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Top 50 Industrial Engineering Companies

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In this Tech Top 50 list, we are diving into industrial engineering and some of the most innovative companies that make up the industry. The purpose of this series is to highlight an area of innovative technology/technology trends and generate a list of the top companies within that field using the Valuer App.

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Each company on this list is found by our research team using our platform, and within this article, we provide an overview of each company, the technology or industrial engineering solution that it develops or employs, and some general info about the firm. Now, with that said, let's get into it.

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The top companies in industrial engineering


Fictiv Logo



San Francisco, USA  | See company profile

Fictiv is a digital manufacturing company that provides an ecosystem for delivering high-quality parts at unprecedented speeds. The company specializes in creating custom parts on-demand and helping clients accelerate new product introduction. This on-demand service is enabled through the company’s network of manufacturing plants, offering services like CNC machining and injection molding.

Fictiv was founded in 2013 by industry experts Dave Evans and Nate Evans with the goal to break the barriers that prevent so many new hardware products from reaching the hands of customers. The company has offices in San Francisco, U.S., Pune, India, Phoenix, Arizona, and Guangzhou, China, employing over 200 people.




London, The United Kingdom  | See company profile

Humio provides a time-series logging and aggregation platform for unrestricted and comprehensive event analysis with flexible hybrid development capabilities. The platform enables data aggregation, exploration, reporting, and analysis from various sources.

Humio was founded in 2016 by Christian Hvitved and Kresten Krab Thorup with the goal of building an alternative to existing logging solutions that missed key elements necessary to achieve results. Led by Geeta Schmidt as CEO, the company is headquartered in London (UK), with offices in Aarhus (Denmark), San Francisco (CA), and Seattle (WA), employing over 70 people. 

Relayr Logo



Berlin, Germany  | See company profile

Relayr is an IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) company that offers software, hardware, and consulting services to help businesses adopt industrial digitalization and improve their business outcomes. The company provides a SaaS platform that offers customers features such as IoT device management, edge services, historical data, anomaly detection, and data streaming, among others.

The company was founded in 2013 by industry experts Josef Brunner and Jackson Bond to help customers reap the benefits of IIoT by delivering solutions that meet their challenges, risks, and outcome needs. Relayr is headquartered in Berlin, with additional offices in Atalanta, Boston, Burnley, Munich, and Katowice, employing over 200 staff from 20 different nationalities.


Nomoko Logo



Zurich, Switzerland  | See company profile

Nomoko is an IT company that provides an ecosystem that turns spatial data and analysis into real-world solutions that clients can utilize to enhance their business operations. The company’s Mirror World 3D platform generates highly detailed digital twin cities, which are used to build applications, analytics, and simulations. Nomoko is a Swiss company founded in 2015 by Nilson Kufus, Vincent Pedrini, and Kevin Mersch with the goal to build an interface that will connect the physician and digital worlds, powering digital transformations. Currently, Nomoko operates from Zurich and Luxembourg, employing more than 38 people.


Robotiq Logo



Quebec, Canada  | See company profile

Robotiq is an automation machinery manufacturing company that specializes in building hardware and software tools for the collaborative robotics market. The company works with a global network of connected robot experts and industrial engineers to provide flexible, plug-and-play robotic grippers and sensors that simplify and accelerate their customer’s projects.

The company was founded in 2008 by Samuel Bouchard, Vincent Duchaîne, and Jean-Philippe Jobin with the mission to free human hands from tedious tasks so that companies and workers can focus on other areas to create value. The company is headquartered in Quebec, Canada, and employs more than 130 people.




Shenzhen, China  | See company profile

Huazhi IMT is an IoT company offering a platform-as-a-service solution, which serves as an intelligent manufacturing cloud ecosystem that encompasses self-contained products such as a manufacturing integration platform, factory software systems, workshop hardware terminals, and device management systems. The company targets large and medium-sized enterprises in areas such as design and planning, project integration, discrete manufacturing, automation, process improvement, and IT implementation. Operating since 2015, Huazhi IMT employs around 50 people and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, with additional offices in Germany, Japan, the USA, and Israel.

Bigstream Logo



San Jose, USA  | See company profile

Bigstream is a big data solutions company offering its platform and hardware solutions on a SaaS basis. Their product is optimized to work with big data processing engines such as Apache Spark, utilizing a thin layer of software combined with optional programmable hardware such as FPGAs or SmartSSDs. According to the ccompany, their solution delivers a lower total cost of ownership, enriched analytics, and up to 10x faster insights with zero code change. The company was established in 2015 in San Jose (CA) and currently employs 14 people.

micro engineering logo


Micro Engineering Tech

Calgary, Canada  | See company profile

Micro Engineering Tech or METI is a provider of digital transformation solutions and services catering to the autonomous vehicles industry. The company helps clients overcome the challenges of navigation and awareness during L4+ autonomous operation, offering them crowdsourced HD Maps, 5G-based, and perception-based navigation solutions. By using the company's end-to-end AV navigation solutions, clients can reduce the data acquisition cost and increase the safety of AVs. METI was founded in 2010 in Calgary, Canada, and employs a team of around 60 people.


Vention Logo



Montreal, Canada  | See company profile

Vention is a digital manufacturing platform for machine design. It was developed for industrial engineers and other manufacturing professionals to design and assemble custom factory equipment in a matter of days. Vention’s online-first, manufacturing automation platform (MAP) includes a comprehensive library of modular parts that can be applied to automated equipment, robot cells, tooling, and conveyors. The company was founded in 2016 in Montreal, Canada, and employs more than 250 people. To date, it has raised circa $140 million in funding, with their solution being used in over 2,000 factories on five continents.


Markforged Logo



Watertown, USA  | See company profile

Markforged developed the Digital Forge Platform, a smart platform that unites software development and industrial engineering and manufacturing. The platform facilitates the operations of engineers, designers, and manufacturing professionals worldwide who use the Markforged metal and composite printers for tooling, fixtures, functional prototyping, and high-value end-use production. The company was established in 2013, and having completed an IPO in 2021, is now traded under the ticker NYSE:MKFG. As of 2022, Markforged operates from its HQ in Watertown (MA), in the USA, with a staff of almost 400.


Celonis logo



Munich, Germany  | See company profile

Celonis is an infrmation technology company that built an Execution Management System based on the company's proprietary process mining core. The system provides a set of instruments and applications such as the Celonis Studio, and capabilities for business executives and users. The company was established and has its headquarters in Munich, Germany, with additional offices in New York City, USA, and other 15 offices worldwide. It employs more than 2,500 people and has deployed its solutions to approximately 2,000 enterprise customers. 


Tvarit logo



Frankfurt, Germany  | See company profile

Tvarit is a German industrial engineering company that has developed industry-specific AI models to reduce manufacturing disruptions and optimize resource utilization. With these models, customers can reduce CO2 emissions, avoid machine failures, and increase productivity by leveraging production data analytics. Additionally, they can detect and prevent possible quality deviations and reduce scrap thanks to the AI recommendations. ‎The company was founded in 2019 in Frankfurt, where it also has its headquarters, employing a team of approximately 40 people.

Unbox Robotics Logo


Unbox Robotics

Pune, India  | See company profile

Unbox Robotics developed an on-demand AI-based warehouse robotics solution for automating logistics operations. Their parcel sorting robotic system leverages the company's proprietary Swarm Intelligence and ML algorithms, constantly utilizing live data to optimize for speed, energy, and accuracy. The solution improves the throughput and efficiency of order fulfillment and sorting processes. Established in Pune, India in 2019, the company operates with a team of around 40. To date, the team has raised around $9 million in investments.


adaxis logo



Bidart, France  | See company profile

Adaxis is a software development company specializing in industrial robotics software. The company’s flagship product is the AdaOne platform which provides a complete workflow solution for robotic 3D printing. The platform enables the transformation of any robotic arm into a 3D printer and offers features such as multi-axis path planning, collision detection, mesh operations, and a flexible 3D model support. The company claims that the software increases print success rate by up to 50% while using up to 95% less support material. Adaxis was established in 2021 and operates from its HQ in Bidart, France.


OnRobot Logo



Odense, Denmark  | See company profile

OnRobot is a one-stop-shop robotics solution for collaborative applications. The product range includes a wide collection of tools and software for collaborative applications, including electric, vacuum and magnetic grippers, the Gecko gripping technology, force/torque sensors, a 2.5D vision system, screwdriver, sander kits, and tool changers. The company also launched the OnRobot e-learning platform for the simplified deployment of collaborative automation. Founded in 2015, the company operates from its HQ in Odense, Denmark, with a team of around 150.



Dobot logo



Shenzhen, China  | See company profile

Dobot develops intelligent robotics arm solutions. The robotic arms are powered by artificial intelligence and integrate with the company's proprietary software suite to offer automatization and optimization of manufacturing processes. The company's expertise covers mechanical transmission, robot structure design, dynamic control algorithm, and low voltage DC motor and servo drive. Established in Shenzhen, China in 2015, Dobot employs around 40 people. To date, the company has sold more than 40,000 robots in 100 countries, which have been used by approximately 200,000 users in manufacturing, education, and business.


attabotics logo



Calgary, Canada  | See company profile

Attabotics is an industrial automation and robotics company catering to the retail and warehouse markets. The company offers an inventory management system modeled after the structure and efficiency of ant colonies. The system operates robotic shuttles equipped with custom storage containers deployed in a dense, scalable cube-like warehouse with configurable geometry. The process is driven by designated software with order sequencing algorithms and controlled externally via workstations. The company was founded in 2015 in Calgary, Canada, and currently consists of around 270 people led by founder and CEO Scott Gravelle. 


WasteRobotics Logo


Waste Robotics

Trois-Rivières, Canada  | See company profile

Waste Robotics offers intelligent waste-sorting robots either as a single purchase or on a Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) basis. The company claims that the robots provide the highest rate of source-separated organics, resulting in increased savings and decreased pollution. Their robots can sort through waste materials such as paper, glass, organic materials, batteries, and plastics by employing 3D cameras, custom grapplers, advanced material stacking routines, and hyperspectral cameras. Waste Robotics was established in 2016 in Trois-Rivieres, Canada, and employs 15 people.


infinitia logo



Zaragoza, Spain  | See company profile

IINFINITIA Industrial Consulting is a Spanish company offering consultancy services for the industrial sector, encompassing support and guidance from concept to industrialization. The company helps industrial engineering businesses strategically strengthen their competitiveness and positioning in the market while tackling issues arising in the production cycle. INFINITIA was founded in 2014 and is currently led by the CEO Javier Sanz Naval. The entity operates from its headquarters in Zaragoza, employing a team of 20 people.

New Motion Labs Logo


New Motion Labs

London, England  | See company profile

New Motion Labs is an industrial engineering company specializing in mechanical power transmission technologies. Their main products are the Enduo Track and Enduo Cargo, mechanical drivetrains designed for competitive and cargo bicycles. The company's proprietary DUAL ENGAGEMENT™ technology represents a novel method of transferring power on both sides of the sprocket tooth, leading to benefits regarding roller chains, efficiency, strength, and lifetime at smaller weights and sizes. New Motion Labs was founded by CEO Marcel Fowler in 2016 in London, the UK, and operates with a team of eight people.


otpoint Logo



Barcelona, Spain | See company profile

otpoint is an operational technology company specializing in the cybersecurity of critical industrial infrastructure. The company's services help in identifying critical processes and crafting suitable monitoring and operating solutions. Encompassing the areas of industrial cybersecurity, infrastructure, and managed services, the company caters to the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, automotive, and energy industries, among others. The services offered include threat identification, analysis of the IT/OT network, secure remote access, industrial network design, and infrastructure monitoring. Established in 2018 in Barcelona, Spain, the company currently operates with 14 people.


IoTAi logo



Fremont, USA  | See company profile

IoT/AI develops communication platforms for extreme IoT environments. The company offers a unified platform named The Pico Anywhere Suite, enabling connectivity, collaboration, sensing capabilities, and data analysis in harsh environments. The platform is a collection of devices, software modules, and sensors, managed by IoT/AI’s Mesh-xOS operating system and optimized for delivering value at the edge of the network. The company targets customers from the industrial and military/defense industries, providing SaaS, hardware, and consulting services. Established in 2019 in Fremont (CA), USA, the company operates with a team of eight people.


Factana Logo


Factana Computing Pvt Ltd

Bengaluru, India  | See company profile

Factana is an industrial IoT specialist, offering industrial engineering solutions for automation in manufacturing by harnessing IIoT. Its flagship product, Fogwing, is a cloud-based platform featuring functionalities for device management, cloud storage, data alerts, and intelligence. The offering was designed to help SMEs and enterprises adopt Industry 4.0-based digital factories and smart manufacturing solutions. Factana was established in 2019 by Hariharan Ganesh, a seasoned tech architect with over 25 years of experience. The company is headquartered in Bengaluru, India, with an additional office in Warrenville (IL) in the USA.


pip iot logo



Christchurch, New Zealand  | See company profile

PiP IoT is a device-as-a-service provider, developing sensors for detecting movement, counting footfall, and generating alerts to notify of ongoing security threats in tough building environments. The PiP devices come with a super-compact design, allowing them to be adopted across a broad range of low-cost monitoring scenarios. The PiP services are delivered via the Microsoft Azure IoT platform, which enables seamless connection via API or event hub across the existing asset management infrastructure. The company was established in 2017 and currently operates from its premises in Christchurch, New Zealand, employing a team of seven people.


V5 systems logo


V5 Systems

Fremont, USA  | See company profile

V5 Systems is a US provider of edge computing solutions for outdoor environments. The company’s focal offering comprises a portable, self-powered IIoT platform that conducts analysis, collection, and relay of insights without requiring fixed power or wired communications. The product provides smart outdoor security, along with an intelligent computing platform that can run third-party applications.

Since its inception in 2014, V5 Systems' portfolio has been validated by notable industry leaders, including Intel, Dell, Nvidia, and more. Based in Fremont, California, the company operates under the leadership of CEO Steve Yung, comprising a team of 40 members.

industrial engineering report


Quartic AI logo


Quartic AI

San Jose, USA  | See company profile

Quartic specializes in enterprise-scale AI solutions, intended to help manufacturers predict and control their operations, while improving batch performance, reducing waste, and decreasing the need for additional quality control and checks. Its product caters to manufacturing engineers, data scientists, and reliability experts, offering them a mechanism to deploy machine learning, analytics, and edge computing to tackle challenges in their process manufacturing operations.

The entity was established in 2017 with the aim to democratize the utilization of AI in process manufacturing and is currently operated under the leadership of CEO David Hsieh. Quartic is headquartered in San Jose (CA), employing a team of approximately 52 people.


Scientific Visual logo


Scientific Visual

Renens, Switzerland | See company profile

Scientific Visual is an industrial engineering company that manufactures quality control scanners for inspecting industrial crystals. Their product portfolio consists of the SapphiroScan, SapphiroScope, CarrotScan devices, and proprietary software and consumables. The provided technologies offer visualization of volume defects in pre-and post-polished crystals such as ruby, glass, fluorites, quartz, and sapphire, providing insights into defects such as bubbles, cracks, and cloudiness.

The company caters to the semiconductor, LED, optics, and watch industries, claiming to provide savings of up to 50% in production costs. Established in 2010, Scientific Visual employs eight people, led by CEO Ivan Orlov and Director Frederic Falise.


Tillit logo



Adelaide, Australia  | See company profile

TilliT is a company developing a digital platform for monitoring and managing manufacturing processes. Their platform is a no-code cloud application providing real-time visibility of asset performance, end-to-end AI-assisted production management, infrastructure connectivity, and quality management. The company caters to industrial engineers and manufacturers of all sizes, offering its services on a modular SaaS basis. TilliT was launched in 2021, in Adelaide, Australia, with backing from the SAGE group. The company operates with a team of nine people managed by founders CEO James Balzary and CTO Rafael Amaral.


Intelliz Logo



Seoul, South Korea  | See company profile

INTELLIZ is a Korean company specializing in the research and development of innovations across the industrial engineering and manufacturing sector. The company’s portfolio includes three AI-powered solutions: (1) a deep learning software library, (2) an AI-based autonomous product inspection system, and (3) an AIoT and deep learning-based product inspection solution. The company was founded in 2021 and operates from its headquarters in Seoul.


Flexiton logo



London, The United Kingdom  | See company profile

Flexciton has developed a smart production scheduling solution that applies an advanced optimization technology for semiconductor wafer fabrication. Flexciton’s product features fabrication data analysis and is easily integrated into MES and dispatch systems, reducing cycle time and increasing production throughput. The company was founded in 2016 and is based in London, UK, currently employing a team of 47 people. Flexciton has been named one of the most disruptive companies in the world in the 2018 Disrupt 100 list and the 2019 Disrupt 50 Index by D/SRUPTION.


Kinta AI logo


Kinta AI

Palo Alto, USA  | See company profile

Kinta AI is an AI-powered smart scheduling platform that helps manufacturers solve production challenges and improve operational KPIs. Kinta’s AI algorithms utilize next-gen Reinforcement Learning and Linear Programming, simulating production processes by generating a digital twin of the client’s facility. Based in Palo Alto (CA), USA, the company was founded in 2017 and employs a staff of 25. To date, it has successfully partnered with global brands such as Stanley Black&Decker, BASF, and Diebold Nixdorf.

Aerotrax technologies logo


Aerotrax Technolgies

Dallas, USA  | See company profile

Aerotrax Technologies has developed a blockchain-based solution for predicting maintenance events, simplifying operations, and facilitating asset transfers for commercial aircraft. Their aircraft maintenance software digitally tracks the lifecycle of every aircraft, part, and component, and helps with communicating with suppliers of replacement parts.

Situated in Dallas (TX), USA, Aerotrax was founded in 2019 by CEO David Bettenhausen and CPO Phong Nguyen Dang. The company is actively working on advancing its product and introducing new features, and in 2022 partnered with Triumph Group, allowing Triumph to commercially deploy the Aerotrax solution.


Elba Technologies logo


Elba Technologies

Stuttgart, Germany  | See company profile

Elba Technologies is a digital transformation company that operates in the field of process automation. Their flagship product, the Elba Discovery Tool, is a digital toolbox that allows users to capture, mine, document, and visualize business processes, helping them optimize business efficiency and labor productivity. Elba was founded in 2018 with headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, and also maintains offices in Prishtina (Kosovo) and Sofia (Bulgaria), employing circa 40 people. The company collaborates with many key industry players, such as AWS, Google, and Microsoft.


Forward Xrobotics logo


ForwardX Robotics

Beijing, China  | See company profile

ForwardX offers an intelligent mobile robotics solution that automates picking and moving tasks in distribution and manufacturing industries. The company has applied AI technologies to its robots to help clients automate mundane tasks and redirect human labor to more meaningful assignments while improving productivity and reducing operating costs. ForwardX was founded in 2016 with headquarters in Beijing, China, and has since opened additional operation centers in the US and other locations. The company employs upwards of 300 members, holds more than 200 pending patents, and has received multiple global competition awards.


Xemelgo Logo


Seattle, USA  | See company profile

Xemelgo develops IoT applications for smart factories. By harnessing sensor technology, the company monitors facilities’ inventory levels, assets, and work orders, complemented by an intuitive software that provides around-the-clock visibility to the operations. The product caters to inventory and production managers, supervisors, and maintenance leaders to allow them to assess the performance of their operations and promptly be notified of emerging issues. Xemelgo was founded in 2018 by Rich Rogers, a notable industrial IoT expert that has over two decades of experience. The company is based in Seattle (WA), employing a team of approximately 20 people.


Auk industries logo


Auk Industries

Singapore, Singapore  | See company profile

Auk's Industrial IoT system is a scalable end-to-end technology built to provide deep industrial data with ultra-lightweight infrastructure. The Industrial Internet of Things system is a disruptive end-to-end technology built to provide deep data with ultra-lightweight infrastructure. “Fitbit-for-machines” - Cost-effective universal IoT system can be quickly deployed in minutes onto a diverse range of industrial machines to stream vital machine statistics to the secured cloud platform in real-time.

“Lean-ops-in-a-box” - Data gets processed and transformed synchronously using advanced algorithms and state-of-the-art analytics tools to generate powerful and actionable operational insights. “Future-proof” - The robust wireless mesh system is fully scalable up to 10,000 devices and is future-proof through continuous development to include machine learning updates and enable integration with other products in the exciting Industry 4.0 ecosystem.


Arch systems logo


Arch Systems

Mountain View, USA  | See company profile

Arch Systems is an Industrial IoT company, originally from Stanford University, specializing in connecting manufacturing equipment to the cloud. Arch builds modular connected systems that extract data from factories and equipment and transforms it into insights, allowing companies to measure, understand, and optimize their resources.

Arch Systems leverages sensing and automation technologies, machine learning, and edge computing to deliver a new Industry 4.0 solution or integrate in-house systems to enhance existing automation for smart factories. The company's technology offers machine utilization, performance, anomaly detection, and predictive maintenance, ideal for factories with manual and semi-manual operations.


AMP Robitics logo


AMP Robotics

Louisville, USA  | See company profile

AMP Robotics develops recycling infrastructure, enabled by AI and robotics to allow the recovery of commodities reclaimed as raw materials. Its flagship offering, the AMP Cortex robotic system, automates the identification and sorting of recyclables processes, complemented by the capabilities of the second product, dubbed AMP Neuron, which encompasses an AI system that perpetually differentiates colors, textures, shapes, sizes and more.

AMP was founded in 2015 with headquarters and manufacturing operations in Colorado and a team of 190 members. To date, the company has extended its deployments across the United States, Canada, Japan and most recently, Europe.

Wonder logics logo



Yokneam, Israel | See company profile

WonderLogics designs and builds AI-powered industrial control systems, with a portfolio of functionalities that allows users to scale the system automation by preference. The company applies proven principles of software engineering and fuses them with a patented syntax engine, which allows businesses to manage their facilities by section via a comprehensive and accurate model of the control system. WonderLogics was founded in 2015 with operations based in Yokneam, Israel, and is currently led by CEO Dror Roth.

Cold Quanta logo



Boulder, USA  | See company profile

ColdQuanta is a global quantum technology company offering cloud computing services and a range of devices for use in quantum systems and applications. The company’s main products are two scalable cloud-based quantum information platforms: (1) Hilbert is a quantum computer set to reach 1,000 qubits by 2024.

The computer operates on the Cold Atom Approach principle, offering high fidelity, miniaturization at room temperature, and long coherence; (2) Albert is a quantum matter design platform utilizing Bose-Einstein Condensate to deliver quantum matter for scientific research remotely. Established in 2007 in Boulder (CO), USA, ColdQuanta holds additional offices in Oxford, UK, and Madison, (WI), USA.


Industrial ML logo



Davie, USA  | See company profile

IndustrialML has developed an enterprise SaaS platform that integrates and analyzes data in real time from a broad range of sources, including sensors, enterprise IT, video, and audio. The software has the capacity to integrate, configure, analyze and transform data, enabling operators, engineers, and managers to proactively take initiative on it. IndustrialML was established in 2018 by Arjun Chandar, AJ Perez, and Hunter Ashmore. The entity is headquartered in Davie (FL), USA, with a second office in Kawasaki, Japan, employing a team of 11 members.

Raspect Logo



Hong Kong, Hong Kong  | See company profile

RaSpect is developing an AI-powered solution for building inspection, intended to improve the safety of the infrastructure and decrease economic loss. The product conducts a macroscopic inspection, micro-detection, and automatic inspection, by harnessing satellite data, built-in IoT sensors, and drones, respectively. It also performs a comprehensive analysis of the data, enabling users to assess the potential risks of their infrastructure and evaluate the degree of damage.

RaSpect was founded in 2018, as a co-development venture between Alibaba Group, Sensetime Group, and Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. It operates from its premises in Hong Kong, employing a team of approximately 40 members.

Imubit logo



Houston, USA | See company profile

Imubit has developed an AI-powered process optimization solution, dubbed the Closed-Loop Neural Network™ Platform, that creates an accurate model of the processes and optimizes them in a closed-loop, featuring full operator controllability. The product is suitable for energy, chemistry, and hydrocarbon processing plant operators as it allows them to execute profitable operational strategies on a 24/7 basis. Imubit was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Houston (TX), USA. The company employs a team of more than 130 members, comprised of notable machine learning scientists and eminent hydrocarbon processing experts.

Unmanned Life Logo


Unmanned Life

London, The United Kingdom  | See company profile

Unmanned Life is a UK-based provider of autonomy-as-a-service solutions. The deep-tech company has developed software, empowered with 5G, edge computing, and AI capabilities, that conducts autonomous robotics orchestration. The product can deploy and manage at scale various types of robotic devices, including drones and AMRs, catering predominantly to the smart cities and industry 4.0 sectors.

Founded in 2015, Unmanned Life operates from its premises in London, employing a team of approximately 30 people. Notable customers of the company include Telefonica, SEAT, Walmart, BT, Etisalat, and the Dubai Future Foundation.

Alteco Logo



Netanya, Israel  | See company profile

Alteco is a software development company specializing in optimized predictive tools for industrial energy management. Their solution uses non-intrusive methods combined with AI algorithms to measure and analyze harmonic voltages, calculate power quality parameters, and disaggregate devices. The Alteco cloud-based platform offers features such as forecasting, anomaly detection, advanced reporting, alerting, and multi-site management via a responsive dashboard. Founded by CTO Dekel Yaacov in 2020, the company operates with seven employees from their headquarters in Netanya, Israel.

IoT one logo


IoT One

Shanghai, China  | See company profile

IoT ONE provides research and advisory services for enterprise digitalization. Its mission is to help clients grow their business across Asia by reinventing and adapting their services, products, and business models to align with the contemporary digital age. Harnessing its domain expert network, IoT ONE offers technical capabilities and structures growth process management to businesses so they can excel on a digital scale. The company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Shanghai, China, employing a team of 18 people.





San Francisco, USA  | See company profile

Asynos is an IIoT company offering full-stack smart supply chain management for enterprises. Their platform provides low-cost battery-free wireless tags, smart sensors for monitoring quality, and communication electronics for reading out products–integrated into a software platform with asset monitoring, demand forecasting, inventory management, and transportation optimization modules.

The company's product operates as a hyper scalable cloud solution and delivers workflow optimization, regulatory compliance, and data analytics for the warehouse, food, pharmaceutical, and retail industries. Asynos was established in 2021 in San Francisco (CA), USA, by CEO Jan Schnitker and currently operates with ten employees.

Verusen Logo



Atlanta, USA  | See company profile

Artificial intelligence to reduce working capital and support more agile manufacturing supply chains. Verusen is an inventory and data management technology company built on innovation that uses artificial intelligence to reduce working capital and support more agile supply chains for complex manufacturing companies.

The company’s ai software harmonizes disparate inventory data from erp systems and provides accurate visibility across the enterprise to reduce inventory costs. Intelligent controls enforce inventory procedures to help prevent future inventory spikes, while predictive capabilities optimize allocation and procurement needs. Headquartered in Atlanta, Verusen is an sap.Io portfolio company. The company rebranded from Autit in 2019.




Paris, France  | See company profile

Prophesee (former Chronocam) developed an advanced neuromorphic vision system that entails significant reductions in data processing latency. The system harnesses patented Metavision sensors and algorithms to mimic the human eye and brain’s activity in improving efficiency across areas such as industrial automation, security, IoT, surveillance, autonomous vehicles, AR/VR, and more.

The company was founded in 2014 and to date, has built a portfolio of more than 50 international patents. The Prophesee team encompasses approximately 100 members, working from the headquarters in Paris, and four additional offices in Grenoble, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Silicon Valley.

Datanomix logo



Nashua, USA  | See company profile

Datanomix has developed a manufacturing analytics platform focused on Industry 4.0 and IIoT-driven digital transformation. The platform leverages ML to parse data directly from CNC machines as they produce parts, delivering an intuitive analytics framework so clients can understand the underlying drivers of cost, process variation, and efficiency across the manufacturing process.

The company was founded in 2016 by John Joseph and Greg McHale, trained engineers who developed a data-powered system that leverages in-situ equipment insights to improve performance. Datanomix operates from its premises in Nashua (NH), USA, with a team of 28 members.

Where these industrial engineering companies are located



The future of industrial engineering 

Industrial engineering as a whole is poised to see major growth in the next years, and that is in part due to technologies and industrial engineering solutions within the realm of automation and making processes more efficient. Gartner predicts that by 2025, 70% of firms will incorporate automation within the organizational infrastructure to up efficiency by 20% from 2021.

industrial engineering report

What's more, the technological trends we found within industrial engineering are 3D printingBig DataIoTDigital Twin, and Cobots. And if you'd like to further explore these technologies and relevant companies, you can check out our technologies feature or download our industrial engineering report to get more specific info on each of these technologies listed above. 

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