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With the inevitable global shift from fossil fuel to renewable energies, there is a lot of room for innovative ideas. Valuer can be your digital boots-on-the-ground, providing insights on technologies, start-ups, and companies leading the way within the energy sector.
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You don't have to be an expert to see the energy sector is poised for rapid technological and infrastructural transformation. Change is coming, and our platform will enable you to track, discover and swiftly respond to best-fit technologies and partners.

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Viva la Energy Revolution
With the global focus on investment in sustainable and renewable energy sources, many industries will be unable to ignore the call-to-arms. But for those who want to lead the energy revolution, here are just a few areas of opportunity:
Renewables energy sources
With the growth in harvesting extraction technologies, infrastructure and increasing power efficiency, renewable energy is a tremendous investment opportunity.
Electricity switch
Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS)
Evolving away from our current reliance on vast energy grids in favour of more localised energy sources provides an opportunity for more "energy on-demand" solutions.
Quantum computing
Quantum Computing
The current challenges that the energy sector faces are becoming so vastly complex that it is opening up possibilities for testing quantum computing technologies to solve many intricate problems.

But what about specifics?

You can think of our platform as your go-to hub for all your innovation initiatives in practice. It provides multiple options for discovering and monitoring the progress of companies and technologies.

Multiple in-depth search options
Start broad, find look-alike companies, or explore by technology or industry. We have multiple entry points for your search.
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Searching by what you already know is a great way to find companies that operate in similar industries or technologies.
Industry Clusters
Our Industries feature enables you to define and Industry of interest, and view cluster maps for various sub-industries.
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By technology
Discover, monitor and act on the most relevant emergent technologies and advancements for your business.
Down the rabbit hole
From a company view or a macro view, allow yourself to follow trails of insights across look-alike companies, related industries or technologies.
Match Score
A valuable metric that allows you to quickly get a macro glimpse at how a company is doing based on success, growth, maturity, innovation and sustainability.
Anywhere, anytime
Desktop, mobile, tin-can-and-a-string, our platform provides you with on demand access to an innovation hub anytime you choose.
Into the weeds
If you need in-depth, detailed information on specifics companies or a market, you can request a bespoke report from our analysts at anytime.