• Report: June 2021
  • Region: Global
  • 19 pages

As landfills pile to overcapacity and garbage patches in oceans grow to the size of countries, it has never been more apparent that the need for innovative and sustainable solutions in Waste Management is needed. 

The importance of proper and sustainable Waste Management practices, technology, and solutions can not be understated, as the mismanagement of waste is directly tied to the degradation of ecosystems, GHG emissions, and hold a potential hazard to human health.   

Valuer’s Innovating Sustainability report is a series of publications that highlight important market trends, opportunities, and challenges. By taking sustainability and integrating it into a core part of various enterprises’ business models, they will be able to lay the foundation for innovation and be able to stay competitive in their respective industry.

At a glance

Just how far and fast industries will embrace greener energy solutions will depend on both the rate at which the economic prospect of these renewable sources improve, as well as the advancements of the technology themselves. This month’s publication focuses in on and highlights the important trends, technology, and business opportunities in the Waste Management sector. 

Aligning business 

Startups are invaluable sources of innovation and knowledge, which is why many large corporations are actively seeking new partnerships. New business models, including startups, bring forth new opportunities in identifying and commercializing innovations, solving important business problems, and bringing novel ideas into their business. 

This month’s report highlights how the global market within the Waste Management sector has been shifting towards alternative energy and innovative technologies that will transform the industry. People around the world are becoming increasingly concerned about the future health of the planet, bringing about a growing momentum towards making clean, affordable, and reliable energy solutions from both a political and investment priority.

How Valuer applies its technology

Valuer’s data-driven platform provides an end-to-end innovation pipeline to help corporations, accelerators, VCs, and businesses alike discover disruptive technology, market opportunities, and innovation.

Valuer’s extensive database of companies, powered by machine learning algorithms, can match customers at the different stages of the innovation workflow. The platform also provides extensive insights into a select industry, allowing you to explore and discover new technologies, market opportunities, and innovative business models.

1. About Valuer.ai

2. How the Platform Finds Sustainable Waste Management Innovation Hotspots

3. Market opportunities and Technology Trends

       a) Waste Reduction

       b) Waste Recycling

       c) Waste Disposal

4. Case Studies

       a) Three corporations that implement sustainable Waste Management practices

       b) Tier IV: An Innovative Startup that develops Waste Management Technologies

Tetra Laval