The 145 Best Coworking and Incubator Spaces List

30 minute read has gathered information about services, prices, and locations of some of the best incubators and coworking spaces all over the world.

The list has been extended to other categories that are not specifically coworking spaces or incubators but refer to the same possibility to find a space for growth.

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Is there a difference between incubators and accelerators, and coworking spaces?

Coworking spaces, incubators or accelerators? The difference between the terms is often unclear, even in the business environment, the words tend to be overlapped.

Let’s make this clear once and for all!

Startup Incubator

A startup incubator is a program for early-stage companies or solopreneurs at the very initial stage of their growth. The companies selected for taking part in incubator programmes are offered resources that support their activities, money, management, and space-wise.

Business incubators do not require members to achieve their results within a short time frame, and rarely ask for equity of the companies partaking in the program. They instead charge a membership fee.

As already mentioned, incubators provide growing companies with a wide range of resources, starting from internet access, to office space and mentoring in different fields, such as marketing, fundraising skills, presentation skills, business management and accountancy, networking possibilities, legal assistance and the possibility of getting capital invested.

The first incubator was born in the Unitincubator in States, in 1959, when the Mancuso family decided to buy and transform a former manufacturing plant in a shared space for different smaller companies, providing them with short-term leases, assistance in accounting, business advice, fundraising, equipment and secretarial services.

According to the InBIA (International Business Innovation Association), in 2010, there was already a presence of 7,000 incubators worldwide, there to boost the growth of entire countries and support small businesses to become steady companies.

For many years, the World Bank Group, UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) and the European Commission have been promoting business incubator initiatives in developing countries, to underline the increasing and relevant impact of this business model on the growth of an area.

Incubator vs accelerator

Incubators differ from accelerators, even though the words are often interchangeable.

TechRepublic explains the terms with an easy-to-grab and, above all, easy-to-remember example:

Whereas a startup accelerator is a program that has a fast-paced structure and fixed-term conditions.
According to Forbes, accelerators are, in fact, more programmatic and require startups to reach their planned goals within the program in three or four months.

Startups that are part of accelerators focus on developing strategies and operations, more than on product development, after a highly competitive selection for accessing the program.

While other major differences of an accelerator include seed investment and part of the equity to be shared with the private fund that invests in the accelerator program.

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Coworking space

Although considered to be a big part of the incubator experience as well, coworking spaces are a different business model and relate to shared office options for small/growing companies.

Companies often choose shared office spaces because of their convenience. Therefore, cost savings can be listed among the perks of a coworking space, but this is not the only one. Networking possibilities and access to events are the others.

What many don’t know is that the coworking concept was thought up by Brad Neuberg, a Senior Software Engineer. Back in 2005, he decided to send a message through his blog for whoever was interested in joining a community of independent people, tired of working alone at home and missing that sense of community that makes a place a workplace.

Deskmag has predicted, thanks to the data of the 2018 Global Coworking Survey, that in 2018 1.7 million people will be working in about 19.000 coworking spaces all over the world. And innovation hubs are definitely the most attractive places for businesses that want to start a coworking space activity.

Accelerator incubator coworking table

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Y Combinator

white letter y on orange background

Y Combinator is an accelerator financing the earliest stage of venture funding. The goal of YC is to get a startup through the first phase of development and further introduce it to later stage investors or acquirers.

Price: Y Combinator has a standardized deal. They invest $150k in the startup, which later converts to 7% of the company.

Location: USA


Techstars logo green background white star

Techstars is a mentorship-driven accelerator, where more than 300 companies every year seek investment, network, and guidance.

Price: Techstars invest $20,000 to cover the expenses during the program and in return obtains 6% of the equity.

Location: USA


Red letters AngelPad white background

AngelPad is an accelerator program for seed-stage startups. Every 6 months 15 teams are selected for a 3-month program, which includes finding the product market fit, target market definition, and company validation.

Price: AngeIpad invests up to $120,000 in every startup. Companies also have access to cloud credits worth $300,000 from Digital Ocean, Google, and AWS. The equity is around 7%, but for precise information, it's necessary to contact the company.

Location: USA


white background shield blue colour highway logoHighway1 is a Premier Hardware Startup Accelerator. It aims to help companies with manufacturing at scale, getting to market as well as the risks related to inventories.

Price: For 5%-8% of equity Startups can receive up to $100,000 of investment as well as access to engineers, mentoring, design studios, and relevant network.

Location: USA

Colliers Proptech Accelerator

colliers international techstars logo white background green star colourful lines triangle

Combined with Techstars experience with building accelerators and tech innovation, Proptech Accelerator gathers more than 100 mentors from Colliers, technology and real estate industries to help startups refine their business plans and gain traction to market.

Price: The Accelerator provides companies with access to human intellectual and financial capital up to $120,000. Startups also get lifetime access to Techstars resources and other benefits in exchange for 6% of equity.

Location: Worldwide


blue triangles on white background alchemist accelerator logoAlchemist is an Accelerator dedicated to Enterprise Startups. It's a 6-month program for 25 teams, which are given access to the Highest Caliber Mentors, Network and Early Customer Adopters.

Price: You can find more information about the application process and prices here.

Location: USA

Barclays Accelerator

barclays logo blue letters on white background eagle

Barclays Accelerator is a 13-week program designed to help accelerate your start-up. Successful applicants can get unprecedented access to the network, knowledge base as well as insights from some of the smartest minds in the startup and FinTech worlds.

Price: TechStars and Barclays both take a small equity stake, respectively 4% and 2%, for a potential investment up to $120,000.

Location: UK, USA, ISRAEL

Rakuten Accelerator

rakuten accelerator r red circle green star triangle techstars white background

Rakuten is one of the most diversified digital companies in the world. The company has more than 1 billion customers globally and they own market-leading businesses in the e-commerce, banking, marketing, etc. The Rakuten Accelerator Powered by Techstars focuses on the future developments of Data Marketing, Digital Commerce and Communication.

Price: Rakuten, Powered by TechStars, funds up to $120,000 in an exchange for 6-8% of equity.

Location: Singapore

500 Startups

white square 500 black background

500 aims to discover and support the world’s most talented entrepreneurs, help them to scale and build thriving global ecosystems.

Price: 500Startups invest $150k in exchange for 6% equity. There is a $37.5k fee for participation in the 500 Seed Program.

Location: USA


brandery logo office in the background written text on bottle lid

The Brandery is an accelerator that leverages branding, marketing, and design. Startups are paired with world-class creative agencies and they can access some of the world's biggest companies, such as Proctor & Gamble. It's a yearly 12-week program for 5 selected companies.

Price: The participating startups each receive $100K investment, free office space, and an additional $200K worth in benefits in an exchange for a share in equity.

Location: USA

Capital Innovators

white background black dot black and golden strike of color

Initially created by Judy Sindecuse in 2010, the Capital Innovators organize a 12-week program with the objective to de-risk early-stage investments. Throughout the years, the accelerator program has been consistently ranked in the top 5% of programs across the country.

Price: The Capital Innovators provide up to $50,000 in seed funding combined with access to knowledgeable entrepreneurs, networking, and funding opportunities in an exchange of 4% of the equity.

Location: USA


black letter d blue star in the middle white background

Dreamit Ventures is an early stage venture fund that helps to accelerate startups operating in healthcare, real estate, and security industries.

Price: Dreamit Ventures offer founder-friendly offers that allow startups to participate without initial material dilution. The program requires that the company has sufficient capital to participate in the program in order to achieve the next round of funding. More info here.

Location: USA


letter g inside black circle lightning icons white background

Gener8tor is a platform that connects startups, entrepreneurs, artists, investors, universities, and corporations. It's a 12-week accelerator program.

Price: In an exchange for 6-7% stock equity, gener8tor provides $20,000 cash investment. Since 2018, gener8tor also runs BETA of its seven-week equity-free accelerator.

Location: USA

Mass Challenge

grey letter m and blue letter c mass challenge logo white background

MassChallenge accelerates high-potential startups across all industries. They mainly focus on HealthTech and FinTech. Every year MassChallenge accelerates the most startups in the world through their zero-equity, competition-based model.

Price: MassChallenge does not take any equity from the startups and startups don't receive any upfront funding. Instead, they have the opportunity to compete for approximately $3 million in cash awards at the end of the program.

Location: USA


alphalab logo blue circle white background

AlphaLab is a nationally ranked software accelerator providing assistance to early-stage tech companies.

Price: Innovation Works (AlphaLab’s parent organization) receives 4% common stock in the company in return for a $25,000 investment, plus space, and services and network.

Location: USA


betaspring logo red strype

RevUp pairs cash investment with a science-driven process to accelerate growth. Investments are provided for both B2B and B2C companies, that are moving fast up a revenue-fueled curve.

Price: RevUp does not take equity. Instead, companies return the investment as a small percentage of revenue over time.

Location: USA

Health Wildcatters

health wildcatters logo blue circle white background

Health Wildcatters allocates key resources as well as investments to healthcare entrepreneurs. The 12-week program makes startups visible, accessible and credible.

Price: $30,000 is offered for 8% equity with opportunities for follow on and other investments to a total of potential investment of $380,000.

Location: USA

Plug and Play

plug and play white background

Plug and Play invest time and resources into entrepreneurs that have the potential to make an impact. They accelerate startups, matchmake them with corporate clients as well as provide investments.

Price: Office space price varies based on the benefits included. No equity required.

Location: USA

Zero to 510

medical device speed icon zero to 510

Zero to 510 is a Medical Device accelerator that aims to help entrepreneurs to bring new technologies to the marketplace fast.

Price: Zero to 510 invests up to $50,000 in an exchange for 5% of the company's equity.

Location: USA


White drawing on blue blackground

MuckerLab is not your traditional accelerator. No three-month boot camps, no demo days. Instead, they work with ten to twelve companies for as long as necessary.

Price: MuckerLab usually invests between $21,000 - $150,000 in an exchange for 7-12% equity.

Location: USA

Start-Up Chile

blue line on white background

Start-Up Chile is a public startup accelerator established by the Chilean Government to encourage high-potential startups to use Chile as a foundation. Today SU Chile is amongst the global top 10. After it was created, 50 other countries followed Chile's example and established similar programs.

Price: Usually the startups receive an equity-free fund of CLP $25MM, which is put towards 90% of the total program costs. The startup must provide 10% of the remaining funding.

Location: Chile

Parallel 18

white letters p 18 on black background in white squares

Parallel18 is an initiative that focuses on attracting high-impact startups that have been operational for a maximum of 3 years. It's an intense 5-month acceleration program that aims at retaining the talent and helps startups scale from the island.

Price: Companies receive an equity-free grant of USD 40,000 in an exchange for engaging with local universities and schools by teaching and mentoring students on a regular basis.

Location:  Puerto Rico

Stich Crew

stitch crew white background grey square

StitchCrew believes that challenges can’t be solved by traditional means, but rather disruptive technologies, collaboration and innovative entrepreneurs. They connect founders with capital, resources, and social networks.

Price: Stich Crew invests in resources, not capital. In addition to providing free space, they spend significant money and resources building seasoned teams around the founders we host. Stich Crew does not take equity in the startup.

Location: USA

Lair East Labs 

yellow balls, blue balls black balls linked with blue lines above a tower with routes

Lair East Labs is a startup accelerator for entrepreneurs aiming to launch a business in the US with access to the Asian Market. It’s a 10-week accelerator program, where 10-12 receive funding of $50.000.

Price: 5% of equity is taken for $50,000 investment. Additional benefits include coaching, mentorship, legal advice, etc.

Location: USA


black letters matter white background

MATTER is an incubator and accelerator with a strong focus on healthcare. It’s a non-profit and no-equity organization, where entrepreneurs can meet industry leaders and scientists and create collaborations which drive the developments of next-generation healthcare.

Price: It's a non-profit, no equity organization.

Location: USA

Founder Institute

green leaf one side dark green one side light green white letter f in the middle white background

FI is the world's largest pre-seed accelerator. It operates across 180+ countries and has helped more than 3500 startups build some of the world's fastest growing companies. Its goal is to empower communities of talented people and build impactful technology worldwide.

Price: 4% of equity is added to the Shared Liquidity Pool and $50 of Administration Fee has to be paid upfront for taking an entry test.

Location: USA

Launch KC

blue rocket red fire black circle white background

Based in Kansas City, LaunchKC is an accelerator program that partners local corporations with tech startups. The 12-week program includes valuable training and business insights all designed to elevate and build high-growth tech sector businesses in Kansas.

Price: Price is not specified. Look for more information on their website.

Location: USA

Digital Sandbox

digital sandbox logo

Digital Sandbox supports early-stage startups with commercialization processes as well as gives them access to technology, business, and market experts. Digital Sandbox KC aims to create new jobs for the Kansas region.

Price: Digital Sandbox KC does not invest directly in companies, therefore, does not require equity in exchange for project funding.

Location: USA

Fit 4 Start

blue rectangle on white background four smaller rectangles at the bottom 2 blue 2 redFit 4 Start is an accelerator program supervised by Luxinnovaton, which helps early-stage startups to scale in the fields of Information and Communications, Technology and Health Tech. It runs twice a year and offers participants intensive coaching, attractive pre-seed capital and access to the best networks.

Price: Fit 4 Start grants up to EUR 150.000. More information regarding the price can be attained by contacting the company.



green letters i3 latam impulso innovacion impacto white background

Each year I3 LATAM picks the 10 most innovative entrepreneurs in Latin America, who are the most likely to benefit the populations at the base of the pyramid. They provide startups with tools to optimize their strategies and link them with funding sources.

Price: The program is free of charge for the selected entrepreneurs.

Location: Mexico


cock icon surrounded by a thick blue circle with white letters inside red circle outlining the blue one

33entrepreneurs is an accelerator and global VC that focuses on tech startups who’s goal is to disrupt the wine, spirits, food, and travel industries.

Price: Find out more about various possibilities and prices by contacting the company.

Location: France

K Startups

K-Startup logo

It's an accelerator program supported by the Government of South Korea. In order to transform country's economy and turn Korea and Pangyo Creative Economy Valley into a global startup hub, 40 teams are selected by the accelerators and invited to stay in Korea to take part in the 3,5-month program. The most successful startups wishing to stay in Korea will receive additional support from the government.

Price: The accelerators may take an equity investment in the most promising startups.

Location: South Korea


Uptech logo

The Uptech accelerator program is for data-driven startups, that focus on the development of tech-enabled solutions and seek equity funding. Up to 10 teams are mentored for a period of 6 months every year.

Price: The UpTech Fund invests in the form of convertible notes with a $2.5MM cap. The equity is not determined until a follow-on investment is made where a convertible event has occurred; however, if the post-money valuation is at or over $2.5MM then UpTech would own 2% of the company.

Location: USA

Metro Accelerator

white letters on dark blue background metro accelerator powered by techstars white triangle with star on the top

Metro Accelerator is an agile and innovative program for startups in the hospitality and retail sectors. Their mission is to drive innovation in both of the METRO's target industries.

Price: Each company taking part in the program receives EUR120,000 in exchange for 6% of equity.

Location: Germany

Lumos Innovation

dark blue background with green neon light crossing a green square lumos written in capital letters

Each company taking part in the program receives EUR 120,000 in exchangeLumos Innovation is a startup accelerator, where 10-15 teams every year can get introduced to local angel investors, connect with Lumos corporate connections and gain full access to development services for prototyping. for 6% of equity.

Price: Lumos Accelerator offers a 10-week program with up to $20,000 of investment and free access to the Lumos Innovation space for a full year in return for a small percentage of equity.

Location: USA

Pando Ventures

white letters pando letters white dot

PANDO Ventures is based in Germany in the Rhine-Main area and enables passionate entrepreneurs to set up their own company. Members receive support and access to a broad network. They focus mainly on digital and rapidly scalable business models in the areas of FinTech, EducationTech, SaaS, mobile apps, e-commerce as well as Food & Beverage.

Price: Depending on the startup valuation and capital requirements, PANDO invests EUR 100,000 - 400,000 in exchange for 6-10% of equity.

Location: Germany

Tech Ranch

letter r in black circle tech ranch austin white background

Tech Ranch aims to equip entrepreneurs and ecosystems with proven techniques that develop both the community and entrepreneurs. Its programs have benefited over 6000 entrepreneurs in more than 40 countries.

Price: Monthly membership that includes a reserved desk starts from $375.

Location: USA

Startup Braga

upside down heart yellow orange colour white backgroundStartup Braga programs provide support to entrepreneurs in different stages of their Startup lifecycle and in a large spectrum of innovative and technological fields. Their list of international mentors gathers professional investors and serial entrepreneurs that have gone through the startup cycle (initiation to exit).

Price: Contact Startup Braga to find out more about the offers and pricing.

Location: Portugal

Coworking Spaces 

Københavns Kommune


The municipality of Copenhagen allows the rent of venues to specific kinds of associations, as mentioned on their info page.

Price: In relation to the activity organized, the applicant association can receive a grant or support.

Location: Denmark

Office Hotel Valby

office hotel valby

The place offers an all-inclusive package with reception services, internet, meeting rooms, car parking, mailboxes, server room space, fruit, coffee and tea, and utilities. The building has also a canteen, where lunch can be purchased.

Price: More info contacting directly the company.

Location: Denmark


videnshuset logo

The rent of facilities, includes: meeting rooms, kitchen and dining hall, internet, copy room, cleaning, access 24/7/365.


-Office rent: 3.500 DKK per month

-Extra hours go from 149 DKK/hour

Location: Denmark


schiller huset logo

The services include access to the copy room, reception, internet, meeting rooms, storage room, parking facilities, a garden and access to the cafeteria.

Price: The company rents out different co-working spaces and the price range varies in relation to the area of the office chosen, starting from 1.200 DKK/day to around 67.000 DKK/month

Location: Denmark


symbion logo

The rent of spaces at Symbion includes in the price the following services: parking, cleaning, meeting rooms, fitness center, reception, handling of mails and packages, coffee and tea, water and heating, internet, events, toilet facilities, access to the copy room, access to the canteen.

Price: Using an online calculator, customers can check in advance the average prices for renting spaces at Symbion.

Location: Denmark

La Oficina

la oficina logo

Members' advantages range from free internet, access to the printer, post service and CVR indication on the address, access to the cafeteria.

Price: Membership fee: 1.475 DKK per month.

Location: Denmark


republikken logo

Republikken is a cross-professional workspace and network for small companies and self-employed. Besides various coworking options, the company offers social events and evening talks where members can join to connect, get inspired and share each other's knowledge.

Price: The prices differ in relation to the type of membership subscribed. The options to choose among from are: work- pass, private offices, co-working and connect.

Location: Denmark

Soho & Noho

SOHO & NOHO logo

Two different locations give customers the possibility to rent meeting rooms or co-working spaces, including food service for the event planned.

Price: Meeting rooms prices are listed on the website. While the rent of office spaces varies on the basis of the membership subscribed: Kontor, Egen Plads, On-The-Fly, Virtuel.

Location: Denmark


vartov logo

Vartov provides customers, not only with office spaces for rent but also with conference and meeting rooms. The daily price for renting a room, includes welcome coffee, bread and cheese, lunch, afternoon tea, and homemade cake.

Price: Prices information contacting the company via email and via phone.

Location: Denmark


tranevej20 logo

The co-working venue offers places for rent to individual freelancers that would like to share the office. The place gives the possibility to get lunch at a low price, access to a 35 m2 extra space for meetings, presentations, etc.

Price: The price is 1.375 DKK per month, with a deposit of 3.125 DKK.

Location: Denmark

The Rabbit Hole

therabbithole logo

The spaces can host up to 20 guests, for meetings, presentations, workshops, etc.

Price: The membership plans available are:

-Flexplads at 1.200 DKK/month

-Full-time for new businesses at 1.500 DKK/month

-Full-time for established businesses at 1.950 DKK/month

Location: Denmark


kph logo

A co-working space for startups and growing businesses.

Price: Price options are different depending on the office type of membership chosen.

Location: Denmark


pb43 logo

PB43 is an independent working community consisting of a number of companies, associations and groups with interdisciplinary expertise.

Price: Partners organize themselves in a cooperative.

Location: Denmark


refshaloeen logo

An old industrial area, now space for creative entrepreneurs, organizations and craft shops, facilities for cultural use and flea markets.

Price: Interested people can contact Refshaløen management company (Refshaløen Ejendomsselskab).

Location: Denmark

Founders House

foundershouse logo

Founders House is a co-working space where both established and early-growth companies can share offices.

Price: The types of membership offered are:

-Flex membership at 1.950 dkk per month, limited to a number of members

-Startup Village, for fast growing large startups

-Early-growth companies

-Investors and corporate innovators

Location: Denmark

Rainmaking Loft

Talent Garden Rainmaking logoThe atmosphere of the co-working space is relaxed and full of facilities for making a day at work the most productive. The facilities include meeting rooms, shared kitchens, coffee and tea, printing and access to IBM Bluemix and IBM Watson.

Price: The main options available are:

-Flex desk, 1.400 DKK/month

-Fixed seat, 2.700 DKK/month

-Team rooms, 12.000 DKK/month

-Day pass, 150 DKK/day

-Additional 60 DKK/day per person for lunch

Location: Denmark


labitat dk logo

A hackerspace in Copenhagen for technology enthusiasts.

Price: The place organizes open houses for interested people that want to be part of the shared venue.

Location: Denmark


dare2mansion logo

A co-working space that offers customers different types of rooms, each one for different purposes: from the LEGO Room to the Superhero Room.

Price: Fixed offices and Flex space are the options. Interested customers need to apply on the webpage.

Location: Denmark

Rocket Labs

rocketlabs logo

The space prices include a 24/7 access, dining area, reception services, meeting rooms, phone booths, lounge area, event area, bike storage, internet, package handling, printers, daily cleaning, games and networking events.

Price: The options offered are:

-Hot Desk: 600 DKK/month

-Private Desk: 1.900 DKK/month

-Private Office: upon availability

Location: Denmark


liftoff logo

The coworking space has an overall space of 13 seats, divided into offices of 2-3 people each.
The fees include in the price use of meeting and conference rooms, coffee, access to a common yard, internet, daily cleaning, utilities, use of the printers. Lunch is upon request.

Price: The rental options are:

-Fixed seat, 2.700 DKK/month

-Flex seat, 1.350 DKK/month (no fixed desk)

Location: Denmark


prototype logo

A coffee bar for disruptors.

Price: The access is granted just to members, after contacting the owners.

Location: Denmark


spilhuset logo

A co-working space located in the heart of Copenhagen. The price includes internet, cleaning, alarm system, printer, kitchen, postal address, meeting rooms, access to the office 24/7. Lunch on request.

Price: The membership types offered are:

-Flexible, 999 DKK per month

-Full-time, 2.600 DKK per month

-Private office, customized offer

Location: Denmark

Nest Copenhagen 

nest cph logo

Not really a co-working space, but a house to entrepreneurs that travel from a city to another.
The rental price includes water, internet, electricity, cleaning.
Three months deposit is required.

Price: The general price is calculated in relation to the area of the room, and it is between 4.500 to 8.000 DKK/month.

Location: Denmark


studiocph logo

A coworking space located in the center of Copenhagen. It can host up tp 16 people and offers facilities such as a kitchen, coffee lounge, and meeting rooms with screens.

Price: Further info is given by contacting the company.

Location: Denmark

Factory Berlin

Factory Berlin black letters logo

Factory Berlin is a private membership club located in the heart of Berlin with over 1.000 members.
It is the largest club for startups in Europe and has two locations.
The membership includes access to the community spaces and network, the member's app, printing and scanning, coffee, tea and water, shared lockers, many discounts, over 300 events per year and postal service.

Price: The membership is 50€/month.

Location: Germany


Wework logo

A global network of workspaces located in 72 different cities around the globe, with over 210.000 members. The included facilities are community managers, front desk service, private phone booths, internet, printing and office supplies, coffee, water, fruit and beer, building access 24/7, daily cleaning, bike storage, access to network and events.

Price: The membership options are:

-Custom Buildout: Contact them for further information

-Private office, from $450/month

-Dedicated desk, from $350/month

-Hot desk, from $220/month

Location: USA and worldwide


Cocovivo coconut logo

Cocovivo offers (among other things) inspirational co-working retreats. The company offers accommodation for 15 people, fully equipped kitchen or all-inclusive meal plan, Wi-Fi, projector, indoor and outdoor meeting spaces, teambuilding. activities and group tours.

Price: More info contacting directly the company.

Location: Panamá


Gowork logo

India's largest co-working space. Up to the kind of membership plan chosen, guests have access to different services. These include premium work tables, travel desk, concierge, food court, unlimited tea and coffee, mediation and gaming zones, gym and spa, basketball and badminton courts, ATM, shuttle services, valet parking and medical services.

Price: The different membership options are:

-Daytripper, Rs. 350+taxes/day

-Tourist, INR 3.750+taxes/month

-Resident, INR 6.500+taxes/month

-Citizen, INR 8.250+taxes/month

-Minister, INR 10.000+taxes/month

-Diplomat: consult the company for further info

Location: India


patchwork color logo

Patchwork is a coworking space with three different locations in the heart of Paris. The included services are meeting rooms, networking and seminars, coffee and water, phone booth, optical fiber and printing, postal service, front desk, daily cleaning and 24/7 access.

Price: There are three different kinds of membership:

-An office position, from 40€/month

-Unlimited access to a private office, from 550€/month

-Tailored executive suite, contact the company for further information

Location: France

Soho Works

Soho Works letter logo

International co-working space designed to sustain members within creative industries. The amenities include internet access, phone booths and printing, events, meeting rooms, library and other facilities, different experts, tech-support and other services, food and drinks and worldwide 24/7 access.

Price: The membership rates are:

-Sitting room, £400/month

-Shared desk, £550/month

-Study, from £650pp/month

-Night owl, £225/month

-Day lark, £40/visit

Location: UK

Agora Collective

agora black letters logo

Agora is a 1100m2 space in Berlin for sustainable and artistic practices. It includes events and exhibitions, workshop projects, contemporary dance platform, studios for artists, other community activities and artistic residency opportunities.

Price: Aspiring members can contact directly Agora for further information about prices and availability.

Location: Germany

Dojo Bali

Dojo Bali Coworking Canggu Echo Beach logo waves

A community of co-workers in Bali, willing to connect and collaborate with each other. The members have access to the internet and the network, and different facilities as meeting rooms and large event space.

Price: There are five different membership offers:

-25 hours/month: IDR 800.000/month

-50 hours/month: IDR 1.150.000/month

-100 hours/month: IDR 1.850.000/month

-Night Owl: IDR 1.500.000/month

-Unlimited: IDR 2.950.000/month

Location: Indonesia


Work Co inspire connect archive logo

All venues have internet access, conference call facilities, TV, Apple TV, whiteboard, parking, reception, copy room and scanners, kitchen and free coffee. Besides, all rooms are provided with air-conditioned.

Price: The types of membership offered are:

-Hot Desk, starting from ZAR 390/day up to 2.900/month

-Shared Office, ZAR 4.300/month

-Private Office

Meetings Rooms are also available.

Location: South Africa

The Pioneer Collective

Pioneer Collective black letters logo

An inspiring working place, hosting all kinds of industries, from design to architecture, from engineering to marketing, from aerospace to music. The Pioneer Collective gives members the possibility to choose among a series of different possibilities. From booking conference spaces to individual or team memberships for renting co-working space.

Price: Prices varies in relation to the membership type:

-Community Access: 225$/month

-Resident Acces: 475$/month

Other options can be checked and compared on the website.

Location: USA

Neue House

Neue House black logo

Private workspace for entrepreneurs, located in New York and Los Angeles. The included amenities are the reception, Wi-Fi, printing and IT Support, member directory and App, Mail Services, meeting rooms, private phone booths, happy hour and cocktail program, cultural programming and offsites, event spaces, member perks and benefits, coffee and bikes.

Price: Prices varies in relation to the kind of membership and the location:

-Studio: from $4000/month

-Atelier: from $1250/month

-Gallery: from $650/month

-Reserve: from $400/month

-Noir: from $150/month

Check the membership page for further details.

Location: USA

The Work Project

The work project black logo

Recognized and awarded co-working offices in Hong Kong and in Singapore, offer beautiful and high-performant spaces. Members get as basic services: reception, internet, pantry, daily cleaning and access to their network. If in need of more, the membership plan can be upgraded.

Price: More info contacting the company.

Location: Honk Kong


beachub black white logo

Considered by Forbes as the #1 coworking space in Asia, this beachfront coworking space offers members Wi-Fi, private desks, meeting rooms, gym, food, coffee & water.

Price: There are three different kinds of membership:

-Day pass, 500 THB/day

-Week pass, 2000 THB/week

-Monthly, 6500 THB/month

Location: Thailand

B. Building Business

Building Business logo

Among the biggest startup ecosystem in Europe, that brings together startup, creatives and corporations. The facilities give access to a great network, a restaurant, a rooftop garden, a gym, a coffee lounge and a cinema.

Price: The different offers are:

-Coworking spaces

-Office spaces

-Meeting units

-Event spaces

For further information on prices, please contact the company.

Location: Netherlands

Ministry of New

Ministry of new logo

Collaborative workspace located in Mumbai, welcoming professionals who are looking to be part of an international community.

Price: More info contacting directly the company

Location: India

The Working Capitol

The working capitol circles logo

Workspace in Singapore, that offers members meeting and workshop rooms, breakout areas, phone booths, printers and scanners, event space, coffee, garden and balconies.

Price: The different membership types are:

-Workspot, from S$255/month

-Workdesk, from S$729/month

-Workspace, from S$900/month

Location: Singapore

The Farm Soho

The farm black farm logo

Affordable co-working venue in the center of New York, offering great locations, 24/7 access, Wifi, conference rooms and phone booths, coffee and tea, printing and scanning, post services. It is pet-friendly.

Price: Starting from $179/month, up to the location and the chosen plan, prices vary. Check the website for further info.

Location: USA


Betahaus black letters logo

Co-working space in Barcelona, offering 24/7 access, insurance, desk, internet, post services, meeting room, Skype booths, front desk, printer, kitchenette, free tea and coffee, events, chill out spaces, lockers.

Price: There are three different kinds of membership: flex, fix and day pass. Further information on pricing contacting directly the company.

Location: Spain


Pink parisoma logo

Located in San Francisco, Parisoma is a space for co-working, education and events. It gives entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups the space and tools they require to grow their businesses. Members have access to over 100 classes and events, internet, printers, conference and meeting rooms, phone booths, free coffee and tea.

Price: Membership types are:

-Open space, from $325/month

-Dedicated desk, from $495/month

-Private office, $1500-$7000/month

Parisoma offers also Day Passes ($25/day) and a Virtual Office for people who work remotely.

Location: USA


Punspace coworking office orange logo

Co-working space in Thailand. The company offers members Skype rooms, equipped meeting rooms, Wi-Fi, printer, scanner, copier & fax, lockers, private offices, free water, coffee and tea.

Price: For information regarding prices, check the website.

Location: Thailand


Coliving canary islands orange palm logo

Co-working and co-living community in the Canary Islands. They offer 24/7 access, meeting and training room, mail service, internet, networking events, coffee and tons of surf.

Price: The company offers different plans:

-Try out day, 5 €/day

-Meeting, 15-50 €/day

-Travelers, 60 €/5 days in 2 months period

-Islander, 140 €/month

-Nomad, 160 €/month

Location: Spain


Workshop 17 Logo

Open is a co-working space that has three different locations in South Africa. It offers internet, events, meeting rooms and coffee.

Price: Member plans are:


-Hot desk

-Dedicated desk

-Dedicated office

Location: South Africa

Duke Studios

Duke Studios logo black yellow logo

Workspace for individuals and companies based around a co-working model. It provides its members with creative services as laser, vinyl, design and build and with meeting and event rooms. It offers business registration, kitchen access and free tea.

Price: Prices are as follows:

-Co-working space, from £115/month

-Desk rental, from £250/month

-Studio space, from £440/month

Find out more on the website.

Location: UK

Box Jelly

Box Jelly black logo

Coworking space in Hawaii. It provides with the following amenities: wi-fi, reception, phone booths, lockers, printer, scanner and many other useful tools, many events, fully-equipped kitchen, coffee and tea.

Price: Four different membership kinds:

-New Nomad, $35/month or $25/day

-No limits, $225/month

-Dedicated desk, $450/month

-Private office, from $950/month

Location: USA

Workplace One

Work Place One red white logo

Private offices, virtual offices and coworking spaces providing solutions for entrepreneurs and companies allowing them to grow. The members get a kitchen, coffee and beer, office cleaning, internet, mail address, copier and printer, 24/7 security, lounges and utilities.

Price: Different memberships apply:

-Virtual office, from $99/month

-Private office, from $565/month

-Dedicated desk, from $450/month

-Coworking, from $225/month

Location: Canada

L'Atelier Vancouver

Latelier Vancouver black letter logo

"The feel-good" co-working space in Vancouver. It offers members meeting and event spaces, phone rooms mailbox service, virtual office, event hosting and a 24/7 access option.

Price: Contact the company for information regarding prices.

Location: Canada


Ubertage letters logo

200m2 of co-working space for freelancers, creatives and startups. Services include internet, printing and scanning, conference room, access 24/7, kitchen and beverages.

Price: The membership is starting from 300€/month. Some extra facilities are not included in the price.

Location: Germany


Coollabore smart office yellow logo

Brazilian co-working awarded space that provides event and meeting spaces, TV and gaming room and lounge.

Price: Further info contacting the company.

Location: Brazil

Hera Hub Uppsala

Hera Hub uppsala logo

First international co-working space focused on women. It gives members the possibility to develop and collaborate in a creative, professional environment. These can access workshops and gain visibility and expertise.

Price: Further info contacting the company

Location: Sweden


Silversquare logo

This co-working space was launched in 2010 and hosts over 1.000 companies in five different locations within Brussels and Luxembourg. Over 17.000m2 of premises that include meeting and event rooms.

Price: The different deals are:

-Daily pass, 30€/day

-Start Office, 100€/month

-Virtual Office, 150€/month

-Flex Desk, 295€/month

-Fixed Desk, 395€/month

-Private Office, 600€/month

Location: Belgium

Design Offices

Design Office black Logo

Co-working spaces throughout Germany. The company provides offices, conference and event spaces, Wi-Fi, printer and scanner, kitchenette and business address.

Price: Up to the location and the chosen plan, prices vary.

Location: Germany

Work Club

Work Club black white logo

Premium coworking locations in Australia, they provide professionals with spaces to inspire and energize, to bring up conversations and creativity.

Price: Up to the chosen membership plan, prices vary.

Location: Australia


Innovate coworking space logo colors

Co-working space looking for reinventing the Indian startup community. The included amenities are refreshments, meeting room, printing services, internet, mail handling, 24/7 access, breakout zone and rooftop garden.

Price: Up to the chosen membership plan, prices vary.

Location: India


utopic us usina de transformation creative logo

Coworking spaces located in Madrid and Barcelona for professionals, freelancers and startups. The company offers café, meeting and event rooms, finance services, legal advice, virtual office, lockers and community events.

Price: Up to the chosen location, prices might vary.

Location: Spain

Bond Collective

Bond Collective logo

Luxurious co-working spaces and suites in Brooklyn. Bond Collective offers 24/7 access, conference rooms, daily cleaning, reception, mail services, photo and sound studios, rooftop lounge area and bike storage. Pet-friendly.

Price: The membership types are:

-Day Passes, from $40/day

-Conference Rooms, from $50/hour

-Coworking, from $350/month

-Private offices, from $900/month

Location: USA

Impact Hub Rome

Impact hub roma logo red white grey

Impact Hub is an international co-working space network and it is present in more than 90 cities worldwide. The hub in Rome is 200m2 and can host up to 70 co-workers, in shared desks or private offices.

Price: There are different accessible membership options for co-working spaces, starting from 15€/month per person, up to 225€/month per person, or renting spaces for events and meetings.

Location: Italy

Microsoft Flux

Microsoft flux black small logo graphic

Flux Maker's Hub defines itself as a "library for technology and devices". It offers co-working spaces and meeting rooms, to host up to 12 people, technology mentoring and in-house startup programs.

Price: No application is needed for working at Flux, but one is required if startups want to become in-house teams.

Location: Finland

Helsinki Think Company

Helsinki think company

The entrepreneurship society of the University of Helsinki provides whoever is interested in developing entrepreneurial skills with co-working spaces, workshops, boot camps, accelerator programs and mentoring.

Price: The coworking spaces available can be used for free. Events held in the venue can’t have commercial purposes and have to be open and free of charge for everyone.

Locations: Finland

The Castle

the castle slotten black letters logo

A 1500m2 located downtown Stockholm, The Castle hosts 280 people, between meeting rooms, conference venues and event spaces. Among the basic services provided when renting a venue at The Castle: projector, free coffee and tea and internet connection.

Price: The options for becoming a member are:

-Flexible desk: at a full-time price of 3.700SEK/month

-Fixed desk/room: at a full-time price of 5.500SEK/month

-Low-income membership: at a full-time price of 2.800SEK

Location: Sweden

Epicenter Stockholm

Epicenter stockholm logo

Epicenter Stockholm helps companies to accelerate, providing these with space, knowledge, programs and methods. Being a member means to have granted access to the place 24/7, concierge service, discounts, free coffee, fitness and yoga, conference rooms and workspace, workshop participation.

Price: The membership kinds are many and can be compared on the website.

Location: Sweden


Cocreate logo

CoCreate is based in Dublin and can count on two different locations. All plans include access to both office locations, internet access, use of printer and scanner, meeting rooms, kitchen, coffee and tea, participation in social events.

Price: The plans are mainly of three kinds. Each of the plans can be chosen under different terms:

-Dedicated Desk, starting from 280€

-Hot Desk, starting from 100€

-Private Office, 1.000€>

Location: Ireland

657 Oslo

657 Oslo Creative Collaborative Thinking logo

5000m2 and more than 225 members, 657 Oslo offers not only co-working spaces but also meeting rooms and a film and photography studio. Among the basic services: internet, coffee and tea, private phone booths, 24/7 access, printers, front desk services, participation in professional and social events, mail and package handling, cleaning.

Price: The membership options are the following:

-657 office: ask the company for more details

-675 full-time desk: from 3.390NOK/month

-657 flexi desk: from 2.390NOK/month

-657 buddy: 1.000NOK/month

-657 drop-in: 200NOK/day

-Corporate innovation membership: ask the company for more info

Location: Norway

The Mills Fabrica

the mills chinese letters logo line drawing

The Mills Fabrica is a flexible and collaborative workspace. It's a center of innovation offering office space for the tech community. They define “techstyle”, as the intersection of technology and style, which includes materials & supply chain innovation, wearables & products that merge technology & style as well as new retail experiences.

Price: HKD1300 - HKD3000 per month

Location: Hong Kong


DTU Science Park

DTU science park logo

The incubator gives the deep tech-community in Denmark the opportunity to develop and grow.

Price: Prices can be checked on the website and include a choice of spaces, from laboratories to open offices, to prototyping workshops.

Location: Denmark


CBS CSE logo

A student entrepreneurship community in Denmark. It works as an incubator and accelerator, offering different program options to companies that want to start and grow.

Price: Companies that want to be part of the incubator, have to apply and pitch their idea.

Location: Denmark


Cobis logo

An incubator for biotech companies, providing interested businesses from the life science sector with co-working spaces and pre-seed financing.

Price: The place offers also different options for space use. The main packages are:

-Own office, from 4.750 DKK/month, hosting from 1-2 up to 20 people

-Own laboratory, starting from 11.250 DKK/month

-Desk space, from 1.650 DKK/month

-Virtual office, starting from 1.095 DKK/month

Location: Denmark

Sky Lab

DTU skylab logo

The DTU incubator gives interested students the chance to develop their entrepreneurial side, focusing on three main areas:

-Student innovations/startups

-Company collaboration/real-world projects


The facilities available include teaching rooms, workspaces, labs and workshop venues.

Price: The spaces can be used for free, but a booking application is needed

Location: Denmark

Station F

Station F black logo

Station F is the largest startup incubator in the world with a campus boasting 34,000 sq meters, 3,000+ desks in designated startup zones, and over 26 different international startup programs.

Price: To enter the founder's program €195/desk. For those with an underprivileged background, it is free.

Location: France

FinTech Lab

FinTech Lab Logo

Besides being a co-working space, the Lab offers also the possibility to be part of a free three-months incubation program.

Price: The price per desk per month is 2.500 DKK, while the incubation is limited to a certain number of participants and free. Application deadlines are announced periodically on the website

Location: Denmark

Founders Space

Founders space logo

Founders Space offers a wide range of programs for startups coming to Silicon Valley.

Price: Prices relate to the kind of service required. The fee for taking part in an online startup program goes from 150 US dollars to 1.000 US dollars.

Location: USA


Greencubator logo

A non-profit co-working space. Most of the options include free coffee and tea, cleaning, access to the kitchen, access to meeting rooms, depot room, internet, printer, Thursday bar, advice massage discount, postal address and parking for bikes.

Price: An easy-to-fill application form has to be sent in order to book a room. Price options go from 500 to 2.000 DKK.

Location: Denmark


Poli Hub Innovation District Startup Accelerator logo

Italian incubator that provides with scouting, tutorship, mentorship, advice and open innovation.

Price: If a startup wants to apply, it has to pitch its idea filling in the available form.

Location: Italy


H farm logo red truck

Innovation platform that encourages the creation of new businesses and the digital education of youth and Italian companies. H-Farm invests in ideas that are considered innovative, guides companies in their digital transformation and provides methods for education.

Price: If a startup or entrepreneur wants to get an investment for a project, it has to submit a request.

Location: Italy

Luiss EnLabs

Luiss En Labs green blue flower logo

Rome-based accelerator, certified by the Italian government. Selections for new startups are happening twice a year. The program has a duration of 5 months and includes micro-seed investment, management courses and support from a team of advisors.

Price: Selected startups receive 80.000€ funding at established conditions.

Location: Italy

Capital Factory

Capital Factory black gear logo star

Located in Texas, the place offers both possibilities of renting spaces for work and accelerator programs.

Price: Interested customers have the chance to book a hot desk, a dedicated desk or a dedicated office. Besides, many other programs are organized for accelerating and cooperating with corporations.

Location: USA

Hatch Quarter

Hatch Quarter logo

Hatch Quarter is a coworking space and startup incubator established in 2015 for entrepreneurs, startups and professionals in Melbourne.

Price: They provide informative workshops and consulting for startups together with flexible and creative coworking spaces.

Location: Australia


generator logo black letter g white background orange lines

Generator is a mentoring, teaching and innovation incubator that helps independent artists, producers and leaders to expand on their skills and tools. The organization aims to play a key role in a sustainable performance sector driven by self-producing artists.

Price: More information about the different services and prices can be attained by contacting  Generator.

Location: Canada


white background pink grey splash colours blue colour in the center

Cites seeks out the most disruptive, high tech bio/nanotechnological products and technologies for the sectors of insuranceTech, fin tech, health tech, data analysis, life sciences and more.

Price: Learn more about the application process and fees here.

Location: Canada

Innovate Springfield

letter i yellow letter s p i black text innovate springfield white background

Innovate Springfield is a catalyst for creating collaborative space. It's Springfield's first university-led social innovation incubator that offers high-quality programming and workshops, connects you to legal and financial consulting, and has a stellar community of entrepreneurs.

Price: The price options are:

-$50/month for an open desk

-$100/month for a dedicated workstation

-$300-$600/month for a private office

Location: USA


letters n y d in grey letters e d c in white square figure red dot in middle grey background

The DUMBO incubator offers affordable workspace by leveraging the neighborhood's digital and tech community. The incubator caters to technology-focused entrepreneurs.

Price: Dumbo does not take equity but instead charges a monthly fee of $450 - $550 for a desk. The price includes various benefits such as business guidance, workshops and networking events.

Location: USA

Travel Startup Incubator

orange background airplane flying around the bubbles

Travel Startups Traction Program is a strategic advisory, training and investment program focusing exclusively on travel technology. The program is virtual and has experience with mentoring over 40 travel startups.

Price: The price starts from $2495.

Location: USA

French Tech Ticket

pink Eiffel tower text paris french ticket white background

The French Tech Ticket is a one year program offered by the French government to attract ambitious startups from all around the world and develop their businesses in France.

Price: The French Tech Ticket offers equity-free investment to up EUR 45.000, that includes funding, residence permit, acceleration program and other benefits.

Location: France

Search Offices Spaces

Lokaleportalen logo

A search engine platform allows interested users to look for offices and all the venues they need for renting working spaces.

Price: Users can find out about prices after inserting filters related to the working space locations and the venue's specific characteristics.

Location: Denmark


Jeudan logo

A search engine allows customers to find the perfect place to rent for running their business activities. Extra services include parking garages around the city, in convenient locations.

Price: The prices change in relation to the specific characteristics of the rented space.

Location: Denmark


Kontorfaelleskab logo

The website provides a search engine service for finding co-working spaces, meeting rooms and offices for rent all over in Denmark.

Price: Prices are indicated on each individual informative page of the venue chosen.

Location: Denmark



Regus options are almost unlimited and available worldwide. A search engine allows customers to find the perfect space for running their business. The offer is wide and ranges from virtual offices to co-working spaces, form offices to meeting rooms, from disaster recovery to business lounge and remote working spaces.

Price: Rental and service fees are sent to the clients after filling in a form.

Location: Denmark and worldwide


Findkontorfaellesskab logo

The platform lists announcements for finding co-working spaces and offices in the main Danish cities.

Price: Prices are indicated in the single announcements.

Location: Denmark

Lokalebasen logo

Search engine for business venues all over Denmark.

Price: Prices can be checked clicking on every single announcement.

Location: Denmark


Amino small blue logo

Amino offers, among other services, a search platform for office spaces all over Denmark.

Price: Users can register on the platform for free and search for the more convenient offer all over in Denmark.

Location: Denmark

Ejendoms torvet logo facilitates the search of working spaces all over Denmark, through an easy-to-navigate platform. Offers are divided per type and location.

Price: Navigating the website, customers can easily find the best options for:

Each of the announcements listed, re-direct the users to the real estate company page that is managing the property.

Location: Denmark

Øens Ejendomme


Øens-Ejendomme logo

A company that owns spaces for rent for business use.

Price: More info contacting the company.

Location: Denmark

Butiks Kompagniet

Butiks Kompagniet logo

An easy-to-navigate website for users that are looking for spaces for opening shops or offices. The search applies to all Denmark.

Price: The price is conveniently mentioned in each of the announcements.

Location: Denmark

POP-UP Copenhagen

Pop-up Copenhagen logo

A space for rent right in the center of Copenhagen. Space can be used as a showroom, a shop and more.

Price: The place should be contacted directly to obtain more info regarding the pricing.

Location: Denmark



Reinholdt logo

A real estate agency, operating in all Danish territory.

Price: Info related to price is stated in every single announcement.

Location: Denmark

Ledige Erhvervslejemål

Ledige logo

An agency specialized in supporting clients to find office spaces in Copenhagen and other major Danish cities.

Price: More info getting in contact with the agency.

Location: Denmark


Respace logo

A search engine for users interested in renting or buying spaces for their businesses.

.Price: Users that are looking for spaces can use the platform for free, just registering a new profile

Location: Denmark


Gaest Logo

Born in Aarhus in Denmark in 2015, it is now present all over the world, helping users to find the perfect venues for their events.

Price: Each of the options filtered gives a detailed understanding of the price and of the services included in the amount.

Location: Denmark

Office Hub

Office Hub white font name on orange background

A service that empowers startups and scale-ups to find flexible offices that match their image and way of working. To ensure the match each customer has a dedicated Tenant Advisor that guides them from search to move-in - free of charge.

Price: Users can find out about prices on the platform. Prices vary depending on whether you are looking for a hot desk or a closed office space.

Location: Denmark

Network Platforms


Mikronet logo

A network for freelancers, independent entrepreneurs and micro-businesses to connect with the corporate environment.

Price: The membership to the platform is free.

Location: Denmark

The Hub

The Hub logo

A platform that connects startups in Denmark and applicants that would like to find new opportunities for growth and training.

Price: Startups can easily register their business on the platform for free, while applicants have easy access to job openings and can apply through a simple click, uploading their CV or linking to their LinkedIn profile.

Location: Denmark

Company Care

Company care logo

The network platform provides members, both new and established businesses, with services that help their growth and sustainability.

Price: Details about membership fees:

    • The membership for a business has a price of 1.000 DKK per year
    • In the case of companies that are younger than 24 months, the organization gives a credit of 25.000 DKK to use for activities and for the online shop
    • The membership for individuals is instead free

Location: Denmark


#CPHFTW logo

A platform that has as the main purpose to unite the startup community in Denmark and in the Øresund region.

Price: The organization has non-profit purposes.

Location: Denmark

Online marketplace for businesses


Saxis logo

The platform allows users to find or publish announcements for buying/selling businesses online.

Price: Users that want to sell their business can create an account for 695kr/month with all the services included.

Buyers can open a profile for free.

When trading business, and only if the contact between the buyer and seller has occurred at Saxis, the party who initiated the contact has to pay a fee of 3,500 DKK + 3% of the first announced sales price.

Location: Denmark


The evolution of coworking spaces and incubators has reached an unimaginable level of success compared to when these activities first started.

Identify disruptive innovators

These evolved into other different and more specific businesses, ready to cover the needs of entrepreneurial souls, but not enough resources to put their ideas into practice.

For this reason, the venues featured on’s list, cover search engines for office spaces, network platforms and online marketplaces for businesses, showing how broad the range of possibility is.

The success of these revolves around a few points, that can be summarized as follows:

- The increased traveling options - workers are traveling for business more than before, and have the consequent need to find a temporary workplace wherever they are.

- Higher costs of rent for office space - above all, innovation hubs all over the world push new entrepreneurs to find affordable alternatives.

- The growing attention towards the concept of corporate innovation and the emerging cooperation possibilities with the universe of startups - they are now more than ever in need of support for fast and sustainable growth.

Benefits also include:

- Access to resources (from desks to meeting rooms, from coffee and tea, to copy rooms and labs, etc.).

- Networking possibilities (events, workshops, mentorship programs, etc.).

- Flexibility (cheaper rental options, shared working spaces with “flex desks”, short-term and temporary leases). 


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