Enabling Corporate Innovation: A Shift Towards Digital Workflows

Achieving success in innovation is known to be challenging; this is especially true in the context of large corporations.

We know it’s no longer a question of whether leaders know they need to…

Aligning Business with SDG 7 by Collaborating With Startups


Aligning Business With SDG 6 by Collaborating With Startups

Our newest publication demonstrates how corporations can align with SDG 6 in a way that lowers costs, generates additional revenues, and opens the doors to new markets.

This month’s report focuses…

Achieving a Circular Economy With Corporate-Startup Partnerships

The world is in need of a new and sustainable economic model, a circular economy. The quest for goods coincides with the growing problem of plastic waste in our oceans, rampant air pollution, and…

How to Build Support for your Innovation Projects

100 Most Innovative Large Companies of 2019

What does it mean to be an innovative company?

76 Surprising Facts About Corporate Innovation

There is no better time to go ‘all in’ with investment in innovation. It ensures that the company is not left behind and enables companies to surpass potential competitors.

Best Fintech Startups in Europe

Government support for the financial sector and financial technology (fintech) is huge, not only because of its size (global funding = US$111.8 billion), but it is growing at an unprecedented…

Corporate Innovation - Expert Round Table #4

The collaboration with small companies and startups are booming in the corporate world and has become a big part of the innovative scene.

Top 100 Corporate Innovation Podcasts of 2019

On your way to work? Put on a podcast. Want to learn more about your discipline, but aren't a fan of books? Put on a podcast!

What Corporate Innovation has in Common with Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones isn't just one of the most expensive TV shows of all time, with this season costing an average of $15 million per episode. They have an incredibly broad fan base, and an equally as…

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