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Mobility Industry Insights

With the future of mobility at our doorstep, how can you align your business with the emergence of various modes of transportation that promise rapid, drastic change? Valuer can help your company seize mobility as a complementary business model to your core competencies.

Identifying trends and new business models in the Mobility Industry
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Innovation radar: Mobility

Realizing the future of Mobility


Valuer has created this case-study on how businesses can stay informed of the many important achievements taking place across the disruptive dimensions of mobility: connectivity, electric vehicles, autonomous driving, urban mobility solutions, and vehicle sharing. As such, the market surrounding the mobility technology landscape is constantly changing which gives rise to intense competition and new risks for businesses.

This case-study serves as a resource tool to examine trends, new business approaches, and technologies that stresses the importance of collaboration between corporations and new business models backed by data using our AI workflow. This report also features information for corporations to understand exactly how each of the mobility trends are evolving. Valuer’s ability to use a data-driven approach to evaluate innovative business models and technologies serves as a useful thought starter for CEOs and senior executives, across all industries, who seek to understand what the future holds for mobility transformation.

Powerful trends in technology within the mobility industry that have been developed create enormous opportunities and risks for businesses. The increasing popularity of Tesla vehicles and the company’s attempt to incorporate the various disruptive dimensions of mobility has completely reshaped the future for how people travel and also how other companies conduct their business. Some of the key benefits for corporations to stay informed of the latest trends is to develop a vision and strategy for tomorrow’s realities. Read the full case-study to see how you can stay informed with the latest mobility innovations.

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