Inside the Case Study

  1. Identifying Trends and New Business Models
  2. Identifying Technologies
  3. Uncovering Trends
  4. Prioritizing Trends
  5. Find Best Match Startups
  6. Cyber Security Content Deck

Securing the Future

Valuer has created this case-study on how businesses can keep up-to-date on emerging disruptive technologies within cyber security. We are currently living in a time period where cyber security threats are increasingly becoming more frequent and it is vital for companies to ensure the integrity of their data. By unlocking the value of new technologies will companies be able to embrace new breakthrough business models.

This case study serves as a resource tool to examine the next-generation technology transformation within the cyber security industry. Using Valuer's AI workflow, we are able to compute large datasets to highlight and identify emerging players within the industry. Valuer's unique ability to use a data-driven approach to find key players within the industry serves as an opportunity for executives and business leaders to ramp up their technology innovation, productivity, and modernize their platforms.

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents the next great wave in business transformation, and in today's connected world, further highlights the importance of cyber security. Among the various industries, competition and rising costs are constantly pressuring companies to modernize their technology to support end-to-end functions. Given the recent and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, further highlights the importance of digital security solutions where the growth of 'smart' devices and electronic payments are constanly on the rise.

This case study provides further insight into the market opportunities in the cyber security industry. It provides information on trends and evaluation through Valuer's AI workflow. Read the full case study to see how you can stay informed with the latest emerging trends in the cyber security industry.