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Top 100 Venture Capitalists in Europe

Venture capital (VC) firms are on the rise, and there is certainly no exception in Europe.

Searching for an avenue to bring your business to market, or to scale and develop your company? The opportunities to be found in VC firms are becoming more available.

In this article, you will find a list of 100 Venture Capitalists in Europe, the VC firm they are part of, their specification for investment (industry-wise), and the companies they funded. And if you make it past the list, you'll find in-depth information on the VC market in Europe.

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The Top Venture Capitalists in Europe

Are you interested to get to know more about the top investors? Below you will find a list of 100 players in the venture capital. They differ in focus of industries, but one thing connects them - supporting global development and innovation for the future of business.

360 Capital

360 Capital Logo360 Capital is a venture capital company investing in deep-tech ad digital businesses around Europe. They mainly invest in early-stage startups. Companies they invested in include Otherwise, Euroffice and Invendo Medical.

Location: Milan, Italy


Man standing in a white shirt, he has brown hair, behind him is a plant and a wallBoni is a Founder and General Partner at 360 Capital. During his career, he was a manager at McKinsey & Company for four years. Since then, he founded 360 Capital where he has been working for 22 years. Notable investments include Yoox, Mutuionline, EPS (Electro Power System), Exotec Solutions and Bemyeye.

Twitter: @fboni


A man, wearing blue shirt, with brown hair and glassesFrancois Tison has been a Partner at 360 Capital for 14 years. Prior to this, he was a Partner at Net Partners and an Associate Director at Nomura. He has also worked as a Director in Strategy Planning at France Telecom.

Twitter: @360ft


A man wearing light blue shirt, smiling, brown hair, blue eyes

Alexandre Mordacq is a Partner of 360 Capital. He has completed his Master's in Management and New Technologies from HEC Paris and since then he has worked as a Board Member of many companies such as Exotrail, Alsid, and Earthcube.

Twitter: @AlexMordac


man wearing a light blue shirt and a dark grey suit, brown and slightly grey hair and beard, wearing glasses

Emanuele Levi has been a General Partner at 360 Capital for 13 years. His career included positions as a Board Member for several companies such as Tiller Systems, Tediber, and Bergamotte.

Twitter: @emanuele_paris


AAC Capital Partners

logo, capital letters AAC in the dark blue colour, blue arrow above them, on the right side from the capitals light blue letters and under them light blue capitalsAAC Capital is a private equity company investing in sector-leading companies in Benelux. The firm is a part of UN PRI. Some companies they invested in are  Desotec, Orangefield Group, and Salad Signature.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands


man wearing white shirt, dark grey suit, smiling, brown hair and moustache

Bert-Jan Rozestraten is a Partner and the CFO of AAC Capital Partners. AAC Capital Partners is a private equity firm that invests in sector-leading companies and partners with management to support businesses in their long-term autonomous growth.



logo where first letter is capital, the rest are small letters, grey colour

Accel Partners was founded in 1983 in Palo Alto, California and have an office in London. It is an early and growth-stage VC firm investing mainly in technology areas such as consumer, mobile, security technology. Their investments include Facebook, Slack, BlaBlaCar, Spotify, and Jet.com.

Location: London, United Kingdom



man, blond hair, wearing white shirt and light blue suit

Harry Nelis is a partner at Accel and part of the Board of Directors at Funding Circle UK. He has also worked with KAYAK and Goldman Sachs.
Twitter: @hnelis


woman, smiling, wearing purple shirt, brown hail, sitting by the table

Sonali De Rycker is a partner at Accel. She is also currently a Board Member at Shift Technology, KRY, and Wallapop. Furthermore, she is an investor in companies such as Spotify and Lyst.

Twitter: @sonalidr


man, grey hair, wearing glasses, light blue shirt, jeans, he has hands in his pockets, standing next to the wall

Kevin Comolli has been a Managing General Partner at Accel venture capital company for almost 20 years. Before this, he was a Partner at Doughty Hanson and Executive Director at Goldman Sachs.

Twitter: @KevinComolli


Active Venture Partners

logo written in capitals and black letters, before the name there is an orange circle with the white capital N inside

Active Venture is a venture capital company investing in digital startups. They established Venturepreneur's Organisation to promote the relationships between entrepreneurs investing in early-stage companies. They have offices in Spain, Germany, and Scandinavia.

Location: Barcelona, Spain


man, light blue shirt, brown hair, short beard, in front of a gothic tower

Philipp Schroeder is a founding partner of Active Venture Partners. Moreover, he is also a partner at Endeit Capital. Besides his many roles, he also founded  Venturepreneurs' Organisation and worked as a Mentor in Microsoft Accelerator and Techstars.

Twitter: @HAMBCN


Acton Capital Partners

logo in blue capitals, when first three letters are light blue and last two letters are dark blue colourActon Capital is Europe's leading late-stage venture capital company. Since 1999 they invested in more than 70 companies worldwide. They have a strong focus in the European and North American markets. They funded companies such as Etsy, HomeToGo, and Momox.

Location: Munich, Germany


a man, in white shirt, slightly grey hair, smilingDr. Christoph Braun is a founding partner at Acton Capital Partners. Prior to this, he was the Managing Director at Hubert Burda Media and was the Engagement Manager for McKinsey & Company as well. He received his MBA degree from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and his PhD at Ludwig-Maximilians Universitat Munchen.


Adara Venture Partners

logo in capital blue letters, before the name there is a yellow star with blue border

Adara Ventures invested in seed-stage startups with a high potential to create lasting value. They funded companies such as LoopUp, Stratio, and CBNL (Cambridge Broadband Networks).

Location: Madrid, Spain


smiling man, short brown hair, smiling

Nicolas Goulet is a Managing Partner at Adara Venture Partners. He holds a Master of Science Degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics at the Massachusets Institute of Technology (MIT) and his MBA in Business Administration from INSEAD.

Twitter: @nrgoulet


Atlantic Labs

logo written in small letters, bubbles above the "b" letter

Atlantic Labs was established in 2008 by Christophe Maire in Berlin. They back mission-driven founders working on transformative technology ventures.

Location: Berlin, Germany


man in white shirt and black suitWith over 18 years of experience in technology ventures, Christophe founded Atlantic Labs where he is currently the CEO. He also founded gate5 and sold it to Nokia in 2006. Christophe was also involved in Brands4Friends (eBay), Readmill (Dropbox) as an angel investor.



logo with the black and white circles before the name, capital letters

Atomico invests in game-changing startups and future leaders. Its team of investors and advisors includes operational leaders who were responsible for global expansion, hiring, user growth, and marketing at Skype, Google, Uber, Facebook, and Spotify.

Location: London, United Kingdom


man, standing in white shirt and dark grey cardigan, brown hair, blue eyes, hand on the table

Niklas Zennström is the Founding Partner and CEO of Atomico. Besides working with Atomico, he also fights against climate change through Zennström Philanthropies.

Twitter: @niklaszennstrom


Axon Partners Group

logo, capital letters in dark blue colour, on the right side from the name big blue X

Axon Partners Group is a group of entrepreneurs investing in early and growth-stage startups. Some of the investments include Pangea, Neumarket, Turismoi, and Enmedio.

Location: Madrid, Spain


face of the man, smiling, brown short hair, brown eyes

Francisco Velázquez is a Founder and President at the company Axon Partners Group established in 2006. Besides that, he is a Member of the Board at the company Le Pain Quotidien and a Vice President at Club Deportivo Numancia. He studied Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.


man in white shirt, yellow tiee and dark blue suit, smiling, slightly bold, grey hair

Dimitri Kallinis is a Managing Partner at Axon Partners Grou. He has more than 15 years of hands-on experience in operations and consulting in the technology sector. He was also a Co-Founder and Residential Marketing Director of Greek triple-play fixed-line telecom operators.
Twitter: @DKallinis


Balderton Capital

logo in black letters, two words, divided by orange dotBalderton Capital supports the leading technology companies based in Europe and belongs to one of Europe's leading early-stage venture capital investors. They are the largest VC firm in the UK and have invested in companies like Big Fish Games, Circle, HouseTrip, and Vivino.

Location: London, United Kingdom


woman standing by the window, stairs behing, black dress, long brown hair, smile, silver watch on her left han, holding hands

Laura Connell is the current Principal at Balderton Capital. She has previously worked in the Department of Medicine in Neuroscience Research at Imperial College London. She also worked in Investment Banking & Management at Goldman Sachs. She studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics from the University of Oxford.


man talking, blond hair, short beard, glasses,Daniel Waterhouse is a General Partner at Balderton Capital. He used to be a General Partner in Wellington Partners. He also used to be a Board Member of companies like EyeEm, LiveBookings, and Readmill. He was also an Investor in the companies SumAll and BonusBox GmbH.


older man, light blue shirt, dark grey suit, glasses, slightly smiling
Bernard Liautaud is a Managing Partner at Balderton Capital.  Besides this, he is a Co-Founder of Dashlane - a software company that provides digital identity to the small businesses and customers.

Twitter: @Bliautaud


man smiling, black tshirt, short brown hair, brown eyesLars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen is a General Partner at Balderton Capital. He worked as an Advisor to the business team at WhatsApp, Head of Mobile at Dropbox and as an Advisor and VP Mobile at Uber. He is also a Member of the Board to companies including Hiya Inc., Tempow and VOI Technology.

Twitter: @LarsFNielsen


BGF (Business Growth Fund)

logo, first word in large capitals, blue-green colour, bellow a moto in blue-green letters

BGF invests in growing businesses, helping them to develop their mission and vision. They invest in the first part of agreements and afterwards with the follow-on investments. Some of the funded firms: ACRO, BARBURRITO, and LoopMe.

Location: London, United Kingdom


man standing, wearing light pink shirt, blue tie with white dotd and a black suit, smiling, short brown hairMatthew Reed is the current COO at Business Growth Fund. He worked in Financial Control for J. P. Morgan. Business Growth Fund is an active investor in entrepreneurs and growing companies in the UK and Ireland.


Bonsai Venture Capital

logo in green capital letters, large sign of a tree in green colour

Bonsai Venture Capital is a company supporting startups in the early and growth-stags. They support mobile-focused startup based on e-health, games, and security. Companies they support include CitiBox, Cornerjob, and SaluPro.

Location: Madrid, Spain


man, talking, white shirt, red tie, dark black suit, curly brown hair, glasses, beard

Javier Cebrián Monereo is a General Partner at the company Bonsai Partners for over two years, however, he is the CEO and a shareholder of the company Bonsai Venture Capital SCR. Furthermore, he is a Board Member of the firm Gigas in Madrid.


man, smiling, brown and grey hair, beard, moustache

Luis Gonzáles Buendía is a Director of Finance and Legal at Bonsai Venture Capital. He has a wide experience in finance working in private equity and venture capital firms. His skills include angel investing, entrepreneurship, and corporate development.


Cabiedes and Partners

logo in black and blue letters

Cabiedes & Partners is an angel investing company which invests in early-stage startups in the Internet and TIC Ventures across Spain.

Location: Madrid, Spain


man, grey beard, brown hair, white shirt, glasses, background of a beige wall

Luis Martin Cabiedes used to be CEO of Europa Press until 2011. Later on, he became a private investor and currently continues as a partner in the company Cabiedes & Partners, which is an early-stage investment company. Besides that, he is a lecturer at IESE Business School in entrepreneurship.

Twitter: @luismcabiedes


Catagonia Capital

logo in dark blue capitals, unifinished grey square on the left side

Catagonia Capital invests in startups and already established businesses. They support companies with potentially successful strategies for digital transformation. Companies they invested in include Lanes&Planes, Tandem, and Firmen-KFZ.de.

Location: Berlin, Germany


man, smiling, white shirt, black suit, brown hair

Ralph Eric Kunz is a founding partner of Catagonia Capital and also a Managing Partner at Co-Investor Group. He has a background in the field of high-tech, telecom and venture industries around Europe and the US.

Twitter: @RalphEKunz


Eight Roads Ventures

logo in grey capital letters, on the left side is number 8 in orange colour

Eight Roads Ventures is an investment company in Europe, Asia and North America. They supported a global leader in communications MCI - Continental Cablevision, one of the first cable networks in the world and video game manufacturer- ATARI.

Location: London, United Kingdom


man smiling, pink shirt, brown hair

Vytautas Balsysworked his way to the principal position at Eight Road Ventures. Prior to this, he used to work at McKinsey & Partners as an Associate and later an Engagement Manager between the years 2012-2014.

Twitter: @vbalsys


White male with blue shirt and brown hair

Davor Hebel is the Managing Partner and Head of Eight Roads Ventures Europe. Davor joined Eight Roads in 2005 and is currently investing a $375m scale-up fund. Earlier in his career, Davor spent several years at McKinsey & Company, where he advised companies on issues of strategy and technology. He was also an entrepreneur in his native Croatia.


White male with brown hair and white shirtMichael Treskow is a Partner at Eight Roads Ventures, focusing on venture and growth investments in technology companies across Europe. Previously, Michael was at Accel in London, where he was involved with companies such as Celonis, Funding Circle, GoCardless, Packlink, Qubit, Semmle, Shift Technology, SpaceApe, WeaveWorks, and WorldRemit. Originally from Russia, Michael lived for 10 years in Berlin, before spending another 10+ years in the US. He received a BA from Yale University and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.


woman smiling, red blouse, long brown hair,dark grey background

Lucile Cornet is a principal at Eight Roads Ventures. During her career, she worked as an analyst for Merrill Lynch and Moelis & company. She invested in many firms including Compte-Nickel, OTA Insight, and Fuse Universal.

Twitter: @LucileCornet


Elysian Capital

logo in black and light green letters, on the left side is large black "e" and large light green "c"

Elysian Capital is a venture capital firm helping management teams and investors with their operational skills. They have developed their experience and skill for over 25 years. Some of the companies they funded include Wellbeing, Sambro, and Axis.

Location: London, United Kingdom


man smiling, light purple shirt, dark blue tie, black suitr, grey hair, window in the background

Ken Terry is the CEO at Elysian Capital LLP. Prior to this, he worked in Doughty Hanson as a partner for 19 years. He studied Economics at the University of Leads, and History at the University of Essex.


man smiling, white shirt, grey suit, brown short hair, glasses, blue eyes

David Colclough is a partner at Elysian Capital LLP. He worked as an Investment Director for Business Growth Fund and a Corporate Finance Manager for PwC prior to Elysian Capital LLP. They acquire majority stakes in growth businesses that are valued between 20-100 million euros.


Encomenda VC

logo in green letters, below catching phrase in green capital letters, a leaf growing from the "d" letter

Encomenda is a VC firm investing in seed startups in Spain. In the last 10 years, they invested in more than 100 startups. For example Etoshi, Nemuru, and Refruiting. They created a Super Angel Fund where they could invest more resources.

Location: Barcelona, Spain


man in black tshirt, slightly bold, black hait

Current Managing Partner and Co-Founder at Encomeda Smart Capital, Carlos Blanco is a Serial Entrepreneur and VC Investor. He was an angel investor in over 85 startups and even coached football.

Twitter: @carlosblanco


Estonian Business Angel Network

logo in capital grey letters, above the name there is a grey circle, under it there is a grey bow

EstBAN is an angel company that is seeking investors and startups with potential in Estonia and neighbouring countries. It is a member of the European Trade Association for Business Angels, Seed Funds and Estonian Venture Capital Association (EstVCA).

Location: Tallinn, Estonia


man, bold, pink shirt, background is inside of the building, head someone else

Ivar Siimar is a Founder of Estonian Business Angel Network (EstBAN) and a member of Nordic Business Angel Network. On top of this, he is also a Co-founder and Partner of Trind Ventures.

Twitter: @ivarsiimar


Experior Venture Fund

logo in black letters, on the left side three blue squares going from the smallest to the biggest one

Experior Venture Fund is an investor in Poland. They invest in high-growth innovative companies with the potential of generating cash. The project is co-financed by Switzerland. The funding that EVF offers financial and know-how support from the experienced team.

Location: Warsaw, Poland


woman, white shirt, necklace, blond hair, blue background

Kinga Stanislawska is a Co-Founder of Experior Venture Fund. She is a VC investor, senior finance professional, and the Founder of European Women in VC. Experior Venture Fund invests in Central and Eastern European (CEE) data-driven startups with the ambition to expand internationally.

Twitter: @KingaStan1



logo in capital letters - three first letters are grey, last three are dark blue, there is a simplified flower growing from the "l" letter consisting from one blue strip and four red

FinLab is one of the largest investor companies situated in Germany. Their focus is mostly on the financial services of the technology sector. Companies they invested in include Iconic Holding, Nextmarkets, and Deposit Solutions.

Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany


man smiling, white background, white shirt, black suit, blond hair

Stefan Schutze has been a member of the board of FinLab for more than 15 years. Apart from this, he is a member of the supervisory board at Kapilendo AG as well as Artec Technologies AG.

Twitter: @stefan_schuetze



logo, light blue letters, orange dot in the end, moto in black letters below the name
Forbion invests in technology and life sciences startups. They choose to invest in startups that have a positive impact on people's health and well-being, like Northsea Therapeutics and Escalier Biosciences.

Location: Naarden, Netherlands


man smiling, light blue shirt, dark blue tie and suit, grey hair
Sander Slootweg is a Co-Owner and a Managing Partner at the venture capital company Forbion. In the past, he worked as a director at ABN AMRO Bank in Amsterdam for more than 13 years.


man smiling and sitting, white shirt, light blue tie, dark grey suit with thin white strips, brown short hair, glasses
Martien van Osch is a Managing Partner at Forbion. He has worked as a senior quantitative analyst, later on as the director at ABN AMRO for seven years. For five years he has been the Director of Circulite.

Twitter: @MartinevOsch


man, white shirt, black suit, brown short hair, grey to black backgroundGeert-Jan Mulder is a Co-Founder and a Managing Partner at Forbion. He is a Board Member on Forbios investments Promedior Inc., Sanifit, and AM-Pharma. In 2004 he successfully raised investment in Bluebird Bio where he supported clinical development as a chairman on the board for seven years.


man smiling, light blue shirt, bold, glassesHolger Reithinger is a Partner at Forbion. He has worked as a Board Director and later as a member of the board at Cellnovo Group SA. Currently, he is a Board Director of Gotham Therapeutics in Munich and a Board Member of OMEICOS Therapeutics GmbH in Berlin.

Twitter: @Nicothing


man standing, white shirt, black suit, hands in the pockets, short brown hair, smiling, white background with windowsMarco Boorsma is working at Forbion venture capital company where he started as a senior analyst, later principal, until he was partner, and in the end general partner. He has also been a board director at Prexton Therapeutics and at RSPR Pharma AB. Right now he is a board director at Inflazome, Escalier Biosciences, and NorthSea Therapeutics.


Go Beyond Early Stage Investing

logo in white letters, blue background, unfinished white square

Go Beyond Investing is a fin-tech investment fund currently interested in Swiss and European markets with experience in the US. They are a unique VC firm, as they give startups the option to determine their funds needed, and where to invest the investment.

Location: Zurich, Switzerland


woman smiling, red blouse, grey background, brown hair, golden earings

Brigitte is the founder and CEO at Go Beyond - a FinTech investment company. In 2015, she was awarded European Business Angel of the year.

Twitter: @GoBeyondBA


HV Holtzbrinck Ventures

logo, capital black letters, on the left side is a blue square with whitel capital letters

HV Holzbrinck Ventures belongs to one the largest and most experienced independent venture funds in Europe. They invested in more than 160 companies including Flixbus, Zalando, HelloFresh, and Delivery Hero.

Location: Munich, Germany


man sitting and smiling, light blue shirt, bold, hodling pen, paper on the tableChristoph Jung has been General Partner, as well as Senior Investment Manager at HV Holzbrinck Ventures Adviser for more than nine years. Before this, he worked as a consultant for Bossard Consultants and Gemini Consulting.


IDInvest Partners

blue letters, white capital letters in with the grey background

IDInvest Partners is a private equity company investing in small and middle-sized companies. They invest in companies with a high potential to succeed. Some of the notable companies they invested in include Burger King, Scandic, Secret Escapes, and Securitas.

Location: Paris, France


man, smiling, short brown, white shirt, blue tie, black suit

Christophe Bavier is the CEO and a managing partner at Idinvest Partners. He has over 15 years of experience in Private Debt Strategies and Private Equity. He used to work for Allianz Global as a European board member and CEO for the French market.


old man, white shirt, black suit, tie with the strips, brown hair

Benoist Grossmann has been a managing partner at Idinvest for 17 years now. In the past, he was a Partner to Viventures and as a researcher for NASA Langley Research Center.


Index Ventures

logo, black letters, on the left side five red strips when the first one is moved more to the left

Index Ventures is a venture capital company investing in tech startups. Since 1996 they have partnered with some exceptional entrepreneurs in today's technology-shaping world. Some of the companies include Deliveroo, Dropbox, Slack, Adyen, and Supercell.

Location: London, United Kingdom


man, smiling, black and white picture, short brown hairwindow in the background

Since 1992, Neil has actively invested in technology companies around Europe, the US, and Israel. He is a current Partner at Index Ventures and received his MBA at Harvard Business School.

Twitter: @narimer


man, smiling, light blue shirt, short light brown hair, white background

Jan Hammer focuses on venture and growth-stage investments in technology sub-sectors, particularly in financial services and information services. He is currently working with companies such as Adyen, Robinhood, Capitolis, Alan, and more. He is also a current General Partner at Index Ventures.


INKEF Capital

Inkef Capital logo, grey and black letters, white background

INKEF Capital is an early-stage investment company that is investing in startups that are solving various problems in the technological and healthcare industries. They invested in, for example, PolarSteps, Corporis Medical and Blendle.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands


man, sitting and holding his knee, black seat, black tshirt, beard, short brown hair

Roel Bulthuis is a new managing director for INKEF Capital since January 2019. Before, he used to be a senior vice president and managing director at M Ventures for 9 years. He also has worked as a director in biotechnology investment banking at the company Fortis Bank and as the associate director at Serono International.


man, light blue shirt, dark grey, short brown hair

Robert Jan Galema has been a managing director at INKEF Capital for over five years. Before this, he was the CEO of the Lifestyle Incubator at Phillips and also a Senior Vice President for the product and brand at Electrolux Major Appliances.


Innogest Capital

Innogest logo, grey capital letters, grey and blue square on the right side

Innogest Capital focuses on seed and early-stage ventures. They have over 100 years of professional experience in the digital and healthcare fields. They have three main offices in Milan, Turin, and San Francisco.

Location: Geneva, Switzerland


smiling man, shirt with blue and white strips , short brown hair, glasses

Giovanni Leo is the Venture Partner for Innogest Capital. He used to work for Acrostak Corp. and co-founded Isotopes and Metals Ltd. He has an Executive MBA in Management and Corporate Finance from HEC of Lusanne and a degree in Management Engineering from Politecnico in Milan, Italy.



Innovacom logo, light and dark blue capital letters

Innovacom invests in companies with a technological impact, because their general belief is that technology is going to rule the future. Companies they invested in include Dimelo, Cozy.io, and CAILabs.

Location: Paris, France


smiling man, brown jacket, brown short hair

Vincent Deltrieu is currently a partner and member of the board at the company Innovacom. He has experience in digital and high potential technology growth ventures and has been a board member of companies Exagan, RobArt, and MicroEJ.


Iona Capital

Iona Capital logo, blue circle with white letters inside, rest of the name is in blue letters, white backgroung

Iona Capital is a company that is managing funds for the investors including the equity and subordinated debt. They mostly support projects focusing on BioEnergy.

Location: London, United Kingdom


man smiling, white shirt, short brown hair

Nick Ross has been director of Iona Capital, a venture capital company for the last eight years. His previous position included a fund manager position at Electra Partners and managing partner at Acuity Capital LLP.


Italian Angels for Growth

Italian Angels logo in black letter, in between the names, there is an italian flag in the middle

IAG is a venture capital firm investing in early-stage startups focusing mostly on fintech, life sciences, Internet and technology in Italy. They have invested in  AppQuality, BigProfiles, and GenomeUp.

Location: Milan, Italy


man smiling, white shirt, orange tie, black suit, short brown hair, moustache

Giacomo Valentini is a managing director of Italian Angels for Growth. He became an analyst for TT Venture company and later Quadrivio SGR. Since then he was part of Fondo Italiano d'Investimento as a Senior Manager and later on an Investment Manager.

Twitter: @GIVI86


man smiling, brown hair, white shirt

Leonardo Giagnoni is currently an investment manager for IAG. He was a senior associate at PwC where he focused on M&A transactions in different industries.


JamJar Investments

JamJar logo, a purple jar with white letters inside, on the right side second part of the name in purple letters with the white background

JamJar Investments is a venture capital company that has invested in Deliveroo, Bulb, Papier, and Babylon. Important to mention is that they were an angel/VC investor to Innocent Drinks.

Location: London, United Kingdom


mman smiling, blue tshirt, brown hair, light grey background

Richard Reed is British entrepreneur and investor. His biggest success was co-founding Innocent Drinks. Besides this, he is a founder of Art Everywhere and co-founder of JamJar Investments. He also presented in a series called "Be your own boss".


Kernel Capital

Kernel Capital logo, dark blue background, white capital letters, above the name white capital K in the yellow circle

Kernel Capital is one of the biggest investing firm focused on technology in Ireland. They are in alliance with The Bank of Ireland. Companies they invested in include Automated Intelligence, ChipSensors, DisplayNote, and Pilot Photonics.

Location: Cork, Ireland


woman smiling, dark blond long hair, green blouse, black suite, white background

Orla Rimmington has been a partner in the company Kerner Capital for 12 years. Prior to her partner role, she was a Project and an Accountant Manager.


man smiling, light pink shirt, dark blue suite, short brown hair, glasses, wall in the background

Ger Goold is a Partner and COO at the company Kernel Capital. He has completed a two-year program specialized in venture capital, high-growth, and cultivation of high-technology at Society of Kauffman Fellows in Palo Alto. He worked as a Non-Executive Director at MPSTOR Limited and BioAtlantis Limited.

Twitter: @GGoold


man, grey hair, shirt with light blue and white strips, red tie, black suit, white background

Niall Olden is a Managing Partner at Kernel Capital. He is a Member of the Cork Education & Training Board, the Audit Committee at University College Cork. He has been a member of the Kauffman Fellows Program at the Society of Kauffman Fellows in Palo Alto.


woman smiling, ginger hair, standing by the hence, behind the hence are trees, she is wearing blue blouse and light grey suite

Jayne Brady has broad experience in the ICT industry and executive positions within startups and blue-chip companies. She has mentored and managed many technology startups in the UK, India, and China. In 2019 she received an honorary doctorate from Queen's University Belfast for her service to business and commerce.


man smiling, short brown hair, white shirt, black suite, grey background

Allen Martin is a senior investment executive, as well as a Partner at Kernel Capital. He has a background of working in corporate finance (Ulster Bank) and as an Executive within Invest NI's Corporate Finance Division.


Denise Sidhu

Denise Sidhu is a Finance Director and Partner at the Investment Company Kernel Capital. She has broad experience working in finance. She has been a Financial Controller (Bank of Nova Scotia), Head of Finance (Standard Bank Trust Jersey Limited), and Head of Finance at Ulster Bank Commercial Services Ltd.

Twitter: @SidhuDenise


Kibo Ventures

Kibo Ventures logo, black letters, on the left side a colourful circles, where is red, blue, green and yellow, and inside there is black capital K

Kibo Ventures is a venture capital company focusing on digital technology startups. They have global-minded teams in Europe, US, and Asia. Some of the notable companies they funded include BlueLiv., Vilynx, and PromoFarma.

Location: Madrid, Spain


man smiling, grey hair, light blue shirt, black suite, glasses

Aquilino Peña is the Founder of Kibo Ventures. He played an important role as an entrepreneur, operator, and business angel in the digital industry in the late '90s. He graduated from Harvard Business School where he also finished his MBA.

Twitter: @Aquilino


man standing, short brown hair, white shirt, black suite, smiling, black and white picture

Javier Torremocha is a Founding Partner at Kibo Ventures. He has a great deal of experience in venture capital from his involvement with Kibo Ventures and Netjuice capital, and top-tier financial institutions like Lehman Brothers and USB.

Twitter: @torremochaj


Kreos Capital

Kreos Capital logo, blue capital letters, in between words two lines, white background

Kreos Capital is an investment company helping high-growth companies with a deep understanding of the requirements of high-growth companies and therefore provides them with the debt-funding facilities in order to grow.

Location: London, United Kingdom


man smiling, grey hair, white shirt, blue eyes

Ross Ahlgren is a General Partner at Kreos Capital and received his MBA from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University. Kreos Capital is Europe’s leading provider of debt facilities for high growth companies. Kreos Capital has invested more than 2.4 billion Euros in over 540 companies across sectors and in 15 countries.


Langholm Capital

Langholm Capital logo, first part of the name is in the dark blue letter and the second part of it is in dar blue capital letters, strips avobe the name growing from the shortest to the longest and changing colours from light green, to light blue, purple and dark blue

Langholm Capital combines private equity skills with sector expertise and local market presence. They analyze the market to see how customer behaviour is changing and therefore how and where to position their invested businesses to gain profit.

Location: London, United Kingdom


man smiling, glasses, grey hair, pink shirt, black suite

Bert Wiegman is a Senior Partner at Langholm Capital LLP. He has invested in some companies such as Tyrrells, Lumene, Bart Spices, and Dorset Cereals.


Lanta Digital Ventures

Lanta Digital Ventures Logo in grey letters, where the letters are light grey on the top and going to the dark grey at the bottom, orange arrow on the right side, rest of the name under in orange letters

Lanta Digital Ventures invests in startups specializing in the field of Internet, mobile, healthcare and technology in Spain and Europe. Some of the companies they invested in include Apartum, The PayPro, and Traity.

Location: Barcelona, Spain


Ángel García

Ángel García is a founding partner at Lanta Digital Ventures and at Startupbootcamp. He has completed an executive program at Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Twitter: @angelgarciabcn



LocalGlobe logo, blue letters, above there is a blue circle - looking like a point and a read tear-shape directing to the blue point

LocalGlobe was established in 1999 and invests in upcoming startup companies. They have invested in the seed-stage of companies such as Citymapper, Zoopla, Lovefilm, and Transferwise.

Location: London, United Kingdom


man, talking and explaining something, expressing with his right hand, grey tshirt, brown hair,office space, window behind him

Saul Klein is a co-founder of LocalGlobe venture company and an Executive Fellow of London Business School. He graduated from Literature in the University of Cambridge in Literature in 1992 and since then he founded/co-founded SeedCamp, Kano Computing, and Latitude.

Twitter: @cape


LVenture Group

LVenture Group logo, first two letters are black capital letters,white background

LVenture Group is a holding company investing in digital startups. It is helping the startups with the acceleration process from the seed to generating profit from exit operations.

Location: Rome, Italy


man smiling, standng, grey hair, glasses, light blue shirt, black suite, palm tree behind him, view on the building

In 2007, he Co-founded Italian Angels for Growth. He moved to Silicon Valley in 2010 and is the current CEO of LVenture Group and the Founder of LUISS ENLABS. He has been mentioned in the 100 most influential leaders of startup accelerators by Hot Topics.

Twitter: @gigicapello


Mangrove Capital Partners

Mangrove Capital Partners logo, name in thee large green capital letters, the rest of the name in black capital letters, white background, a leaf in the green colour on the left side

Mangrove Capital Partners is helping entrepreneurs, and investing in startups with potential. Some of the unicorns, where they were involved as the early-stage investors are Skype, Wix, and Walkme.

Location: Luxembourg City, Luxembourg


man smiling, white shirt, black suite, glasses, short brown hair, black and white picture

Since 2000, Mark Tlusczc has been on the Board of Directors for Mangrove Capital Partners. He is a current Managing Partner and Co-Founder. He has also been a chairman of the board to the company Wix.com.

Twitter: @marktluszcz


Optimizer Invest

Optimizer Invest logo, black capital letters, white background, a graphics of the buildings on the left side

Optimizer Invest funds great teams with the potential to grow internationally. They focus on early-stage companies with strong business cases where they give advice on financial and operational support. Some of the investments include Skilling, SeQura, and MegaLotto.

Location: Balluta Bay, Malta


man smiling, blue eyes, brown short hair, grey background, white shirt, dark blue suitPetter Moldenius is the CEO of Optimizer Invest, which is a leading investment firm focusing on iGaming and Lead Generation. Prior to this, he was the Head of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) at Ascom Holding. Optimizer Invest invests and supports companies in fast-growing sectors.



P101 logo, four colourful squares, one red square with white capital P letter inside, one orange square with white number one inside, under those two there is a light grey square with white zero in it, and dark grey square with white number one

P101 is an investment company focusing on early-stage startups and business development of the companies. Projects they invested in: Octorate, Snap, and Sellf.

Milan, Italy


black and white photo, man standing by the wall, smiling, beard, white shirt, black suit, brown hair, black tie

Andrea Di Camillo is a founder of P101 venture capital firm. He has founded companies like Vitaminic, IM3D SpA, Banzai, and Boox.it. Some of the companies he has invested in are Multiply Labs, Deporvillage.com, and Musixmatch. He is a board member of companies Alkemy Digital_enabler, Colvin, and Tannico.


man sitting, hand on the table, white shirt, brown hair, dark grey suit, window behind him

Giuseppe Donvito is a partner at P101 venture firm. He worked as the Vice President responsible for principal investments at HSBC Bank in London and since then he has become a board member to many companies like Wonderflow, AIFI, BorsadelCredito.it, and Musement.

Twitter: @GiDonvito


woman, having hand under her face, curly brown long hair, black tshirt, bracelet, necklace, shelves full of books behind her

Glenda Grazioli began as an investment manager and later she has become a partner at the company P101. She started working as an associate at the company Pino Partecipazioni SpA. Later she continued working as an associate for another company - Dpixel Srl and afterwards as an investment officer at Vela Capital Srl.


man smiling, black and white picture, glasses, short beard, bold, white shirt, suiteStefano Siglienti is a board member at P101. During his career, he has been a Member of the Board of Directors for many companies - such as GiocoDigitale Italia, Banzai, Linkem and Contactlab. Besides P101 he is also a founder and chairman of the company called Vintage Capital.

Twitter: @ssiglienti


Pamplona Capital Partners

Pamplona Capital Management logo, white capital letters with the red background, rest are black capital letters

Pamplona Capital Partners provides an alternative investment platform within private equity and single manager fund investments. They invest in funds like public pension, multinational corporations and international wealth manager funds.

Location: London, United Kingdom


photo of a man, light blue shirt, slightly bold, short brown hair, glasses

Nick Gordon Smith has been a partner at Pamplona Capital Management for over 14 years. He has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry and was Chief Executive Officer of JNR (UK) Ltd.


photo, man standing, holding hands, black suite, dark tie, white shirt, black and white picture, smiling, brown hair

Yves Ieysen is a partner at Pamplona Capital Management. Additionally, he is also the Chief Investment Officer at LetterOne Treasury Services. He received his MBA from the University of Chicago.


Par Equity

Par Equity logo, white background, first part of the name in white letters with blue background, the second part of the word is grey

Par Equity is a venture capital firm focused on early-stage startups. It was created by investors for investors and therefore, they use unique helpful strategies such as government approves tax wrappers like EIR and BPR to increase the return to the investors.

Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom


man sitting, smiling, white shirt, holding black phone, brown hair, glasses

Paul Atkinson is a Founding Partner of Par Equity LLP. He is also a chairman of the company Taranata Group, which incorporates Head Medical, Change Recruitment Group and Head Resourcing. On top of it, Paul has founded Direct Resources and RecruitmentScotland.com.

Twitter: @parequitypaul



Partech logo, blue strips on the left, dark grey letters
Partech is a global investment platform for tech and digital companies. Partech started back in 1982 in Silicon Valley. Some of the companies they support include Acco, Brandwatch and Peanut. However, they have many other notable investments in their portfolio.

Location: Paris, France


man standing, holding hands, white shirt, bold, standing in the park, trees in the background, smiling

Omri Benayoun has been a general partner at Partech for more than 5 years now. He has been a board member to companies like NA-KD.com, Urban Sports GmbH and EcoVadis. He has also worked as a director of Corporate Development at Dassault Systemes for 3 years.

Twitter: @obenayoun


man standing and smiling, blond hair, white shirt, background with the trees

Otto Birnbaum is a principal of Partech. Besides his job, he is working as a board member to many companies, such as Bloomon, CHRONEXT.COM and Oviva. Moreover, he is an investor and board observer to the company Zolar GmbH.


man, light white shirt, glasses, brown hair, sunset in the background

Philippe Collombel is currently a managing partner at Partech. In the past, he worked as a General Manager at Carrefour and has been a Board Member to many companies as Papernest, ManoMano and October.

Twitter: @pcollombel


man in a white shirt, standing in the park, brown hair, short beard

Cyril Collon is a general partner at Partech. His expertise is in entrepreneurial sales and business development, with experience over 19 years in developing and operating high-tech startups. He has worked for Genband as a director of channel sales and has been Vice President of Sales, Europe & Africa at Verscom Solutions.


Passion Capital

Passion Capital logo, white letters, orange background

Passion Capital is an investment company investing in early-stage companies. Since 2011 they have already invested in more than 70 startups, such as Focal Point, Home Touch and Swipe.

Location: London, United Kingdom


woman, asian, smiling, dark brown long flat hair, dark blue tshirt, looking left, white earings

Eileen Burbidge is a partner at Passion Capital. She has a broad experience in operations and investment activities, supported by her previous job responsibilities at Skype and Yahoo. Moreover, she is also currently the Chair of Tech City UK.

Twitter: @eileentso


Point Nine Capital

Point Nine Capital logo, a blue circle and the triangle on the left side, black letters

Point Nine Capital is investing in startups and companies in early-stage. They support mostly SaaS focused companies (Algolia, Contentful), and Online Marketplace and Consumer Internet companies such as: Brainly, Delivery Hero and Westwing.

Location: Berlin, Germany


man smiling, brown hair, short beard, black tshirt, white background

Louis Coppey has been a principal of Point Nine Capital seed company for more than 2 years. He has a background in entrepreneurship as he was a co-founder of a company called Humane 2 others.

Twitter: @louicop


man, slightly smiling, shirt with blue and white squares, bold, blue eyes

Pawel Chudzinski is a partner in the company Point Nine Capital. He used to work as an Associate at Greenhill & Co. and was a Partner and Co-Founder of Team Europe Ventures.

Twitter: @pawell


Rockaway Capital

Rockaway Capital logo, black letters, white background

Rockaway Capital is an investment firm supporting businesses focused on e-commerce, e-travel and especially promising internet companies. They invested in companies as Invia Group, Heureka shopping, TechLoop.io and Bileto.

Location: Prague, Czech Republic


man smiling, brown hair, beard, scarf, black tshirt, white background with grey lines

Jakub Havrlant is a CEO, founder and a sole shareholder in the company Rockaway Capital. In 2007 he has founded the company Bezrealitky. During his career, he has worked as managing director at Allegro Group Czech Republic, chairman at E-Commerce Holding a.s., and CEO of MallGroup.

Twitter: @HavrlantJakub


man standing, light blue shirt, brown hair, standing in front of the building

Jaromír Švihovský is the CFO at Rockaway Capital company. He has completed his PhD in Economics at the Technical University of Liberec, where he, later on, worked as the assistant professor for 6 years. Afterwards, he has worked as a tax advisor for 8 years in the company called RS-TAX s.r.o..


man smiling, light blue shirt, glasses, brown hair

Robert Chmelař has been an investment partner at Rockaway Capital for more than 3 years. He has worked as an analyst at the company Citigroup for 3 years and later on he was a part of Mid Europa Partners, where he started as a director and later became an advisor.


Rutland Partners

Rutland Partners logo, a leaf half brown half green in the middle of the background, dark brown capital letters

Rutland Partners is a private equity firm focusing on the improvement of the performances surrounding the financial and operational changes. Some of the notable project they invested in are for example: Total Rail Solutions, Walstead Group and Omar Group.

Location: London, United Kingdom


black and white photo, man, white shirt, black suite, brown hair

Ben Slatter has been a partner at Rutland Partners LLP for almost 18 years. Previously, he was the Manager of Andersen Corporate Finance. He studied Economics at the University of Exeter.



SeedCamp logo, white background, black letters, two leaves on the right top sideSeedcamp is an early-stage investment company for startups with great potential. Some of the companies they invested in are TransferWise, Pleo, and Curve app.

Location: London, United Kingdom


photo, woman, black hair, smiling, blue earringsShe has studied economics and Environmental Systems Engineering. She used to work as an associate to eVentures India and Innovation Advisors. Later she continued her career in Vodafone for three years as a manager. In 2007 she founded a company Seedcamp, where she currently works as a partner.

Twitter: @rsohoni


SparkLabs Global Ventures

Sparklabs Global Venture logo, shite background, black letters, first part of the company's name bolt, firework on the left side

SparkLabs Global is an accelerator company that was founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Their focus is on startups focused on the Internet, online gaming, e-commerce, etc. Some of the notable investments: Codekingdoms, Brewbot, and Cutover.

Location: London, United Kingdom


photo, man standing, smiling, white shirt, grey suite, ggrey hair, wooden background

Frank Meehan is a Co-Founder and Partner at SparkLabs Global Ventures. Besides that, he is also the CEO of SmartUp.io, a micro-learning knowledge platform for the smartphone generation. Prior to this, he was a Board Director at Lifesum.

Twitter: @frank_meehan



Ufostart logo, orange background, white strips

UFOstart is a company helping blockchain startups to market worldwide and empowers them with methodology and software in order to receive funding. They advise teams to gain expertise in relevant fields of marketing.

Location: Berlin, Germany


man smiling, grey background, dark blond hair

Thomas Hessler is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, mainly in the blockchain. He has co-founded Zanox and UFOstart and has invested in around 200 startups. He is still currently a Board Member of UFOstart.

Twitter: @ThomasHessler


United Ventures

United Ventures logo, white background, light blue letters "uv" at the beginning on the left side, black letters with the name

United Ventures is an independent venture capital company supporting startups focused on innovation within technology. UV invested in companies like LoopAi, Cloud4Wi, and BadSeed.

Location: Milan, Italy


man, white shirt, black suite, black and white picture

Massimiliano Magrini is a co-founder and managing partner at the company United Ventures, Italy's largest venture capital fund in the technology sector. Besides that, he founded Annapurna Ventures in 2009. He was a country manager for Italy when working for Google in the years 2002-2009.

Twitter: @massimag


smiling man, grey hair, white shirt, blue suite

Paolo Gesess is a co-founder and managing partner of United Ventures. He founded Jupiter Ventures where he operated as the managing partner. Later he worked at the company 360 Capital partners and is a board member to companies musiXmatch, MoneyFarm, and Credimi.

Twitter: @paologesess


man, smiling, blue shirt, black and white background, brown hair

Fabio Pirovano is an investment manager at United Ventures. He studied management and finance at the University of Bocconi. He used to work as an M&A analyst and afterwards as an associate at Woodside Capital Partners. He later became a board member of companies like MoneyFarm, Brumbrum SpA, and MainStreaming.



Ventech logo, black capital letters, above the name capital and bolt letters VT, white background

Ventech invests in companies with the strong underlying technology. They have invested in Webedia, VestiaireCollective, Believe Digital, and Withings. The seat of the company is in Paris, however, since 2007 they expanded to Shanghai, China.

Location: Paris, France


black and white photo, dark slightly curly hair, smiling, earings

Claire Houry works as a board member of companies such as Antidot, Mediarithmis, and Botify. Besides that, she is a General Partner in Ventech.


Ysios Capital

Ysios Capital logo, dark blue capitals, white background

Ysios Capital is an independent venture capital firm supporting early and middle-stage companies focused on healthcare and biotechnology - mainly therapeutics. They invested in companies such as AELIX Therapeutics, Aura Biosciences, and Galecto Biotech.

Location: Barcelona, Spain


man, light blue shirt, dark blue suite, glasses, bold, blue background

Joël Jean-Mairet is a co-founder and general partner of Ysios Capital. He is the former CEO and co-founder of GLYCART Biotechnology AG, and the director of companies Rainier Therapeutics, Sanifit Laboratories, and Aura Biosciences. He has contributed to the approval of four medical devices, and four drugs.

Twitter: @Jean_Mairet


woman standing , white suite, short brown hair, holding hands

Julia Salaverría has been a general partner at Ysios Capital since 2007. She has worked as a Director of Economy at the Bank of Espaňa. Besides Ysios Capital she is an independent director at Cecabank.


soman, beige dress, yellow cardigan, blong curly hair

Cristina Garmendia is a general partner at Ysios Capital company. She became a president of the Inbiomed Foundation and the Spanish Society of Bio enterprises. She founded the company Gentrix - a biotechnological company. She was also appointed a Minister of Science and Innovation in 2008.


smiling, woman, photo, green suite, black blause, short dark blond hair, handbag

Karen Wagner is a general partner at Ysisos Capital Partners. She completed her PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of Konstanz. She has worked as a consultant for McKinsey & Company. Later she became director of business development at Ingenium Pharmaceuticals AG, completing her VP licensing at GLYCART Biotechnology AG.


man, brown short hair , white shirt, black suite

Raúl Martín-Ruiz has worked at Ysios Capital as an investment manager, an investment director and currently, he is a principal and partner. He is working as a board member for many companies, such as STAT Diagnostica (where He is a Member of the Board), MedLumics, and Anaconda BioMed.


man, standing holding hands, watch, smiling, white shirt, dark blue suit, brown hair, short beard

Guillem Laporta is the principal of Ysios Capital. He completed his graduate program in Biotechnology at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. He worked as an intern in the position of Life Sciences Investment Analyst at Caixa Capital Risc and later worked as a Life Investment Associate at Edmond de Rothschild.


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