Inside the Case Study

  1. Identifying Trends and New Business Models
  2. Identifying Technologies
  3. Uncovering Trends
  4. Prioritizing Trends
  5. Find Best Match Startups
  6. Healthcare and Biotechnology Content Deck

Healthcare and Biotechnology Industry Insights

Valuer created this case study to provide information on emerging trends in the Healthcare and Biotechnology Industry. Research shows that the main focus areas are Predictive Analytics, Robotic Surgery, 3D Printing, Genetic Counseling, and Gene Biotechnology. Innovating in these areas will enable corporations to grow their business and accelerate in the industry.

The content of this case study is structured to cover every aspect of identifying trends and new business models. This gives corporations the opportunity to innovate their business with the research conducted through Valuer’s data-driven workflow. To innovate with high success, Valuer provides end-to-end solutions which include innovation themes that prioritize trends through AI evaluation. Additionally, the innovation radar finds the best match of startups to create a collaboration to innovate businesses.

The case study serves as an insight into the market opportunities in the healthcare and biotechnology industry. It gives insight into trends and evaluation through Valuer’s AI workflow. Businesses can find the motivation to access new market shares by innovation with the help of the Innovation Themes tools, allowing them to succeed in growth and disrupt the industry.