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  1. The mindset that puts companies at risk
  2. Valuer’s list of 50 corporations that failed to innovate
  3. Mistakes companies should avoid
  4. What is Valuer?

50 Corporations that Failed to Innovate

Valuer has created this e-book featuring 50 corporations that failed to innovate for free download. Knowing what you should NOT do when starting your own business is just as important as knowing what you should be doing. This is why Valuer has compiled this report to serve as motivation for organizations to embrace innovation and learn from the mistakes of others.

Many companies experience one success and hold on to it, believing this to be the secret to ongoing success. Unfortunately this is not the case as an unwillingness to innovate puts any organization at the risk of failure and refusing to evolve with the market can lead to devastating consequences.

The most successful corporations are those that continuously innovate and digitize their business strategy. As an organization, never resist innovation and be sure to listen to your customers’ needs while keeping up with the latest trends. Be sure that agile leadership strategies are in place and always look to improve your innovation strategy. Read the article for the full list and find out which global corporations suffered from innovation failure.