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Discover examples of how Valuer can be used in various business cases. Whether you are an investor, an analyst, an executive, or an innovation manager, there are several ways that our services can help you outpace your competition with a unique AI perspective to innovation discovery.
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Use Case
Discovering new opportunities in supercapacitor technology
See how a Senior Engineer can help his company find new ways of innovation and bolster its market strategy.
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Use Case
Tracking new technologies for potential applications
See how an R&D scientist can use our platform to track certain technologies and find relevant cases and applications.
Use Case
Developing new energy storage solutions
See how an R&D Senior strategist can use our platform to find technology partners.
Use Case
Branching out in developing industries
See how an Investment Director can startup candidates for expanding his company’s investment portfolio.
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Use Case
On the search for new entries within an energy-focused portfolio
See how an Investment Director can stay updated on potential companies that provide positive deal flow.
Use Case
Keeping current with the trends
See how an Investment Director can follow trends and technologies that provide a positive deal flow.
Company clusters
Use Case
Energy startup aiming to make hydrogen a clean energy staple
See how a CPO can use our platform to find alternative sourcing partners for hard-to-get materials.
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Use Case
Commercializing hydrogen on a global scale
See how a procurement manager can use our platform to find new strategic partners and collaborators.
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Use Case
Finding partners for a large-scale hydrogen energy initiative
See how a procurement manager can use our platform to map existing capabilities in a partner program.
Power grids
Use Case
Smarter power grids with automated demand-response platforms
See how a Digital Integration specialist working in an energy supply company can use our platform to make its power grid smarter.
Wind energy farms
Use Case
Lowering maintenance costs of offshore wind energy farms
See how a Tech Specialist can use our platform to find software for predictive maintenance.
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Use Case
Keeping track of innovative technologies for renewable energy storage
See how the CTO of an energy company can use our platform to keep track of innovations within renewable energy storage.
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Use Case
Organizing a corporate business accelerator
See how a Business Innovation Manager can use our platform to quickly find candidates for a business accelerator.
Use Case
Looking to develop stronger energy partnerships
See how a CIO in the energy market can use our platform to quickly outsmart larger competition in finding strategic partnerships.
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Use Case
Finding potential and developing an innovation strategy
See how a Venture Architect can use our platform to discover potential opportunities before developing a company innovation strategy.
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Use Case
Determining the commercial validity of a recent patent
See how R&D operatives can use the Valuer platform to examine the commercial potential of a patented software compared to similar solutions on the market.
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Use Case
Identifying new sourcing opportunities across global markets
See how supply chain departments can use the Valuer platform to find new sourcing partners.
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Use Case
Identifying promising startups in the focus area
See how an early-stage venture capital firm can use our platform to identify investment-feasible candidates.
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Use Case
Exploring innovations that are ascending to the forefront
See how a biotech specialist can use the Valuer platform to get deeper insights into a specific industry and explore proliferating automation technologies.
Use Case
Exploring the global supply chain network for new partners
See how a mobility engineer can use the Valuer platform to explore new supply vendors to help his company endure undisrupted production.
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Use Case
Pursuing an all-encompassing assessment of a target market
See how a security innovator can use the Valuer platform to identify trends and emerging technologies across specific verticals.
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Use Case
Keeping up to date with emerging market trends
See how an investor can use the Valuer platform to assess the market dynamic and growing trends within his portfolio’s target markets.
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Use Case
Launching a FinTech offering that promotes security and transparency
See how а software lead can use the Valuer platform to find emerging crypto-friendly technologies without allocating team members to conduct research.
Use Case
Preparing a proof of concept based on existing market offerings
See how a climate and circular economy specialist uses the Valuer platform to produce a list of successful startups in carbon sequestration to illustrate why funding in the technology is imperative.
Use Case
Preparing a corporate accelerator
See how engineering leads can use the Valuer platform to find candidates for an accelerator.
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Use Case
Analyzing the competitive landscape of a target vertical
See how an R&D executive can leverage the Value platform to identify potential competition based on a product it develops.
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Use Case
Assembling a new procurement network
See how a procurement specialist can use the Valuer platform to find a new pool of suppliers.
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Use Case
Preparing for a new acquisition round
See how a senior investor uses the Valuer platform to find feasible investment opportunities without pursuing external research services.
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Use Case
Finding prospective scale-ups to invest in
See how a mobility technician can utilize Valuer’s features to comb through a list of emerging mobility of startups to identify a feasible investment opportunity.
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Use Case
Developing a new procurement strategy
See how a supply chain executive can use the Valuer platform to find new procurement opportunities.
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