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The 50 Best Startup Cities in 2019

What exactly makes a city attractive for startups? How are cities supporting startups through hubs, accelerators and incubators? Valuer’s detailed report provides a thorough examination of the 50 best startup cities in 2019 that provide the perfect entrepreneurial ecosystem for innovation and collaboration.

The ingredients of a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem
The rise of the entrepreneurial communities around the world
Valuer’s list of the best startup cities in the world
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The 50 Best Startup Cities in 2019



Valuer has created this ebook featuring the 50 best startup cities in 2019 for free download. Thinking of starting your own business, but unsure which global cities are best for startups? Finding the right city for a startup is crucial as the correct entrepreneurial ecosystem can be critical for innovation and success, whilst also connecting you to other aspiring individuals and larger companies.


Traditionally, people tend to only focus on numbers when examining what makes global startup revolutions possible. However, the best cities for startups are complex and multi-dimensional, and many other factors can contribute to a city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Valuer has considered several aspects such as quality of life, global mindset, infrastructure and the market regulations specific to each individual city in order to create this list.


This report outlines why each city has a great startup environment, how the individual startup ecosystems can be sustained and what makes these cities best for entrepreneurs. The top ranking cities all share key characteristics of a great startup city including affordability, atmosphere, talent pool, research opportunities and funding options. Read the article for the full list and to find out which city is the #1 best startup city.

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