The Top Upcoming Startup Conferences & Events in 2022

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The pandemic stopped our daily routines during the last two years. Although several people could adapt and perform their regular activities from home, these were times of massive uncertainty for startups. Among the many reasons that can determine the success of a startup, in most cases, it is determined by its timing, i.e., the moment they launch into the market. As humanity was uncertain of when the pandemic will end and our lives could go back to normal, startups faced a dark time and a significantly higher risk of getting their business going.

But now that we are transitioning into a post-pandemic era, startup events and conferences are returning to physical locations. This means bigger venues, larger audiences, and more accessible opportunities to get 1-on-1 sessions with investors, corporations, and peers. Therefore, these are critical times for startups to get out and share their vision with the rest of the world.

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Considering the importance of that, we compiled a comprehensive list of some of the most notable upcoming startup conferences and events for the rest of 2022. Startup conferences and events are happening all around the globe, even in locations you might not consider innovative. Therefore, look at your map and prepare your backpack because the next big event on startup trends might be closer to you than you expected.


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The Top Upcoming Startup Conferences & Events

THAT Conference


THAT Conference

Wisconsin Dells, USA | 25 July - 29 July

THAT Conference is a four-day tech event consisting of workshops, sessions, open spaces, family events, and networking for anyone interested in learning about mobile, web, cloud, and technology developments.

Black Hat USA 2022


Black Hat USA 2022

Las Vegas, USA | 6 August - 11 August

A event open for everyone that is part of the cybersecurity industry. Hybrid event consisting in 4 days of technical security training (6-11 August) and a two-day main conference (10-11 August). The main topics of the conference are information security research and trends in cybersecurity.

CPH Town Hall


CPH Town Hall

Copenhagen, Denmark | 18 August

Bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, and company builders from the Danish tech community under one roof, CPH Town Hall promises to deliver valuable and actionable insights from Denmark's most thrilling companies. Additionally, attendees can expect a comprehensive overview of the European tech industry.

Startup Day


Startup Day

Tartu, Estonia | 24 August

This event is all about, you guessed it, startups. Taking place in Tartu, Estonia, Startup Day aims to bring together the best of what the startup world has to offer to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit and the innovative startups born from it.

Revive Tech Asia


Revive Tech Asia

Hong Kong,Hong Kong | 24 August - 25 August

Revive Tech Asia is a two-day technology exhibition that gathers some of the most influential innovation leaders to discuss technology's power to transform the world. The event is open to everyone interested in learning about technology trends and applications, independent of the industry or position they work.

Shift Business Festival


SHIFT Business Festival

Turku, Finland | 24 August - 25 August

SHIFT Business Festival is an event focusing on bringing people, ideas, and businesses together to network, learn, and get inspired. For two days, attendees can expect an inspirational and fun festival experience while gaining valuable business insights.

Startup Olé


Startup Olé '22

Salamanca, Spain | 5 September - 7 September

Startup Olé is an annual tech event focusing on connecting startups with funders, mentors, and business advisors to help them grow. In its '21 edition, Startup Olé gathered more than 300 startups from 44 countries participating in different activities such as pitch competitions, networking rounds, and 1-to-1 meetings with several investors and corporations.

Pirate Summit


Pirate Summit '22

Cologne, Germany | 6 September - 7 September

PIRATE Summit is a yearly event held in Cologne, Germany, that gathers entrepreneurs and leaders from the startup ecosystem from all over the world. More than a simple tech conference, PIRATE Summit is an event for entrepreneurs that want to solve real problems and build durable businesses. Participants are carefully selected to "ensure the right crowd to create meaningful connections."



FinCon 22

Orlando, USA | 7 September - 10 September

Launched initially as the Financial Blogger Conference, FinCon has evolved into a yearly event where digital content creators on financial topics can connect and make alliances. With panels and workshops, this event is a must-go for anyone developing blogs, podcasts, social media, and visual content on financial-related topics.




Chicago, USA | 12 September - 14 September

LEND360 is an annual event for experts and industry leaders in online lending. Attendees can expect valuable insights on industry challenges, business solutions, regulations, industry trends, and new technologies and how these impact consumer lenders, small business lenders, service partners, investors, bank representatives, etc.

SaaStr Annual


SaaSTR Annual 2022

San Francisco, USA | 13 September - 15 September

One of the most significant events on Software as a Service (SaaS) worldwide. SaaStr Annual gathers SaaS executives, founders, and VCs from around the globe for three days full of tactical sessions, speakers, networking meetings, AMAs, mentoring sessions, roundtables, VC matchmaking, and much more.

Content Marketing World Conference and Expo


Content Marketing World Conference and Expo

Cleveland, USA | 13 September - 16 September

Content Marketing World is a four-day event for everyone developing content marketing strategies looking for networking, knowledge, and insights with some of the brightest minds in the business. Attendees can expect an unforgettable experience with over a hundred sessions, workshops, and industry discussion forums from some of the leading brand marketers and experts across the globe.



Tech BBQ

Copenhagen, Denmark | 14 September - 15 September

This Copenhagen-based event aims to promote and strengthen the startup and scale-up ecosystem in the Nordics and beyond. If you’re looking to network, find the latest innovative startup, or an entrepreneur hunting for investment opportunities, this would be a great event to check out.

GrowthHackers Conference


GrowthHackers Conference

San Francisco, USA | 20 September

GrowthHackers Conference is an event for anyone looking to learn rapid testing and experimentation to acquire qualified leads for their organization. Join online and learn some of the most innovative methods to put your organization ahead of the market.

Bits & Pretzels


Bits & Pretzels Festival

Munich, Germany | 25 September - 27 September

Bits & Pretzels is Europe's leading event for startup founders, gathering several founders, investors, and startup enthusiasts. In addition to getting the chance to connect and show their business to over 500 investors, startups can apply to participate in the Golden Pretzel Pitch Award competition, where around 80 startups pitch to qualify for the grand finale on the center stage in front of 5000 attendees.

Oslo Innovation Week


Oslo Innovation Week

Oslo, Norway | 26 September - 29 September

Participate at Oslo Innovation Week to meet passionate startup founders, scale-up professionals, researchers, and investors during four days full of activities and networking opportunities to gain valuable insight on topics like investment, talent attraction, and global expansion.

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France Digitale Day


France Digitale Day

Paris, France | 28 September

France Digitale Day (FDDay) is France's largest startup event. Every year, FDDay gathers over 2500 attendees between startups, scale-ups, investors, VCs, and corporate executives to discuss and explore the latest trends in business, tech, and society.



SpiceWorld 2022

Austin, USA | 28 September - 30 September

SpiceWorld 2022 is the event you want to attend if you are working in something related to IT. This year SpiceWorld will be a hybrid event, allowing participants to connect with thousands of IT pros and hundreds of tech brands during three days full of tech know-how, networking, and the latest IT products and solutions.

App Promotion Summit


App Promotion Summit - San Francisco

San Francisco, USA | 29 September

This App Promotion Summit (APS) edition in San Francisco is dedicated to the subscription app community. APS - San Francisco aims to cover all aspects of subscription apps, including growth strategies and tactics from some of the USA's top subscription app growth experts.




Prague, Czech Republic | 3 October - 5 October

Disraptors Summit, formerly known as SWCSummit, is a significant competition event in the tech and startup industry. With the participation of over 50 mentors and speakers and more than 550 startups from all over Europe, startups participating in this event can win $500.000 USD in investment prize from UP21 & Air Ventures and a ticket to the world's startup championship finals in Silicon Valley representing Europe.

IMPACT Festival


IMPACT Festival

Frankfurt, Germany | 5 October - 6 October

IMPACT Festival is Europe's biggest B2B event for sustainable innovation, gathering GreenTech startups and scale-ups with critical stakeholders to accelerate the sustainable transformation and develop sustainable business solutions.



Infoshare 2022

Gdańsk, Poland | 6 October - 7 October

From a small event for IT experts to the biggest tech conference in Central and Eastern Europe, Infoshare gathers thousands of people every year looking for a platform to learn, connect, share knowledge, and evolve. Additionally, early or seed stage startups can compete for a prize of 20.000 euros in cash.

Engaged Investments Conference


Engaged Investments Conference

Prague, Czech Republic | 10 October

Engaged Investments Conference is a must-go event for business angels, managers interested in becoming business angels, people working in VC funds, and the general public interested in startups. An excellent event for networking and brand exposure.

European Angel Investment Summit


European Angel Investment Summit

Brussels, Belgium | 11 October - 12 October

The European Angel Investment Summit (EAIS) brings together hundreds of investors, startups, policymakers, and corporates to make connections, learn from experts and listen to pitches from Europe’s most promising startups. Startups participating in EAIS can pitch in front of top investors from all over Europe. To participate, startups must be in an early stage of development, but it is open to companies from all industries and sectors.

SaaStock Festival


SaaStock Festival 2022

Dublin, Ireland | 17 October - 21 October

With the attendance of over 5000 SaaS founders and executives plus hundreds of startups, investors, and partners, SaaStock Festival 2022 is a must-go event for anyone working with SaaS technologies. Attendees can expect multiple hours of learning and networking from industry experts about the latest business developments and opportunities that SaaS services offer.

TechCrunch Disrupt


TechCrunch Disrupt 2022

San Francisco, USA | 18 October - 20 October

Every year, members of the global startup community come together in San Francisco to discover insights, collaborate, and celebrate innovation and disrupters that will change the world. With names like Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and Jack Dorsey, to name a few, being part of this event in the past, TechCrunch Disrupt is probably one of the most important events in the startup ecosystem in the world.

Digital Tech Summit


Digital Tech Summit

Copenhagen, Denmark | 25 October - 26 October

Co-organized by the most important universities in Denmark, Digital Tech Summit is the most significant academic-based technology and business event in the Nordic countries. Bringing together over 5,000 decision-makers, engineers, companies, academics, startups, investors, and students, this event's focus is to discuss about technology and its impact on industry and society.

Singapore Week of Innovation & Technology


Singapore Week of Innovation & Technology

Singapore, Singapore | 25 October - 28 October

The Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology (SWITCH) gathers leaders, entrepreneurs, creators, accelerators, and investors from the Global-Asia innovation ecosystem. Through multiple networking, conferences, and masterclass sessions, SWITCH provides a powerful platform to learn and foster collaboration among participants on topics such as smart cities, urban solutions, connectivity, and emerging sustainable technologies.

Web Summit Lisbon


Web Summit Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal | 1 November - 4 November

The Web Summit has been cataloged as one of the best tech conferences worldwide by the media. This edition in Portugal gathers founders and CEOs of technology companies, fast-growing startups, policymakers, and heads of state to discuss current trends and debate where new technologies will get us in the future.



Slush 2022

Helsinki, Finland | 17 November - 18 November

Probably the most important startup event in the world. Every year, Slush brings together 4,200 startup founders and operators under one roof in Helsinki, offering a top-notch group of speakers from across the globe, showcases, and unique networking opportunities. Additionally, Slush 2022 is accompanied by 2,200 investors from pre-seed to growth looking for the next breakout company, transforming Slush into the world's largest gathering of Venture Capital.

App Promotion Summit


App Promotion Summit - Berlin

Berlin, Germany | 1 December

This App Promotion Summit (APS) edition in Berlin is dedicated to discussing and sharing new skills and knowledge on app growth strategies. Attendees can expect to learn valuable insights on growth marketing strategies and tactics from some of Europe’s top app growth experts.

Cisco Live APJC


Cisco Live APJC

Melbourne, Australia | 06 December - 09 December

Cisco Live APJC is a yearly event focused on providing knowledge, skills, networking, and seeing what's on the horizon for Cisco solutions in one place. Providing certification opportunities, attendees can expect to have: technical breakout sessions, keynotes by Cisco Executives, a full slate of networking and entertainment, etc.

Startup Conferences & Events

That was our selection of the best startup conferences and events for the rest of 2022. Even though we are in the second half of the year, there are still plenty of events happening worldwide, even some of the most important ones in the startup ecosystem. Most of these events are annually held, so don’t be discouraged if an event that caught your eye is sold out. Just keep updated on the dates for 2023.

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Attending these events are excellent opportunities to meet peers, get brand exposure, promote collaborations, get funding, or keep on top of the latest innovations in the startup ecosystem. Whether you are a startup founder, investor, industry professional, or just a startup enthusiast, all these events have something to offer. We put a blend of onsite, online, and hybrid events in this list. Therefore, there is no excuse not to join at least one of these events if you want to stay updated and learn first-hand the latest startup trends.

If you are interested in various tech events, more than just startup competitions and gatherings, make sure you visit our event page, where you can find events and conferences from all around the world in multiple categories. And to save you some time, you can filter the results by technology and country.

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