• Report: July 2020
  • Region: Global
  • 34 pages

Over 100 million households’ livelihoods depend on the fishing industry, moreover, 3 billion rely on seafood as their primary source of protein, according to the World Economic Forum.

At a glance

Valuer created this downloadable e-book to give readers insight into new business models and technologies within SDG 14. It highlights the importance of innovation through sustainability to promote the long-term growth and economical benefits. SDG 14 intends to protect and conserve the ocean and raise awareness. Businesses in particular can have a big impact on ocean pollution. By providing information on technology trends and new business models, we aim to help corporations innovate through sustainability.

Opportunities in sustainable use of oceans, seas, and marine resources

The report was put together to motivate businesses to align their business procedures with SDG 14. The market opportunities and technology trends are divided into three sectors: wastewater treatment, sustainable fish farming and sustainable fish feed. With the information backed up by our data driven AI platform, we are able to give advice and list benefits that come with embracing SDG 14.

Advice and benefits for corporations

Some of the benefits for organizations aligning with SDG 14 include improved employee retention and recruitment rate, reduced legal and other business risks, and increased financial performance. The report also includes examples of corporations doing a great job at implementing SDG 14, including Merck Group and Cargill, as well as our key takeaways and summary of what we expect in the future.

How Valuer applies its technology

In this edition of our report, find out how Valuer’s online platform uses AI to help large companies find SDG-related startups and technologies that match their unique needs. Lead innovation thinkers from across various industries express how our technology worked for their business.

1. What is the SDG forecast by Valuer?

       a) How the Valuer platform uses AI to find SDG-related technologies?

       b) Reaching corporate sustainability by embracing innovation

2. About the UN Sustainable Development Goals

       a) In focus: SDG 14

3. Market opportunities and technology trends

       a) Sustainable fish feed

       b) Sustainable fish farming

       c) Wastewater treatment

4. Aligning business with SDG 14

       a) Advice for corporations

       b) Benefits for corporations

5. Case studies

       a) Corporations that do a great job at tackling SDG 14

       b) Three startups that could help corporations align with SDG 14

6. Conclusion: Key takeaways and what we expect in the future

Merck Group






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