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"With the data-driven Valuer Insights results, we are able to see the competition around us in a completely different way. This received high attention from our top management team."

Line Lyst

Global Head of Innovation

"The Valuer system was easy to use and provided information about companies that we had not found through our own search. I recommend working with Valuer to help understand the competitive landscape and potential M&A."

Jeremy Bennington

VP of Position, Navigation, & Time (Pnt) Assurance

"Valuer has added valuable insights to our innovation scouting activities, especially on the edge in radical innovation with AI and Blockchain startups."

Henrik Juul Nielsen


"We use the Valuer workflow to showcase to others in Ramboll and to put innovation even more on the top management agenda."

Niels Elmegaard

Group Strategy Associate

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Innovation Radar reports

Group 2160

Enterprise users get access to case studies of companies that match their innovation needs. The case studies explore a company’s technology, business model, value proposition, and more.

Innovation Themes

Group 2160

The Innovation Themes product gives users access to qualitative analysis of the innovation ecosystem in different niche markets, structured in a way that eases their comparison.

Digital and print design for all reports

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Enterprise users can request to receive digital and printed versions of their tailored reports shipped to their offices.

White label magazines

Group 2160

Users can request to have their tailored reports designed according to their branding guidelines to match their other company publications.

Innovation focus suggestions

Group 2160

Organizations that are unsure which innovation area they want to explore can consult the platform and the Valuer team for guidance and recommendations.

Customer support

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Enterprise users can communicate with the Valuer Customer Success team whenever they have any questions or need help of any kind.

What is an
Innovation Theme?


Rooted in Valuer’s platform with more than 650.000 companies, this product is ideal for corporations that want to explore and compare disruptive markets. After a large number of companies from different markets have been identified on the platform, Valuer’s researchers use their data to prepare an analysis of the areas’ funding, popular technologies, business models, and more.

Best for:
  • Corporations interested in exploring disruptive niche markets,
  • Corporations looking to find adjacent markets close to their focus areas,
  • Corporations that want to prioritize innovative markets they already know about.

Results: In-depth analysis of a large number of companies from different areas, structured in a way that eases their comparison.


What is an
Innovation Radar?


Our most popular product helps corporations explore innovative companies, business models, and technologies that match their needs. After a number of companies have been identified on the Valuer platform, our researchers prepare case studies that explain their products, technology, value proposition, and more.

Best for:
  • Corporations looking for companies that meet their exact innovation requirements,
  • Corporations looking for innovative solutions relevant to them but developed outside their sector knowledge.

Results: Case studies of companies that include detailed explanations of their products, technologies, and business models.


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Valuer regularly publishes reports that explore the innovation ecosystem in specific industries and sustainability areas.

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Exploring Innovative Technologies that make Industries more Sustainable: Energy Management

The demand for energy is constantly growing, and so are the numbers of companies focused on adopting more sustainable business practices. Using AI technology, Valuer's platform explores new innovative technologies tackling the major challenges within energy management.


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Exploring Innovative Technologies That Make Industries More Sustainable - Agriculture.

Valuer's data-driven platform uses AI to identify and select the most relevant technology trends, market opportunities and businesses related to sustainable agriculture.


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