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The AI companion for developing your business strategies

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How does it work?
And what can you do?
  • Converse with the AI and pinpoint strategic directions
  • Generate recommendations on technologies, business models, innovation, growth opportunities and much more.
  • Organize the strategic assets in workspaces
  • Make informed decisions based on the best proprietary dataset in the market
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Get AI-Assisted
Custom research
If you're looking for bespoke research on an immerging technology, industry, or specific company segment, our analysts will work with you directly to outline the specific information you need and then access our AI and database to find unique perspectives and opportunities within those areas of interest.
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Add AI to your workflow
with our direct API
  • Integrate our AI-Search into your solution or infrastructure for easy adoption.
  • Order the data you need whenever and how often you want.
  • Define the query you want to ask, the data you need, and the structure you require.
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How do I get started?
Contact Us
After clicking the Try it out button and filling out some basic information, our team will reach out to you.
The Guided Tour
You'll see how the AI companion can help you efficiently decide on new business strategies for your organization.
Define Your Needs
We'll work with you to clearly define your requirements and the access level you need for the AI.

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About Valuer

Our mission is to enable organizations to make better, cheaper and much more efficient decision-making. Our AI can aid anyone in pinpointing the strategy of tomorrow. Make your mark with Valuer's AI, PUMA.

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