Best Fintech Startups in the USA

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Fintech?
  3. Why is Fintech Integral to the Financial Sector?
  4. How is it Disrupting Traditional Banking Practices?
  5. Emerging Trends and A Regional Race to the Top
  6. The USA - A Hub for Fintech


Valuer has created this e-book featuring the best fintech startups found in USA. Some of the largest and most successful FIntech companies to arise have been located in the USA - the home to Silicon Valley. We have compiled this e-book highlighting startups and businesses that are integral to the financial services industry and the material provides some insight as to how they play a role within the region.

More and more companies and investors are now pouring into the fintech space because they gravitate towards companies offering new financial products and services. Some of the major areas within fintech where governments have been taking a more proactive stance are within advanced mobile payment technology, alternative lending, and AI-driven solutions.

Be sure to read the e-book to gain a better overview of fintech market growth and the development of the financial services industry across the region.