• Report: February 2021
  • Region: Global
  • 28 pages

The quest for sustainability can unearth vast organizational and technological innovations across virtually every industrial sector. That quest has already begun to take shape and is constantly evolving and transforming the competitive landscape. Companies are redesigning their products, adopting new technologies, and changing their processes and business models.

Valuer’s Innovating Sustainability report is a series of publications that highlight important market trends, opportunities and challenges. By equating sustainability with innovation will enterprises be able to lay the groundwork to come out on top on the competitive stage.

At a glance

The world population is projected to reach almost 10 billion people by the year 2050. It is imperative that we identify new, innovative and sustainable methods to meet the global food demand. This month’s publication focuses on Agriculture, and highlights important trends and exceptional business opportunities in the food and agriculture sector.

Aligning business 

Startups are invaluable sources of innovation and knowledge which is why many large corporations are actively seeking new partnerships. New business models, including startups, bring forth new opportunities in identifying and commercializing innovations, solving important business problems, and bringing novel ideas into their business.

This month’s report highlights how the global market within the agricultural sector has been growing steadily over the years. People around the world are becoming increasingly concerned about the future of the planet, and there is an untapped opportunity for investments in developing focus areas within agriculture.

How Valuer applies its technology

Valuer’s data-driven platform provides an end-to-end innovation pipeline to help corporations, accelerators, and venture funds discover disruptive technology, market opportunities and innovative companies.

With two unique delivery models, Valuer’s extensive database of companies powered by machine learning algorithms can match customers at the different stages of the innovation workflow - such as exploring new technology or market opportunities, or innovative business models.

1. About Valuer.ai

2. How the Valuer platform uses AI to find innovation hotsports

3. Market opportunities and technology trends

       a) Sustainable crop production

       b) Sustainable livestock farming

       c) Sustainable irrigation

4. Case studies

       a) Three corporations that implement sustainable agriculture practices

       b) Two companies that develop sustainable agriculture technology