• Report: October 2020
  • Region: Global
  • 40 pages
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Technological breakthroughs can be extremely beneficial in achieving SDG 2 and reducing the time and cost necessary to end global hunger, malnutrition, and lack of food access.

At a glance

To help companies align their operations with "SDG 2: Zero Hunger", this month’s report features innovative technologies, market projections, and startups that work in three areas relevant to the UN goal: food storage and preservation, sustainable crop production, and sustainable livestock farming.

Aligning business with SDG 2 by collaborating with startups

The SDG Forecast by Valuer is a series of reports that can help companies engage with the UN goals. Emphasizing the importance of technological innovation for sustainability, each report focuses on one SDG and includes trending technologies, data from the Valuer platform, market predictions, relevant startups explained in detail, and much more.

This month, the report focuses on "SDG 2: Zero Hunger" and features innovative approaches to food storage and preservation, sustainable crop production, and sustainable livestock farming. Furthermore, it includes the stories of three large organizations, General Mills, Bayer, and Walmart, and how they engage with SDG 2.

The publication explores the technology of three successful startups, Sufresca, Plantible Foods, and Boost Biomes, and explains how Valuer’s platform uses AI to help corporations find startups and innovative technologies that match their unique needs.

How Valuer applies its technology

In this edition of our report, find out how Valuer’s online platform uses AI to help large companies find SDG-related startups and technologies that match their unique needs. Lead innovation thinkers from across various industries express how our technology worked for their business.

1. What is the SDG forecast by Valuer?

       a) How the Valuer platform uses AI to find SDG-related technologies?

       b) Reaching corporate sustainability by embracing innovation

2. About the UN Sustainable Development Goal

       a) In focus: SDG 2

3. Market projections and technology trends

       a) Food storage and preservation

       b) Sustainable crop production

       c) Sustainable livestock farming

4. Case studies

       a) Corporations that do a great job at tackling SDG 2

       b) Three startups that could help corporations align with SDG 2

5. Conclusion: Key takeaways

General Mills 




Plantible Foods

Boost Biomes