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Circular Economy: Innovation Insight

The global supply chain is in need of a new and sustainable economic model as the traditional “make-use-dispose” model is becoming increasingly unsustainable. Valuer’s detailed report, in collaboration with the Danish Business Authority, outlines the importance of transitioning to a circular economy and examines startups and corporates leading the way.

The Valuer method
Circular supply chain
Product life extension
Product as a service
Recovery and recycling
Regulatory challenges

Achieving a Circular Economy with Corporate-Startup Partnerships


Valuer has created this case-study in collaboration with the Danish Business Authority (DBA) to outline the importance of transitioning to a circular economy. The current “make-use-dispose” economic business model is in need of reform as it is increasingly unsustainable to continue with this system.This case study aims to serve as motivation for organizations to embrace the transition to the circular economy.

This transition should be a top priority for corporations and can be achieved through corporate-startup partnerships from which both can benefit in creating innovative solutions. This model allows producers to get the greatest value from resources by keeping them in use for a longer period and regenerating the materials at the end of each lifecycle.

The DBA aims to contribute to sustainable economic development and is working towards creating the best conditions for startups to develop new circular business models. In collaboration, DBA and Valuer performed a Horizon scan of trends in circular business models. This scanning methodology, based on a machine learning algorithm, helped to select 15 startups currently creating sustainable future solutions within the circular economy. Read the article to further understand the importance of transforming to this inclusive, climate-neutral and competitive economic model.


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