exchanges, trying to attract more international students and provide more opportunities for domestic students to apply and spend a semester or two in partner universities under Erasmus + Programme.

The Alumni Community is impressive. Each year around 3,500 students graduate from the University of Malta and this figure is rising annually. The overall amount of domestic students enrolled in the University of Malta is 10,000+ individuals along with 1,500 international and visiting students. The university is proud of its library with the area of approximately 5,500 square meters with the current subscription to 60,000+ e-journals.

Course: Bachelor in Administration and Management
Founded: 1769
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: €240-900
non-EU: €1,120-4,200


Notable Alumni


Markus Behmann


Markus Behmann picture

This notable alumnus is Markus Behmann who graduated from the University of Malta with a Bachelor's Diploma in Marketing and Management and is studying his Business Administration Master's degree. Being a young entrepreneur, Behmann has already been involved in three startups: VEO Capital (promotion of internet brands), VEONIO (business growth assistance in web design), and Moon Zebra (developing the idea of cryptocurrency ATMs).


Keith Fenech


Keith Fenech picture

Keith Fenech has an incredible career with an educational background gained at the University of Malta by studying a Bs and Ms in Computer Science. Fenech graduated in 2005 and was hired by GFI Software Ltd where he worked until 2010 and was promoted to Product Manager. In the meantime, he held an executive position in the IT company, Yellowbit Solutions, and co-founded Trackerbird (Revulytics), holding the title of CEO for six years. Trackerbird is a provider of solutions enabling software developers to make better and valuable products. In 2016 the alumnus took a Vice President's position and started his membership in Silicon Valletta, a network of influential CEOs.



Universitatea de Stat din Moldova


Universitatea de Stat din Moldova logo

The Moldova State University was established in 1946 in the capital of Chisinau. The main mission of the university lies on educating specialists with practical knowledge of their field and professional skills matching the labor market. Many departments and faculties were opened and nowadays the university is considered to be the best higher educational institution in Moldova with over 17,000 studying more than 100 specialties.

Student life is highly organized by providing many sports facilities, 16 dormitories, laboratories for practical experiments, three holidays camps and language centers. Partnership relationships are built between the Moldova State University and over 100 institutions in 29 countries.

Course: Bachelor in Business Administration
Founded: 1946
Annual Tuition Fee
Domestic: €1,100.00
International: €1,100.00


Notable Alumni


Alex Godelman


Alex Godelman picture

Alex Godelman has a great entrepreneurial spirit with a Master's Diploma in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at the Universitatea de Stat din Moldova. He worked at executive level positions in more than ten companies being CIO of Diskeeper Corporation, CTO in TechExecs, Sony DADC New Media Solutions, Cast&Crew Entertainment Services and Evolve Media. Currently, Godelman is a Chief Technology Officer and the Head of Product in the startup Zed Connect based in California. Launched in 2016, Zed Connect works in the SaaS industry offering tech and data-driven products.

Mark Curchin


Mark Curchin picture

Another promising entrepreneur that is still studying in the Universitatea de Stat din Moldova in Information Technology is Mark Curchin. In 2014, the alumnus started at Elysio as CEO and Art Director. In the years, he co-founded his first start-up named Holdex Limited that works with token sales. A year ago, Mark started participation in the Pitchday community oriented in digital innovations.



International University of Monaco

International University of Monaco logoThe International University of Monaco provides various business undergraduate and graduate courses that last from ten months to four years as it is. It's exclusively a business school with four available in English specializations: International Management, Luxury Marketing, Finance, and Sports Business Management.

This school provides the best business science knowledge being a part of French Groupe INSEEC, the leader among private business schools. By being enrolled in the International University of Monaco, every student has a possibility to attend courses in partner universities located in Paris and London. The institution provides a multinational environment with students coming from all over the world, and courses taught by experienced and successful entrepreneurs.

Course: Bachelor in Business Administration
Founded: 1986
Annual Tuition Fee
Domestic: €11,500.00
International: €11,500.00


Notable Alumni


Eddy Travia


Eddy Travia picture

Eddy Travia is a specialist in start-up development by helping various new companies to start their business and improve appearance. Currently, Travia provides his advisory services to eight companies globally and participates in the co-founded accelerator Block Chain Space and a start-up incubator named Seedcoin. Besides this, the alumnus has held the position of CEO at the investment company Coinsilium for the last four years.


Nicole Junkermann


Nicole Junkermann picture

Nicole Junkermann is an investor and entrepreneur born in Germany and studied in the International University of Monaco program in Business Administration. Junkermann invested a lot in different sport-related companies and co-founded several start-ups that were resold to such companies as Google, Salesforce, and Unilever. Currently, the alumna lives in London where she founded in 2015 a firm named NJF Capital. NJF Capital deals with providing investments to early-stage innovative companies having an experience of incredible business growth for chosen start-ups.



University of Montenegro

University of Montenegro logoThe University of Montenegro is a public higher education institution based in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. The university was founded in 1974 with three main faculties: the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Law. Moreover, the university is comprised of two colleges and three autonomous scientific centers. This university is quite large, educating more than 20,000 students annually in its 17 faculties. The university welcomes both domestic and foreign applicants, with its admission process based mainly on grades and record attained by an applicant.

Course: Bachelor in Entrepreneurship and Business
Founded: 1974
Annual Tuition Fee
Domestic: €0-750.00
International: €0-750.00


Notable Alumni


Milos Scepanovic Montenegro


Milos Scepanovic Montenegro picture

Milos Scepanovic Montenegro finished his Bachelor's degree in Economics by attending the University of Montenegro. He started to work as a Country Director in AIESEC in 2013 and after two years was promoted to a Business Development Consultant position in the international department of the company. But after his promotion, he changed the place of work to WEON Montenegro dealing with recruiting. After two years of experience as a business development manager, Milos became the CEO of the company in March 2018.


Milo Radulovic


Milo Radulovic picture

Milo Radulovic spent four years in the University of Montenegro studying International Business as a part of the undergraduate programme. His specialties are business growth, marketing, sales, advising and others. The alumnus's work experience counts more than ten firms where he developed his business knowledge, and was responsible for sales, or managed internal processes. Since March 2017, Radulovic has been in charge of co-founded MARLEQ, a startup with a career coaching orientation.


Erasmus University Rotterdam


Erasmus University Rotterdam logo

Founded by famous entrepreneurs in 1913, the Erasmus University Rotterdam is one of the best and biggest higher educational institutions based in the Netherlands teaching over 23,000 students each year not including around 5,500 international ones. This university is highly multi-cultural as many international students from over 120 countries study there and therefore Erasmus University Rotterdam teaches many English programmes.

Filled with numerous scientific institutions, laboratories and research centers, this university lists in the top 100 universities as a highly innovative, entrepreneurial and research-oriented educational institution with many partnerships worldwide.

The Rotterdam School of Management at the Erasmus University provides Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Business Administration that are highly recognizable worldwide as enrolled students are taught by professionals and specialists in the field of Management, Business, and Entrepreneurship. The university offers exchange programmes and internships by cooperating with other highly-ranked business schools mainly in Europe.

Course: Bachelor in International Business Administration
Founded: 1913
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: €6,400.00
non-EU: €9,000.00


Notable Alumni


Herman Heinsbroek


Herman Heinsbroek picture

Herman Heinsbroek was born in 1951 and finished his Business and Civil Law degree at the Erasmus University. Heinsbroek has had both an entrepreneurial and political career. Working as a diplomat for several years in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands, the alumnus left the political position to undertake an executive one in the British company Arcade Records Benelux in 1979. This company works with recording music albums and after years with Heinsbroek's assistance as the main shareholder, the company expanded to the most influential player in the music area in Europe. The company was resold to Wegener N.V. within 15 years and where the alumnus has become a board member in Belinco N.V. based in Hilversum, the Netherlands.


Jeroen van der Veer


Jeroen van der Veer picture

Jeroen van der Veer is a well-known person in the Netherlands as he was the Chief Executive Officer at the Royal Dutch Shell, a petroleum corporation operating in many countries. Veer is a holder of Master's degree in Economics issued by the Erasmus University Rotterdam. In 1971, the year of graduation, the graduate was hired by Shell Group, and worked in both local branches and in Curacao and the UK. During the period of 2000-2009, Veer was appointed to the position of CEO, and after retirement, he became a member of the Board of Directors. Apart from Royal Dutch Shell, the alumnus serves the board of Platform Bèta Techniek and is a non-executive director of Unilever.



BI Norwegian Business School

BI Norwegian Business School logoThe best university in Norway is without a doubt the BI Norwegian Business School that provides business qualifications at a high level. They have achieved triple accreditation and are among the top 1% of business schools worldwide. The Business School cares about its image and invites international students to enroll in one of the many study degrees taught fully in English.

Foreign applicants look forward to entering the Business School as it's one of the triple crown business schools with rigorous standards that allow graduates to get professional knowledge and find a job within 12 months after graduation. A bachelor degree in Business Administration prepares students with professional skills in Management, Finance, Marketing and Business Science that allows its alumni to become successful entrepreneurs or hold executive positions in big companies.

Course: Bachelor in Business Administration
Founded: 1943
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: €8,400.00
non-EU: €8,400.00


Notable Alumni


Gunn Wærsted


Gunn Wærsted picture

Gunn Wærsted completed her MBA at BI Norwegian Business School in 1979. She is the notable alumna of this university and during her 35-year career, she held many senior executive positions in Norwegian banks such as SpareBank1, DNB, Nordea and currently serves the board of Telenor, the mobile operator in Scandinavian region.


Stein Erik Hagen


Stein Erik Hagen picture

Stein Erik Hagen is one of the richest people in Norway with a net worth of over 2.5 billion dollars being ranked #965 in Forbes "Billionaires 2018". Hagen started a family business named Canica that was established in order to buy the grocery chain RIMI operating in the country. Currently the alumnus is a chairman of the company, holding shares of the Canica along with his children. This company owns main shares of companies: Jernia, Komplett, Ignis and Steen & Strøm and Orkla Group. Orkla Group is a huge Nordic conglomerate working with aluminum goods, consumer products and investments. Orkla is the owner of many companies based not only in the Nordic region but also among Baltic countries, Russian and eastern European countries, producing an operating income of nearly 0.5 billion EUR.



Kozminski University

Kozminski University logoFounded in 1993, the Kozminski University provides study degrees related to business with the approval of both Polish and international accreditations receiving the status of a "Triple Crown Business School". The university is located in Warsaw, the capital of Poland and creates all the conditions for domestic and foreign students to apply avoiding selective admission process for international students.

All the available undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degrees are available in both Polish and English, teaching over 8,000 students each year. The university is very proud of its rankings, being the top university of Business Science, Management and Entrepreneurship in Central Europe and are involved in cooperation agreements with 230 education institutions all over the world. Most importantly, enrolled students are able to get real work experience by applying for paid and unpaid internships provided by the university.

Course: Bachelor in Management
Founded: 1993
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: €5,252.00
non-EU: €5,252.00


Notable Alumni


Katarzyna Kazimierczak


Katarzyna Kazimierczak picture

Katarzyna Kazimierczak holds a recognized LL.M. International Commercial Law degree from Kozminski University taught in English. Her main activities during 2008-2015 were business development, business operations, and business analytics. In 2015 Kazimierczak co-founded K+K Design, a company that creates interior design, and Treo Joinery that specialized in furniture. Currently, the alumna is the COO of Authenteq, a blockchain company that enables its users to verify their identity on the platform and create their own ID.


Kamil Goliszewski


Kamil Goliszewski picture

Kamil Goliszewski is a young entrepreneur, completing a Masters in International Business and Management. Right after enrolling to the university, the alumnus founded Uniqorn Advisory in which he combined his experience in start-ups and law in order to provide the best advising services to clients. His second project MyBaze was co-founded in 2012, where he was a specialist in law issues related to the proper operation of the marketplace. The main achievement of Goliszewski is without a doubt the founding UnStock in 2015. This footage platform presented their pitch to the prestigious accelerator program AngelPad taking place in San Francisco. UnStock was acquired by Slidely, a platform for video creation where the alumnus holds a position of Head of Product and Operations there.



University of Porto

University of Porto logoEstablished in 1911, the University of Porto has grown, housing 14 faculties. The capacity of the university exceeds 29,000 students of which 1,600 are international. This does not take into account the 2,000 teachers and researchers and great staff responsible for administration. No wonder that the Porto University provides education at a high level as only 94% of graduates have found a job within a year of graduating.

The university includes the Porto Business School, which enables students to learn Business Administration, Management, Leadership, Entrepreneurship etc. This school was established in 1988 and nowadays provides the best study degrees in Portugal in the business area with quite affordable tuition fees for EU citizens.

Course: Bachelor in Business Administration
Founded: 1911
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: €999.00
non-EU: €3,000.00


Notable Alumni


Belmiro de Azevedo


Belmiro de Azevedo picture

Belmiro de Azevedo is a billionaire from Portugal that raised over $1.5 billion in net worth. His first degree was acquired in the University of Porto where the alumni received a Bachelor's in Arts/Science. Belmiro as a young and ambitious graduate began to work in the small Portuguese manufacturing company Sonae, where after two years, was appointed as CEO. The alumnus rapidly expanded the company by entering new markets and industries within retailing services. Belmiro devoted his life to the development and expansion of the company by working there for more than 30 years before becoming the chairman of the Sonae. As the alumnus held the majority of shares, there is no surprise he found his way into the Forbe's list of the richest people in 2017.


José Neves


José Neves picture

José Neves is the next alumnus in Economics from the University of Porto who graduated in 1997. Since childhood, José was obsessed with programming and after entering the University of Porto, he started to develop his own company, PLATFORME, launching internationally in 1996. As the company is an elaborated luxury fashion platform, fashion became the second passion of José. Apart from this, the alumnus is the CEO and Founder of, specialized in e-commerce and retailing services for luxury brands. Since 2016, José holds a Non-Executive Director position on the British Fashion Council.



University of Bucharest

University of Bucharest logoThe University of Bucharest has been educating students since 1864. The Institution is composed of 27 fields of study offering a total of 93 Bachelor's degrees. With 31,500 students being taught by the university, the University of Bucharest is the biggest university in Romania with a new faculty of Business Administration.

By applying to one of the study degrees offered by this faculty, the student receives a recognizable Diploma and is able to work in both private and public sectors with a global understanding of the business environment. The university participates in mobility programmes, attracting around 200 students under its Erasmus Programmes as well as over 700 regular students from other countries.

Course: Bachelor in Business Administration
Founded: 1864
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: -
non-EU: €1,980.00


Notable Alumni


Iosif Constantin Drăgan


Iosif Constantin Drăgan picture

Iosif Constantin Drăgan is a 1938 graduate from the Law School of the University of Bucharest, and was among the wealthiest people in Romania, conducting business activity in Romania and Italy. He founded the oil company ButanGas that became a leader in the distribution of petroleum gas in Europe. Drăgan published a couple of articles and owned a publishing house and oil tankers in Romania. By the time of his death in 2008, the alumnus had a net worth exceeding 1 billion dollars.


Florin Talpes


Florin Talpes picture

Florin Talpes is a notable alumnus with professional knowledge of Operations Theory gained by completing his Master's study at the University of Bucharest. Talpes co-founded a consulting company in the 90s named Softwin. Their focus is in the IT field. But Talpes is most known as being the founder of Bitdefender, an antivirus software in competition with such companies as AVAST, Avira, Kaspersky, and others. This company serves more than 500,000,000 users and provides them a adequate security from possible computer viruses.



National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE University)


National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE University) logo

The Higher School of Economics ranked as a top university in Russia and is a leader in providing high-quality education in Social Sciences and Economics in eastern Europe. Originally the school was founded in 1992 in Moscow, but expanded by opening a new branch and developed rapidly as a result of their research activities.

Including campuses in four cities around Russian territory, HSE has nearly 7,000 lecturers and 35,000 students in total from approximately 50 different countries. The university has 20 faculties that enable an applicant to choose among different study programs at all levels. The Higher School of Economics is the best option for those who want to enroll in an innovative and research-driven school and receive the knowledge of business science from a global perspective.

Course: Bachelor in International Business and Management Studies
Founded: 1992
Annual Tuition Fee
Domestic: €4,340.00
International: €4,340.00


Notable Alumni


Natalya Kasperskaya


Natalya Kasperskaya picture

Natalya Kasperskaya is one of the wealthiest women in Russia, taking the 11th position in Forbes "richest 50 women in Russia in 2017" with an estimated net worth of 270 million dollars. With her husband, the alumna co-founded in 1991 the company with the idea of an antivirus program known recently as the "Kaspersky Lab." Nowadays, Kasperskaya is one of the main influencers in the IT field in Russia and since 2006 held the position of CEO in Kaspersky. She currently owns the company InfoWatch that works with information security systems. Moreover, the alumna holds shares of several foreign companies including G Data Software.


German Klimenko


German Klimenko picture

German Klimenko is a holder of Bachelor's degree in Economics issued by the Higher School of Economics. Klimenko is a successful IT entrepreneur, the owner of the website that enables its visitors to run a blog. Mediametrics is the second largest project of the alumnus and this media company publishes Russian news online. During his career, he held a couple of executive positions in banks and has a go at politics. From January 2016 until June 2018 the alumnus was Putin's advisor on internet development issues.



University of Belgrade

University of Belgrade logoThe main state university operated in Serbia is the University of Belgarde founded in 1808. Under legal regulations, the University conducts its main education and research activities towards the development of the country. The University of Belgrade has a perfect balance between traditions and a modern way of education.

They consistently show the best results in the country in the field of teaching their students. Most importantly, the Serbian State University is funded by a state budget, but every faculty operates autonomously, creating relationships with other universities and receiving their own financial resources as well. Thr Faculty of Economics is the biggest faculty preparing students with the necessary skills in Economic Sciences in Serbia.

Course: Bachelor in Economics, Business Management and Statistics
Founded: 1808
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: €1,500.00
non-EU: €1,500.00


Notable Alumni


Milan Janković


Milan Janković picture

Milan Janković is known as Philip Zepter, the founder of Zepter conglomerate. He graduated from the University of Belgrade's Faculty of Economics. The alumnus was born in Serbia but moved with his wife to Austria where he established Zepter Handels-GmbH that dealt with selling pots and pans. It expanded to the huge conglomerate that offers a variety of consumer products, retail services, banking and insurance policies. In the previous year (2017), Janković was nominated by Forbes as the wealthiest Serbian with a net worth estimation of 5 billion dollars.


Branko Milutinović


Branko Milutinović picture

By graduating from the University of Belgrade in Electrical Engineering in 2008, Branko Milutinović began to work as a software developer for Microsoft for almost two years, until himself two other developers decided to launch their own company, Nordeus. The alumnus has held the position of Chief Executive Officer since its founding in 2010. Nordeus is a fast growing gaming company that offers to it users a football game Top Eleven and strategical game Spellsouls. Moreover, Milutinović participated as a speaker in Web Summit 2017 and NOAH Berlin 2015.



Comenius University in Bratislava

Comenius University in Bratislava logoThe Comenius University in Bratislava was the first provider of tertiary education in the Slovakian Republic, established in 1919 under Academia Istropolitana's traditions. Since its founding, Comenius University has been the best university in Slovakia teaching over 24,000 students in one of its 13 available faculties. Coming from around 70 countries, almost 2,800 international students gain knowledge and practical skills at Comenius University.

The educational institution participates in a mobility exchange program and is a leader in research activities within Slovakia's territory. The Faculty of Management provides degrees in Management by teaching management insights with a global perspective in both English and Slovakian.

Course: Bachelor in Management
Founded: 1919
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: -
non-EU: -


Notable Alumni


Adriana Krnáčová


Adriana Krnáčová picture

Adriana Krnáčová is a perfect example of a woman that built an incredible business and political career. Her alma mater is Comenius University in Bratislava where she studied her Master's degree in Art Theory and Languages. Starting from 1991, the alumna was a director of Soros Center for Contemporary Arts for four years. She then co-founded the company Makum. For several years she worked for a non-profit organization, Transparency International, that aimed at fighting corruption and criminal activities and Krnáčová was promoted to the position of the executive director until 2007. However, even though Krnáčová is Slovakian, her main achievement was winning the Mayoral election in Prague in 2014. She still holds this position, being the first elected woman elected Mayor of the capital.


Rastislav Molnar


Rastislav Molnar picture

Rastislav Molnar is a notable alumnus from Comenius University. He finished his Masters in Financial Management with distinction in 2012. As a Slovakian entrepreneur, he works mainly with startups, co-founding several of them. The first entrepreneurial experience he gained was by co-founding the non-profit organization UniValue o.z. that received grants for improving tertiary education in Slovakia. He also put a huge effort into promoting, an app that gathers information about on-going events. In 2014, Rastislav co-founded and worked as a CTO for the hardware startup Tarquini. Last year the alumnus founded his own company namely RAPID DATA where he holds the main executive position. RAPID DATA is based in Switzerland and offers consultancy services for wealth management of its clients.



University of Ljubljana

University of Ljubljana logoThe best school for entrepreneurship in Slovenia is without a doubt the University of Ljubljana. This university started its academic activity in 1919. The university is proud to offer 23 faculties preparing students with skills and competencies in various fields starting with Humanities and Arts and ending with Business.

They are in cooperation with hundreds of universities across Europe and Latin America providing excellent mobility programs for incoming and outgoing students. Every year the university educates over 40,000 students with more than 5,000 lecturers. One activity of the University of Ljubljana is the research conducted by its research institutions. They account for almost 30% of the overall specialists in the country.

For those who want to become a successful entrepreneur, the University of Ljubljana offers Entrepreneurship Bachelor programmes in English for six semesters. It has prepared many students with the global entrepreneurial environment and professional skills. By having over 360 study programmes, students in this university account for approximately 38% of the overall number of students enrolled in any higher education institution in Slovenia.

Course: Bachelor in Entrepreneurship
Founded: 1919
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: €57.00
non-EU: €3,000.00


Notable Alumni


Zoran Janković


Zoran Janković picture

Zoran Janković graduated from the Faculty of Economics in 1978. He started to work in the Slovenian Post Office until he found his own company after 12 years. But the biggest success of his business career was becoming the CEO of the famous retail company, Mercator, until 2005. In 2006, Janković won the mayoral election in of the capital of Slovenia. The alumnus won the subsequent election and led Ljubljana City in 2011 as the Mayor of Month. The following year he was listed among the best 25 mayors in the world.


Matej Gregorcic


Matej Gregorcic picture

Matej Gregorcic is a graduate from the Faculty of Economics. Gregorcic founded many start-ups in Slovenia and led them as Chief Executive Officer. In September 2017, the alumnus co-founded Eligma, a startup in the artificial intelligence field that is looking forward to finding an effective and unique commerce platform so that visitors are able to buy items from online shops located worldwide, and see in real time whether these items are available. Besides this, Gregorcic is also the founder and CEO of Viberate, a company that provides a live music platform with embedded blockchain technology.



ESADE Ramon Llull University

ESADE Ramon Llull University logoBeing the best private business school operating in Spain, ESADE Ramon Llull University takes the first place in our ranking as the best school for entrepreneurship in this particular country.

This university is a well-known institution in Europe (#8 Best European Business School; #5 Best Executive MBA Programme in Europe; #1 Bachelor of Business Administration in Spain among private universities) and many of the ESADE graduates work in executive positions across the world or start their own business.

The university was founded in 1958 and comprises three academic units: the Business School, the Law School, and the Executive Education. The total amount of enrolled students exceeds 9,000, where around 3,000 study in the business school. The university attracts a lot of international students who account for one-third of the total amount of students.

Course: Bachelor in Business Administration
Founded: 1958
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: €16,200.00
non-EU: €16,200.00


Notable Alumni


Alexandre "Sandro" Rosell Feliu


Alexandre "Sandro" Rosell Feliu picture

Alexandre "Sandro" Rosell Feliu completed his MBA at ESADE. Rosell is well-known as the President of FC Barcelona. After graduating, the alumnus started to work in various marketing positions for sports companies and even moved to Brazil to close the contract between Nike where he was a Marketing Manager for the Brazilian Football Federation. In 2002, he returned to Spain and founded his own company that works in the field of sports marketing, named Bonus Sports Marketing. But one of the most important projects he brought to life is Aspire Football Dreams. This company helps to socially develop Africa by involving football to raise money.


Pep Gomez


Pep Gomez picture

Pep Gomez is a young entrepreneur who founded his first company at 14. Gomez launched a music marketplace when he was 15, and wrote several songs. At such a young age, the entrepreneur participated in many non-profit organizations and was the Head of Speakers at a tech festival. After finishing his secondary education, Gomez was invited to Silicon Valley to work with Solon Ventures, company that dealt with Venture Capital. After three years of working for the VC firm, ESADE offered him a scholarship to complete his tertiary education, accepting him without a college degree. In 2012, the alumnus founded the discovery platform, Fever, and is currently an angel investor for early-stage startups.



Lund University


Lund University logo

Lund University in Sweden was founded in 1666 and has become one of the most popular university in Scandinavia. This university is proud to be named innovative and multicultural, holding more than 70 different nationalities. They are known to conduct cutting-edge research. No wonder Lund University is ranked in the top 100 universities worldwide.

Students enrolled in a degree from the university can look forward to finding a job within three months of graduating. Foreign students are also attracted to the university and country itself. They are drawn to the knowledge and skills that they will acquire and implement in the labor market in one of the many degrees which are also offered in English.

Course: Bachelor in International Business
Founded: 1666
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: -
non-EU: €9,570.00


Notable Alumni


Pehr G. Gyllenhammar


Pehr G. Gyllenhammar picture

Pehr G. Gyllenhammar is a notable alumnus from Lund University who completed his degree in Law. He started his career by working for an insurance company in Gothenburg. He later replaced his fathers CEO position in the financial services provider Skandia Group. Gyllenhammar was soon hired by Volvo and in three years became the Chief Executive Officer for 24 years. After his resignation, the alumnus moved to London and served on the board of Aviva, an insurance company. In 2004 Gyllenhammar returned to Sweden and became a chairman of a local investment company.


Michael Treschow


Michael Treschow picture

The next alumnus from Lund University and one of the most influential people in Sweden is Michael Treschow. He became a very demanding and successful businessman, holding many executive positions in such well-known corporations as Ericsson, Unilever, and Electrolux. He started his career in Atlas Copco where also was promoted to the position of CEO and still participates as a board member and chairman in several international companies.



University of St.Gallen (HSG)University of St.Gallen (HSG) logo

The University of St. Gallen was founded in 1898 as a former Business Academy. Each year this university teaches more than 8,500 students with an adequate knowledge management, social sciences, international relations and law. Students enrolled have an option to choose classes according to their interests and decide on a specialization.

Activities at the university enable students to participate in exchange programs at around 200 international universities , or take part in numerous student associations. In Europe, the University of St. Gallen takes the 4th place among business schools. As for such an educational institution located in Switzerland, tuition fees for EU and non-EU citizens are quite affordable and thus makes school more than attractive for potential applicants from over 90 countries worldwide.

Course: Bachelor in Business Administration
Founded: 1898
Annual Tuition Fee
Domestic: €1,060.00
International: €2,700.00


Notable Alumni


Peter Wuffli


Peter Wuffli picture

Peter Wuffli completed a postgraduate programme in Economics at the University of St. Gallen in 1984. By the time of graduation, he had worked for Mc. Kinsey as a management consultant and even became a partner in the Swiss department of the company. Wuffli's incredible career in UBS, former Union Bank of Switzerland, began in 1994 in the position of CFO. In five years, he was promoted to CEO and Chairman of UBS Global Asset Management. In 2001, the alumnus took CEO and Chairman position of UBS until his resignation in 2007.


Nick Hayek Jr


Nick Hayek Jr picture

Nick Hayek Jr. attended the University of St. Gallen and he joined the Swatch Group in 1992 as a Marketing Manager and after several years became the President and a board member at Swatch Ltd. Apart from that, the alumnus founded his own company Sesame Films in Paris that deals with film production. Being in charge of the company, Hayek's movies were awarded many times and many of the production companies series were shown on Swiss television.



Sabanci University School of Management

Sabanci University School of Management logoFounded only 19 years ago, the Turkish university named the Sabanci School of Management became a leader in providing tertiary education in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Management. The university claims to have a perfect balance between theoretical and practical studies. All programmes are taught in English. Even though the tuition fees are expensive, around 60% of undergraduates receive scholarships. To apply for an undergraduate study degree in Entrepreneurship, applicants must show a GPM record with a score of at least 2.72 and wait for acceptance.

Course: Bachelor in Entrepreneurship
Founded: 1994
Annual Tuition Fee
Domestic: €7,800.00
International: €12,900.00


Notable Alumni


Alper Aydemir


Alper Aydemir picture

Alper Aydemir attended the undergraduate program in Mechatronics in the Sabanci University, he finished the study in 2006. Aydemir is a young entrepreneur who started his own business in 2012 in Sweden. The company he co-founded and holds CTO position is Volumnetal which is an AI startup, the main activity if which is based on 3D scanning for identifying your body's parameters and creating customized products for each client. Besides this, the alumnus spent almost 2 years working for NASA.

Ahmet Sülek


Ahmet Sülek picture

Ahmet Sülek has a Bachelor in Computer Engineering gained at the Sabanci University in 2009. After working for different companies as a developer, Sülek co-founded startup CreamCoding, an application for instant messaging developed for enterprises. After 2 years, the alumnus introduced Prisync by co-founding this e-commerce platform. But currently, the alumnus owns his company named as Panda. Panda is an application for designers elaborated by Sülek to keep his target audience updated in the field of design.



Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv


Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv logo

The Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv is the best educational institution in its region by various study fields. This institution was founded in 1833 by the support of the Minister of Education. This university is considered the leader in Ukraine in international cooperation with other universities, inviting many lecturers from abroad and sending students and researchers to 59 countries that are in partnership with the university.

The university prepares over 24,000 students every year, with around 20,000 being enrolled in undergraduate degrees provided by 13 faculties. The main focus of the university is concentrated towards becoming an international and innovative education institution by attracting international students and conducting research activity. The total number of enrolled foreign students is around 1,000 but the university is looking forward to increasing the ratio between domestic and foreign applicants.

Course: Bachelor in Business
Founded: 1833
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: €2,580.00
non-EU: €2,580.00


Notable Alumni


Vlad Panchenko


Vlad Panchenko picture

While holding a degree in History, Vlad Panchenko devotes his life to entrepreneurship, putting an emphasis on the tech industry. Vlad is the founder and CEO of DMarket. It provides immediate and secure cash-out to gamers worldwide and gives them the opportunity to monetize their time spent in game. He has been involved in the digital distribution of game keys and codes, as well as in-game items trading since 2008.  In 2015, Vlad founded other company, which is the #1 private merchant of digital goods and owner of World of Games and Global Games companies. Vlad is also the Co-Founder of DreamTeam, the first eSports gaming recruitment and management network since August 2017. 


Stas Matviyenko


Stas Matviyenko picture

Stas Matviyenko completed his Bachelor's degree in International Business. He has founded several successful companies in Ukraine while being concentrated on tech start-ups and sharing experience in the HappyFarm business incubator, TechCrunch and provides consultancy services to Chooos and Publicfast. The first successful company founded by the alumnus was a mobile app created for users to get experience with loyalty discounts in more than 500 restaurants. This app became even more popular than expected as the number of users exceeds 200.000. Currently, Matviyenko focuses on the restaurant business by co-founding the Hashtag Bar based in Kyiv along with 2 startups - Settle and Allset (they later merged). The idea lies in pre-ordering food in restaurants in advance so lunch will be ready at the time of the visitor's arrival.

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United Kingdom (UK)

University of Oxford


University of Oxford logo


One of the oldest universities in Europe and still one of the best providers of education in the UK is the University of Oxford. The university is composed of the central university and 38 separate autonomous colleges. Even though the tuition fee is high, the University of Oxford takes is considered as one of the top five universities worldwide. For the last two years, the 'Times Higher Education World University Rankings' ranked this institution as the best university in the world.

At Oxford University over 10,000 are enrolled in Bachelor and Master degrees. The admission process is tough, with over 6 applicants per vacant place. The university is a multicultural institution with over 40% international students from approx. 150 countries. The institution offers around 350 undergraduate degree programmes. No wonder Oxford University conducts the leading research activity in the UK and has employed over 30,000 employees and researchers.

To apply for a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Management, an applicant has to prove his skills and abilities in the chosen study area, pass the English test and Thinking Skills Assessment.

Course: Bachelor in Economics and Management
Founded: 1096
Annual Tuition Fee
EU: €10,450.00
non-EU: €18,320.00


Notable Alumni


Reid Hoffman


Reid Hoffman picture

Reid Hoffman is a billionaire with a net worth estimated by Forbes at 3.3 billion in 2018. This alumnus has built a great career by working in well-known companies like Apple and Fujitsu. He has also become a member of the board in numerous companies. Some of them are Zynga, shopkick, Wrapp, Edmodo as well as PayPal and Linkedin where he had a position of Vice-President and President respectively. Nowadays, Reid is a member of the board in Microsoft, Aurora, Coda, Gixo, Entrepreneur First, a board observer in Airbnb and Xapo and also a partner in Greylock, a company that uses entrepreneurs skills for building strong and popular brands.


Rupert Murdoch


Rupert Murdoch picture

Rupert Murdoch is a notable businessman that has built the media empire known all over the world. He was born on March 11, 1931, in Australia and studied in the UK at the Worcester College at Oxford University. Murdoch inherited his father's newspaper business and started to purchase other media companies. In 1985 the alumnus decided to dive into entertainment media and bought 20th Century Fox Film Corp. By building two influencing corporations, News Corp and 20th Century Fox, Murdoch sold a bigger part of the film corporation to Disney in 2017. Currently, his net worth is estimated at 17,9 billion dollars, making Rupert Murdoch the 94th billionaire and the 34th among the most powerful people this year according to Forbes.

And there we have it. The 45 top business schools in continental Europe along with their most prestigious alumni. But times are changing. More schools are showing up around the globe. And the age old institutions known for their academic programmes could be up staged by newer more innovation schools like Finlands Aalto University founded in 2010.

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