The Top Sustainability Conferences and Events in 2022

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In an era of growing climate change and pandemic disruption, people, industries, and society have entered a new reality where sustainability has quickly become the topic on everybody's minds. Businesses are starting to view sustainability as the new frontier of innovation, with technological advances leading to the reshaping of industries. Through innovative technologies and solutions, companies can help speed up the sustainable transition to achieve the ambitious net-zero targets.

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Consequently, sustainability and climate change have found their place as a growing and popular topic among event and conference holders globally. Every year, endless events are taking place across the world, focusing on how technology can help create a more sustainable future for all. Participating in these events is an ideal way to discover the latest technology developments within different industries, connect with like-minded people to broaden your social network, and deepen your knowledge and understanding of the growing need for a sustainable future.

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In this article, we've put together a list of 37 noteworthy Sustainability events and conferences happening worldwide throughout the remainder of the year. Now, with that said, let's take a look at the events that should be on everyone’s radar for the upcoming months. 


Top Sustainability Conferences and Events


arc advisory


Digital Transformation for Industry, Energy & Smart Cities

Boston, USA | 20 June - 23 June

Learn about the latest on industry 4.0 and transformative technologies that are changing the landscape of industry and supply chains. This digital event will cover many different areas, so make sure to sign up and learn more.

Energy and Sustainability Summit


Energy & Sustainability Summit

Dubai, United Arab Emirates | 21 June

Taking place in Dubai, The Energy and Sustainability Summit focuses on topics including sustainability and delivering net-zero targets within the construction industry. Engage with professionals, experts, and business leaders and learn more about how the construction sector is aiming for a better future with more sustainable solutions.

Global innovation Summit 2022


Global Innovation Summit 2022

Lisbon, Portugal | 22 June - 23 June 

Bringing together global leaders, decision-makers, and businesses, The Global Innovation Summit 2022, focuses on the challenges of climate change and fostering a sustainable future for all. Inspired by the Atlantic, the event's main focus areas include Green technology, Digital transition and strategy, and Policy-Making.



GreenTech Festival Berlin 

Berlin, Germany | 22 June - 24 June

The Greentech Festival 2022 Berlin is pioneering the extended festival format. The Greentech festival welcomes people from all over and offers an inspiring platform for people, innovations and technologies, ideas, and businesses interested in building a better and more sustainable future. 



World Urban Forum 

Katowice, Poland | 26 June - 30 June

The World Urban Forum is one of the leading conferences focusing on sustainable urbanization. Bringing together people from across the world to discuss the theme of the event, “Transforming our cities for a better urban future,” this event is a must-visit for those interested in the pressing issues faced by societies today.



UN Ocean Conference 

Lisbon, Portugal | 27 June - 1 July

Under the slogan “Save our Ocean, Protect our Future,” the 2022 Ocean Conference will be co-hosted by the Kenyan and Portuguese governments and will focus on SDG-aligned solutions for “global ocean action.” An additional focus will be on the preexisting, deep-seated problems of society that were made more obvious with the pandemic and how SDG goals can help us overcome them.



A&WMA Annual Conference 

San Francisco, USA | 26 June - 30 June

This conference, held in San Francisco, calls together leading experts, practitioners, and businesses to discuss the environmental challenges faced by societies and explore ways to address them. The event focuses on topics including the issue of climate change, innovative technologies, sustainability, and community monitoring.

climate action


Climate Innovation Forum 2022

London, The United Kingdom | 28 June

The Climate Innovation Forum 2022, which is part of the London Climate Action Week, aims to bring together various stakeholders from the public and private sectors, including business leaders, decision-makers, climate-tech solution providers, and investors, to help speed up the fulfilment of net-zero targets. 



Brazil's Energy Transition and the Women Leading it

New York, USA | 28 June

Brazil’s Energy Transition and the Women Leading conference is focused on Brazil’s energy transition toward clean energy. It calls together leading women within the energy industry to discuss and share insights into the future of the clean energy sector seen from the perspective of an oil and gas-dependent country. 

Google Cloud Sustainability Summit


Google Cloud Sustainability Summit

Mountain View, USA | 28 June

The Google Cloud Sustainability Summit brings together technology experts, developers, and thought business leaders to discuss how climate change-makers address the challenges of a sustainable future. Join and learn more about the latest technologies and sustainable business models and hear from leading experts within the field.


High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) 

New York City, USA | 5 July - 15 July

The HLPF is the principal sustainable development platform of the UN. As such, it tracks progress and follows up on large-scale conferences and initiatives related to SDGs. Topics will be the same five SDG goals from the 7th Multi-stakeholder Forum on Science, Technology, and Innovation - that is, quality education, gender equality, life below water, life on land, and partnership for the goals.



SpliTech 2022

Split, Croatia | 5 July - 8 July

The international conference on Smart and Sustainable technologies, or SpliTech 2022, organized by the University of Split, is a 4-day hybrid event aiming to connect academia and industry professionals to cover topics such as IoT, Smart City, and Energy. 



Energy Next

Sydney, Australia |19 July - 20 July

Energy Next is a two-day event taking place in Sydney, Australia. During the event, participants get a chance to explore various workshops, exhibitions, and networking opportunities while learning more about renewable energy and the latest technology trends within the sector.



Verge Electrify

Virtual | 26 July - 27 July

VERGE Electrify is a virtual event focusing on how various stakeholders can work together to achieve rapid and widespread electrification across transportation, buildings, and industry. Join and learn from leading tech experts.



Bloomberg Sustainable Business Summit

Singapore, Singapore | 27 July 

Taking place in Singapore, this summit connects thought leaders and investors from across the world to drive innovation within business and finance. Join and learn from leading experts.



SIWI World Water Week 2022 

Stockholm, Sweden | 23 August - 1 September

Join the world’s leading conference organized around water issues globally. Explore new technologies and innovative solutions designed to tackle some of the most pressing challenges the world is facing such as water scarcity, food security, climate crisis, and biodiversity.

Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference & Expo 2022


Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference and Expo 2022

Durham, USA | 30 August - 1 September

This conference is all about fleet operations and the latest sustainable technologies and innovative solutions within the sector. It gathers leading experts and technology providers within the field to share ideas and trends and showcase the latest technologies that will shape the future of the fleet industry.

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sustainability magazine


Sustainability Live London

London, The United Kingdom | 07 September - 08 September

Sustainability Live London is a two-day hybrid event organized by BizClik Media Group featuring more than 110 global speakers gathered to discuss topics such as circular economy, ESG strategies, and women in sustainability. Join and learn more about the pressing issues impacting industries today through lively roundtables and interactive discussions. 

verdical group


Net Zero Conference 2022

Los Angeles, USA | 14 September - 15 September

Net Zero 2022 is a two-day event focusing on topics related to climate change, including carbon, climate, ESG, Net-Zero, and Equity. Join more than 1500 participants coming from all over the world and learn from global experts through world-class educational sessions and inspiring keynotes.



GreenTech Festival New York 

New York City, USA | 15 September - 16 September

The GreenTech Festival is a series of international events held across the globe. It started in Berlin and, due to its success, was moved across three other locations worldwide. The GreenTech festival, New York, brings together leading experts to share ideas and stories on topics, including sustainability and technology, with the aim of a greener future.

re plus


RE+ Power

Anaheim, USA | 19 September - 22 September

The RE+ Power event, organized by SEIA and SEPA, is the largest clean energy event in North America. Known for its outstanding exhibitions and innovative ways of engaging with event-goers, RE+ power is a must-visit event for all those interested in learning more about clean energy technologies, innovation, and connecting with top energy experts within various energy sectors. 



SUSTx Technology 2022

London, The United Kingdom | 20 September 

Join the SUSTx Tech event and gain insights from business experts on how to leverage technologies and innovation to achieve net-zero targets, learn more about sustainable solutions within technology and innovation such as AI and Blockchain, and connect with more than 400 sustainability professionals during the course of the event.

Go Net Zero Energy


Go Net Zero Energy

Brussels, Belgium | 20 September - 22 September

This is the 3rd annual event of the Go Net Zero business series, focusing on the practical steps taken by the energy sector to achieve net-zero targets. Join professionals and experts within the energy industry to build long-lasting business relationships and learn more about the technologies and initiatives that help the industry reach its net-zero targets.

idc group


IDC Smart Factory

Lodz, Poland | 22 September

The IDC Smart Factory virtual event gathers Polish manufacturing businesses and IDC analysts to share their industry experiences and opinions on topics, including sustainability and manufacturing. Join virtually in September and hear from the industry leaders within the field.



Industry Transition 2022

San Diego, USA | 28 September - 29 September 

The Industry Transition 2022, organized by Reuters Events, unites global executives, policy leaders, and change-makers to explore the most cutting-edge solutions to decarbonizing the industrial sector.



GreenTech Festival London

London, The United Kingdom | 13 October - 14 October

GreenTech Festival London is the 3rd annual event in the GreenTech Festival series. It focuses on innovative technologies for a sustainable future, bringing together global business leaders, tech professionals, and experts to share ideas and stories to connect and promote a sustainable future.



FORUM22: Naem EHS & Sustainability Management Forum

Florida, USA | 17 October - 20 October  

Join leading experts and professionals at the largest annual event focusing on the environment, health, safety, and sustainability. Learn more about the emerging challenges facing EHS and sustainability, share ideas and connect with other individuals interested in this field at FORUM22.



London Climate Technology Show 2022

London, The United Kingdom | 19 October - 20 October  

London Climate Technology show 2022 is an exciting exhibition offering an exclusive platform for various stakeholders, including governments, businesses, investors, and practitioners, to come together to discuss the challenges of climate change and explore ways to combat it through sustainability and innovative technologies.



Verge 22 - The Climate Tech Event 

San Jose, USA | 25 October - 27 October  

Verge 22 is one of the leading events focusing on the issue of climate change and technology, bringing together top leaders and experts from all around the world, aiming to address the challenges of climate change using the latest innovations. Its primary focus areas are clean energy, sustainable transportation, net-zero buildings, startup ecosystem, carbon removal, and regenerative food systems.

SOSV Climate Tech Summit


SOVS Climate Tech Summit

New Jersey, USA | 25 October - 26 October  

This summit, organized by the venture firm SOSV, focuses on climate technology and the startup ecosystem. The SOSV Climate Tech Summit gathers global stakeholders to discuss the future challenges of climate change.



Offshore and Floating Wind Europe 2022

London, The United Kingdom | 2 November - 3 November  

Offshore & Floating Wind Europe 2022 calls together global experts from the European energy sector to explore the immense potential of renewable energy sources, including offshore wind technologies, and discuss ways to successfully implement innovative floating wind solutions.



CleanTech Forum Europe

Brussels, Belgium | 8 November - 10 November  

Cleantech Forum Europe brings together various stakeholders, including investors, innovators, and corporate change-makers that focus on developing and implementing innovative solutions to reach net-zero transformation. The event's theme is "From commitment to action, where ideas become a comprehensive action plan to achieve a sustainable future."



Energy Transition North America 2022

Texas, USA | 9 November - 10 November  

The Energy Transition North America event, organized by Reuters Events, offers an insightful platform for executives within the energy sector to come together to transition ideas into actions and reach net-zero targets in North America. The conference will cover topics related to net-zero climate action, including carbon management, business model innovation, decarbonized technologies, and innovation.

Sustainable Innovation Forum 2020


Sustainable Innovation Forum 2022

Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt | 9 November - 10 November  

The Sustainable Innovation Forum is an event that brings together leading experts and business leaders from across the world to participate in the discussion of the transition to net-zero. The forum focuses on cutting-edge solutions and successful business actions to reach net-zero and meet the SDGs.



SmartCity Expo World Congress

Barcelona, Spain | 15 November - 17 November  

As the leading annual event for the development of cities, SmartCity Expo World Congress unites global leaders and experts across governments, organizations, and businesses to build a platform to share ideas, foster collaboration, and network to empower a better future for cities and their inhabitants.



GreenTech Festival Singapore

Singapore, Singapore | 17 November - 18 November  

The GreenTech Festival is a series of international events held across the world. The GreenTech festival Singapore edition calls together leading experts to share ideas and stories on topics including sustainability and technology to promote a more sustainable future.



Verge NetZero

Oakland, USA | 6 December - 7 December 

The Verge NetZero conference aims to help organizations map out their business processes to achieve net-zero targets. Attendees will learn valuable insight into the technologies, strategies, and partnerships that can help organizations overcome potential challenges and speed up the transition toward net-zero.


Sustainability conferences, events and beyond

This article encompasses our selection of the top upcoming events, conferences, and summits related to sustainability and green technology for 2022. The list includes a fair mix of virtual and physical conferences as well as hybrid events located across the world, so anyone interested in sustainability and socializing should be able to find events that suit their interests.

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Hopefully, this article provided an exciting selection of events, conferences, and summits which you have already saved the date in your calendar. If you are interested in more events, whether it is within sustainability or something else, make sure to visit our event calendar page and discover an array of exciting upcoming events and conferences.


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