Inside the Report

  1. What is the SDG forecast by Valuer?
  2. About the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  3. Market Opportunities and Technology Trends
  4. Aligning Business with SDG 9
  5. Case Studies
  6. Conclusion: Key Takeaways and What We Expect in the Future

Aligning Business with SDG 9 By Collaborating With Startups

Valuer has compiled this report on how businesses can align with Sustainable Goal 9 for free download. SDG 9 is primarily focused on building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization all while fostering innovation. By focusing on this specific area will allow for a dynamic and competitive economic force that will create jobs and increase income leading to a better quality of life. This report serves as a motivation for businesses by stressing the importance of collaborating with startups and small businesses to achieve SDG 9 and one that is backed by data from our AI platform.

This report provides advice for corporations to align their business to SDG 9 by embracing both innovation and sustainable industry while at the same time, making it a core tenant of their company's portfolio. Sustainable industrialization means a "knowledge-based economy" built on innovation that benefits society and at the same time, respects the environment.

There are major benefits for organizations that align with SDG 9. This includes new business models and practices that are refined to meet the demands of the modern and technological age we live currently live in. Aligning with SDG 9 further strengthens economic competitiveness, improved market opportunities, and lastly, a future-proof infrastructure network. Many large companies are already embracing innovative SDG 9 solutions including DuPont, by implementing sustainable industrialization practices. Read the full report to see how you can align your business with SDG 9.