Industry case studies to keep you involved in the innovation economy.

Microelectronics Industry Insights

In the always-evolving microelectronics industry, staying on top of market trends will keep you one step ahead of the curve and one step ahead of your competitors. In this industry insights report, we use our AI-driven platform to draw insights into various technology trends and companies within the industry.

Fishing Industry Insights

With the many issues that face the fishing industry, the need for sustainable and advanced technological solutions is imperative to the longevity and health of the fishing industry. Discover how Valuer's platform has identified various innovative areas and technologies that are ripe for new market exploration.

Information Technology Industry Insights

Emerging innovation coming out of the IT industry will massively impact everything from sustainability to our overall quality of life. Explore how our Valuer platform can delve into the industry and draw out the information that allows innovation and business alike to grow.

Telecommunications Industry Insights

Revolutionary 5G technology is just around the corner. Discover how the Valuer platform can gain insight to enable corporations to expand their business and accelerate in the industry.

Shipping Industry Insights

Gain insight into emerging technological trends and innovation in the shipping industry. Learn about how the Valuer platform identified innovation areas that enable corporations to grow their business and accelerate in the industry.

Pharmaceutical Industry Insights

Researching the various focus areas of the pharmaceutical industry enables greater insight of the industry and how businesses can promote innovation and exceed market growth.

Retail Industry Insights

Discover emerging trends that are changing the retail industry and learn about the key innovation areas that enable corporations to grow their business and accelerate in the industry.

Chemical Industry Insights

Gain insight into emerging trends in the chemical industry and learn about the main innovation areas that enable corporations to grow their business and accelerate in the industry.

Cyber Security Industry Insights

Gain insight into emerging trends in the cyber security industry and learn how to secure your company data through digital transformation by innovation.

Energy Industry Insights

This case study contains information on the energy industry, providing insights on prioritized trends. The identification of these trends and business models engage corporations to innovate and succeed in market growth.

Healthcare and Biotechnology Industry Insights

This case study focuses on emerging trends in the healthcare and biotechnology industry. Researching the focus areas of the industry enables corporates to gain insight to exceed in market growth and promoting innovation.

Mechanization and digitalization for the industry 4.0

Discover the technology trends within the industrial engineering sector, and find out the next biggest opportunity in industry 4.0


Stay informed on the latest trends within the financial services industry and learn more about the intricacies of the Valuer Workflow.

Redefining Human Movement

In this case study, you will find information on the current trends within the mobility sector, and a business model case study from the most promising technology area.

Achieving a Circular Economy with Corporate-Startup Partnerships

Valuer’s detailed report, in collaboration with the Danish Business Authority, outlines the importance of transitioning to a circular economy and examines startups and corporates leading the way.


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