Spirent Communications Never Had the Luxury to Lag Behind Technological Change


Founded in 1936, Spirent Communications is a multinational telecommunications company offering lab test solutions to evaluate the performance of the latest technologies. They provide the tools for service management and field test to improve the troubleshooting and quality of new communication services and applications. Among others, the company’s list of clients includes telecommunications service providers, network service providers, governments, corporate enterprises, and test laboratories.



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Even the roughest financial times, in Spirent’s history of over 80 years didn’t manage to jam the company’s wheels of innovation.

Spirent Communications is a leading provider of test, measurement, assurance and analytics solutions for next-generation devices and networks. With this commitment in mind, the company which currently numbers more than 1500 employees worldwide, never had the choice but to always stay a few steps ahead of technological change.

It’s the relevant investments in exploring new technologies, combined with the constant dedication to product development and the numerous partnerships with technology companies that helped Spirent Communications establish and maintain technology leadership in what are exceptionally competitive and specialized markets.

As proof of its commitment to innovation, the enterprise has won multiple recognitions and awards throughout the years. From the Royal Institute of Navigation award for technical achievement in 2016 to the multiple Best of Interop Tokyo awards for WLAN, cloud and security testing solutions and the VoLTE Innovation of the Year award in 2017, and more.

Spirent Communications

Moreover, in 2018 Spirent Communications launched the so-called “Promise. Assured” initiative which was set to further expand the company’s innovation beyond lab testing into the network and out to new industries, with focus on 5G, lifecycle service assurance and analytics, and cybersecurity.

A Tradition of Welcoming Change and Adapting to the Market’s Needs

Spirent’s history is crucial to understanding its devotion to staying at the forefront of technological advancement. The company’s story goes back as early as 1936 when Jack Bowthorpe, with limited financial resources, founded the group of companies now known as Spirent Communications. The company was based in London as a designer and supplier of overhead transmission line fittings. Its strategy, which continued into the ’90s was “to spot a niche in the electrical and electronics market and fill it”.

The company’s electronics business grew rapidly during the dot-com boom of the 1990s, and in 2000 it adopted the new “Spirent” identity, reflecting its culture of “inspired innovation”. The group’s new strategy would be “to focus on high growth, high margin, high technology activities and build a world-leading communications business”. Spirent continued to invest in product development even during the tough times of the early 2000s, despite the company’s need for tight cost control.

Regarding its legacy, on their website, the company states that: “Spirent today may not be the same Company that Jack Bowthorpe established over 70 years ago, but it still embraces some of the same core values. It has always welcomed change, remained customer focused, valued its employees and maintained its ability to adapt to market conditions. The actions taken in recent years have also resulted in a much stronger organization both operationally and financially.”

The “Promise. Assured.” Initiative: Extending Spirent’s Pursuit of Emerging Technologies

Just recently, in 2018, Spirent announced the launch of their company-wide “Promise. Assured” business initiative. Already heavily involved in testing for matters such as virtual network functions and mobile cores, the new initiative was set to “leverage Spirent’s proven innovation to pursue emerging technologies and new industries and extend into service provider and enterprise networks.”

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With “Promise. Assured”, Spirent Communications declared that they will focus on assuring customer performance and revenues with solutions for 5G, lifecycle service assurance and analytics, and cybersecurity. In addition, Spirent announced that it’s exploring “new business opportunities in virtualization, autonomous vehicles and automotive.”

“Markets are transforming rapidly and our role in this new frontier is to march alongside our customers, not just as solution providers but true partners. That means delivering insights that influence and support strategies for revenue growth and cost savings throughout the organizations we serve, as we help accelerate the transition of devices, equipment and applications from the lab into the operational network.” – shared Eric Hutchinson, CEO, Spirent Communications, upon the launch of “Promise. Assured”.

In an interview with Light Reading conducted later that same year, regarding the new business initiative, Eric Hutchinson shared that “The new effort is already paying off in the emerging 5G market, where Spirent has been active with some of the early movers: For example, it is engaging with China Mobile in its extensive 5G rollout.”



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The “Spirent Pace” Program: Designed to Help Partner Organizations Accelerate Business Growth

According to the company, in addition to Spirent Communication’s own portfolio of products and technologies, their leadership position exists due to the “active partnership with a number of best-in-class organizations”.

The company’s website states: “Spirent has chosen to partner with a number of companies who share our vision and look to deliver the industry’s highest value in test and measurement solutions. For the advancement of new technology and test methodologies, Spirent works diligently in conjunction with standard bodies, independent test labs and industry forums.”

In 2018, Spirent Communications announced “Spirent Pace”, a new global partner program structured to equip authorized partners with the latest network and testing technologies, incentives, training, and support.


“Spirent Pace” is set to help more organizations to evaluate and roll out advanced network architectures, thus opening up new sales opportunities for the entire partner ecosystem.

“In receiving a preview of Spirent Pace, I was very pleased to see that Spirent is focused on providing a simplified and flexible approach to support how my business is changing and how it will continue to evolve in the coming year and beyond,” said Avi Barel Westwood, CEO of Bynet Solutions. “I welcome the changes and look forward to seeing immediate and mutually profitable results in partnership with Spirent.”

Mark Bateman

Mark Bateman

Sr. Director Global Channels and Alliances at Spirent Communications

The partner program offers “full access to Spirent resources, deal registration, incentive programs, and other benefits designed to create new opportunities and increase partner profitability”.

Upon the program’s launch, Mark Bateman, the company’s Sr. Director Global Channels and Alliances, said: “There has never been a better time to partner with Spirent. With new technologies changing the way organizations are thinking about networking, customers are beginning to realize the full value of Spirent’s solutions. We are excited to be expanding our partner network, joining together to help even more organizations get the testing solutions they need – and to make the most of new networking trends and opportunities.”