Anna Thorsen
A native Scot living and working in Copenhagen. Anna writes about corporate entrepreneurship, up and coming technology, the startup ecosystem in Europe, and data-driven innovation.

Why Your Elevator Pitch Sucks...

...And How to Make it Exceptional

How to Accelerate Growth with Data-Driven Innovation

Best Fintech Startups in Europe

Government support for the financial sector and financial technology (fintech) is huge, not only because of its size (global funding = US$111.8 billion), but it is growing at an unprecedented…

Best Big Data Startups in Europe

Big Data. A technology buzzword that you have probably heard of more than once and may or may not be sick of hearing about.

50 Startups That Came From Hackathons

What are hackathons?

hack + marathon = hackathon

Why Is China Investing so Much in Europe?

Chinese investment in Europe is nine times greater than in the US. And this staggering difference is heavily influenced by the Trump administration as they tackle China economically, and as…

The 50 Best Startup Cities in 2019 - [free ebook]

A startup is more than a job engine. Each unique startup can change the world, and bring innovation to the ecosystem in cities around the world.

Why Millennials Are Choosing Startups Over Corporations

One in three millennials recommends working for startups. If you find that pill hard to swallow...good luck with the rest of the article!

The Best AI Startups in Europe

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a strategically important sector for Europe and it will continue to be a driver for economic development.

Everything You Need to Know About Cleantech

The demand for cleantech is on the rise. We are constantly searching for cleaner and more efficient ways to store energy, and more sustainable solutions in agriculture, waste management and…

A Comprehensive Guide: The Future of Nanotechnology

The future of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology has evolved quickly over the past 40 years, in 1989 IBMs Don Eigler took 22 hours to arrange the letters ‘IBM’ with atoms.

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