New subscribers of the Valuer workflow start with an Innovation Themes search to discover the strategic focus areas for their Innovation Radar search. Themes and Radar results are delivered monthly, with findings available digitally through the Valuer workflow at the end of the month. Additional services, Engage and Scale, are perfect add-ons for business models and technologies discovered through the Innovation Radar.



  • Preparation
    Valuer works with your organization to gather a complete dataset*. This will consist of items such as CRM data, internal presentations, documents, and more. (*enrichment with client documents is optional)
  • Map technology landscape
    We process the dataset, along with our internal data of over 500.000+ new technologies and business models to create your custom market technology landscape.
  • Identify & group trends
    Using your technology landscape, Valuer uses natural language processing (NLP) and AI to identify trends and similarities within the technology landscape at lightning speed. The hotspots of data suggest focus areas to be prioritized in strategic initiatives.
  • Identify & select opportunities
    Our structured and visual approach helps you discover emerging technologies in your industry. Our workflow draws conclusions on newly identified intersections between groups. We call these intersections "opportunities." From the identified opportunties, Valuer selects the most relevant innovation opportunities to generate new growth for your organization.
  • Process groups
    Using the identified and selected opportunities, each group of technologies is processed by the Valuer workflow based on the success, innovation, and match criteria.
  • Prioritize opportunities
    Each group of technologies is ranked and prioritized based on the above crieteria (success, innovation, match.) Hotspots will emerge are analysed to discover the best potential areas of strategic focus for your organization.
  • Management summary
    The top ranked opportunities will be analyzed though our enrichment process. Using this information, Valuer will prepare a digital management summary for the use of your organization, and to suggest direction for the Radar search.


  • Request Radar
    After receiving your input, the Radar will produce results after one month. Input can be provided though internal stakeholder engagement, or though Themes to bring an AI and data-driven approach to your decision making.
  • Crowdsourced scouting technology
    The Valuer AI-powered search returns groups of business models and new technologies potentially relevant for your Radar search criteria.
  • Team voting
    The Valuer workflow requires your team to vote on the groups of new technologies and business models. By voting, the Valuer algorithm will be trained and optimized in identifying new technologies and business models most suited to your businesses needs.
  • Candidate analysis
    The search is filtered down to the best matching business models and technologies based on voting results and your original Radar search. Valuer analysts research and interview the business to provide a detailed analysis of each.
  • Digital innovation report
    By request, you select your preferences from the candidate analysis and they will be presented in your digital report for distribution to your executive team and innovation leaders.
  • Customer support
    A designated contact person available for support and process updates throughout the search.


  • Online learning center
    The Academy is integrated into the Valuer workflow and serves as a learning center for your workforce. It is a resource to drive entrepreneurship and innovation within your organization. New, original and relevant content is added monthly on topics relating to innovation, digital transformation, corporate / startup engagement, venture scaling, and more.
  • Silicon Valley thought leadership
    Global Scaling Academy’s network of recognized thought leaders, corporate innovators and experienced venture scaling practitioners create all content and interact with users.
  • Interactive community
    As members of an interactive innovation community, users have the opportunity to influence future content development and interact with content contributors. Share content with anyone in your organization and create important internal dialog.


  • Startup partnership facilitation
    When due diligence has been completed, and a business model scenario has been developed based on the synergy between your company and a business model candidate, it’s time to move towards a concrete collaboration. Our advisors can facilitate and guide this process towards a partnership model with the greatest possibility to scale.
  • Strategic advisory
    The pace of change today requires companies to manage innovation in a more deliberate way. Every employee should understand the process is for testing ideas and taking them to scale. Applying the blitzscaling framework to the innovation process brings speed and clarity to the organization and increases the chances of building scalable new ventures.
  • Due diligence
    Assess up to three business models discovered through your Innovation Radar your team is most interested in engaging with. Receive four assessments performed by experienced venture builders and investors.
    - Evaluate business model from VC perspective
    - Evaluate scalability of business models
    - Evaluate media landscape reputation audit
    - Evaluate SDG relevance and impact of business model
  • Business model sprint
    Lead or participate in the development of a business scenario to identify the synergies available through a partnership between a selected business model and your organization. Dramatically accelerate the process of building consensus and gaining authorization to move forward towards a concrete partnership.


  • Scaling accelerator
    The Global Scaling Accelerator is 100% virtual for small groups of select scaling companies who work together with GSA scaling mentors and community experts in a peer-to-peer setting. Companies will emerge with traction and growth, better positioned to quickly achieve maximum scaling potential. A revised pitch deck will give top-tier investors the vital knowledge that Global Scaling Academy companies have charted a well-articulated course towards global domination. GSA will assess companies for investment compatibility and for the purposes of making select intros to top-tier VC firms.
  • One-to-one coaching
    Work 1:1 with GSA’s team and community of experts to diagnose and overcome barriers to scaling. We support family (1-10 employees), tribe (11-99 employees), and village (100-999 employees) stage companies to increase the scalability of their business.
  • Workshops and talks
    Inspire your leadership and innovation teams with live and online keynote sessions, scalable business model design workshops, and executive education level programs developed by the GSA team and their community of experts.

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Valuer offers an end-to-end innovation workflow that discovers technologies and business models for strategic innovation.


Organizations are Shifting Toward Digital Innovation Workflows

Valuer offers two distinct products for all stages of the digital innovation workflow. From discovering disruptive markets to crowdsourcing technology and selecting new applications and critical business models.


  • Map unique technology landscapes
  • Discover promising opportunities
  • Prioritize strategic initiatives with predictive analytics
  • Monitor sustainable business models


  • Discover new business models and technologies
  • Deploy advanced AI search algorithms
  • Crowdsourced scouting technology
  • Involve your team in search and selection


  • Engage with new business models
  • Due Diligence-as-a-Service
  • Strategic advisory services
  • Scalable business model design sprints


  • More than 100 live virtual events per year
  • Access to exclusive programs
  • Powerful connectivity and networking with an elite global membership
  • Topic-driven discussion forums