Valuer creates strong relationships between the resource strong corporate and the agile startup using an Ai matchmaking algorithm. With their global network of agents, along with their digital platform, Valuer has created a tool that corporates can use to track startups.

Aligning Business With SDG 6 by Collaborating With Startups

Our newest publication demonstrates how corporations can align with sustainability (specifically SDG 6) in a way that lowers costs, generates additional revenues, and opens the doors to new…

Achieving a Circular Economy With Corporate-Startup Partnerships

The world is in need of a new and sustainable economic model, a circular economy. The quest for goods coincides with the growing problem of plastic waste in our oceans, rampant air pollution, and…

Aligning Business With SDG 12 by Collaborating With Startups

Our newest report shows how organizations can align their operations with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 (SDG 12) in a way that lowers costs, generates additional revenues, and opens the…

Best Telecommunication Startups in Europe

The telecommunications (telecom) industry has connected the world, providing the network and infrastructure to enable smart and mobile devices. However, the traditional market is almost saturated.

How to Build Support for your Innovation Projects

Top 100 Venture Capitalists in Europe

Venture capital (VC) firms are on the rise, and there is certainly no exception in Europe.

6 Innovative Ways Startups are Cutting Costs Today

How Resourceful Startups are Changing the World

The Short Answer: “Do what you can’t” -Casey Neistat. Startups are the engine of the modern business environment because they blindly jump into challenges and aim relentlessly for innovation.

Marketing Tools You Cannot Do Without as a Startup

Creating a startup is all fun and games until you realize that there’s a whole lot more work that goes into it beyond coming up with an idea and sitting back waiting for cash flow, it requires…

Things to Consider When Choosing an IoT App Development Platform

Despite the Internet of Things (IoT) solution you are thinking to build, an IoT app development platform remains the core component of the entire IoT ecosystem. It is not possible to work on the…

The Top 5 Things Investors Look for in Startups

Anyone considering launching their own startup should understand that they will face a number of challenges and obstacles - even from day one. The statistics regarding the success rates of…

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