Aligning Business with SDG 7 by Collaborating With Startups


Best Telecommunication Startups in Europe

The telecommunications (telecom) industry has connected the world, providing the network and infrastructure to enable smart and mobile devices. However, the traditional market is almost saturated.

How to Build Support for your Innovation Projects

Why Your Elevator Pitch Sucks...

...And How to Make it Exceptional

Corporate-Startup Collaboration: Expert Roundtable #5

Innovation is a common topic on the corporate agenda, but what exactly are they looking for? The world is changing faster than ever and it takes more effort for companies to remain relevant,…

Blitzscaling: The Ultimate Guide to Startup Growth and Scaling

All you need to know to start Blitzscaling. For more information on how to Blitzscale, how to Blitzscale with startups, or how to scale new businesses we recommend reaching out to Valuer and the

76 Surprising Facts About Corporate Innovation

There is no better time to go ‘all in’ with investment in innovation. It ensures that the company is not left behind and enables companies to surpass potential competitors.

100 Must-Follow Blogs for Every Entrepreneur

Lucky for you, talent is everywhere. There are approximately seven billion people on our tiny planet and 400 million of them are entrepreneurs (that’s one in 18 people)!

84 Entrepreneurial Movies You Need to Watch

The life of an entrepreneur is one of adventure: starting your own venture and living out your dream (with the occasional misstep into nightmare) is something many people aspire to. Pursuing these…

The Best SaaS Startups in Europe

As the trend towards digitalization continues and society progresses into an ever-more Star Trek-like future, a plethora of new products and services are becoming available to consumers and…

Corporate Innovation - Expert Round Table #4

The collaboration with small companies and startups are booming in the corporate world and has become a big part of the innovative scene.

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