The Best Green Energy Startups in Europe

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* Article updated July 28, 2022, with new content and an updated list of green energy startups.

With increasing temperatures, environmental degradation, and ozone depletion, we are all well aware by now that our actions as a species have not contributed to the preservation of this planet and its inhabitants. Perhaps late and lazy, but global leaders - both governmental and corporate - have realized that many things need to change, starting with reducing our carbon footprint. One sector that has made headway in improving the way we “operate” is green energy.

From upcycling used clothes to changing the way we produce food, green tech companies have been trying to “mitigate or reverse the effects of human activity on the environment.” One of the most carbon-heavy sectors in the world is the energy sector, which is why green energy tech companies are at the forefront of the green tech evolution.

Explore the startup ecosystem

Sustainable startups are disrupting markets through innovative green technologies and solutions. These energy startups are no exception - they’re leading the way using various approaches and range from carbon-neutrality solutions to new technologies to improve the efficiency of photovoltaics

Without further ado, let's jump straight into some of the best green energy companies in Europe. We have listed these innovative green tech companies in alphabetical order according to country.

Europe’s best green energy companies


Tirane, Albania

Vega Solar

vega solar logoFounders: Philipp Koronowski

Year Founded: 2019

Vega Solar is a renewable energy company that focuses on progress in photovoltaics. Their company offers a wide range of products, such as panels, batteries, inverters, and structural components. Their aim to being to integrate solar energy into homes and businesses within Albania at an increasing rate They focus highly on creating partnerships and collaboration to bring about their vision.

Vienna, Austria


hyrdrogrid logoFounders: Janice Goodenough

Year Founded: 2016

Hydrogrid's innovative machine learning algorithms and  meteorological parameters allow them to create an intelligent inflow forecast for hydropower plants. Depending on the location and available data history, their insights help to choose the best model for each power plant. Parameters based on econometrics, neural network, or machine learning enables them to proactively steer hydropower plants and decrease spillage by up to 12%.

Houthalen, Belgium


enervalis logoFounders: Carl Malbrain

Year Founded: 2013

Enervalis is a platform that provides green energy solutions for electric vehicles, microgrids, and buildings. It can predict future demands and supply of energy by using weather forecasting, big data, AI, and input from users. The software observes available energy sources and distributes them to customers based on predictions.

Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dwelt Software

dwelt logo

Founders: Stefan Krneta

Year Founded: 2017

Dwelt developed what they call Platform X, which is a cloud-based software solution that connects utility providers and customers on the grid. It is an app for integrating utilities into the digital age and offers multi-utility support (power, water, gas, and biomass). Through their meter-to-cash for billing, anyone can enter the market and sell clean energy.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Co2 Cards

co2 cards logoFounders: Yavor Vassilev

Year Founded: 2016

CO2 Cards is a platform focusing on CSR that connects companies and their employees with carbon offset projects worldwide. It provides carbon neutrality initiatives and supports 'green' projects certified by the UN.

Prague, Czech Republic

Olife Energy

olife energy logo

Founders: Petr Žaluda

Year Founded: 2014

Olife Energy offers storage facilities that use solar energy and other 'green' sources to generate electric power and optimize its consumption from the grid. It provides cost-efficient solar power storage units for homes and businesses.

Aarhus, Denmark


visblue logo

Founders: Adelio Mendes, Anders Bentien

Year Founded: 2014

VisBlue is a private company that created an energy storage system - the VisBlue battery. Based on its competencies within power electronics and battery development, VisBlue created a vanadium redox flow battery that can store solar energy during the day and then power customers' homes during the night.

Tallinn, Estonia


sunly logo

Founders: Priit Lepasepp, Martin Kruus, Kalle Kiigske

Year Founded: 2019

Sunly supports renewable energy projects and manages a renewable energy and electrification portfolio of startups in smart grid, storage, demand response, etc. They focus on helping other renewable energy startups develop green solutions. 

Helsinki, Finland

Tespack Ltd

tespack logo

Founders: Caritta Seppa, Mario Aguilera, Yesika A. Robles

Year Founded: 2013

Tespack specializes in generating energy on the go. Tespack Smartpacks are wearable solar backpacks that collect energy from the sun, stores it, and then uses the power to charge devices outside people's homes. The company's goal is to make everyone energy independent and reduce their carbon footprint.

Grenoble, France


befc logo

Founders: Jules Hammond

Year Founded: 2020

What BeFC offers is a sustainable solution to the hard to recycle, toxic, and/or environmentally unfriendly button or coin cell power sources.  Their eco-friendly paper-based biofuel cells, they believe, are a sustainable replacement for batteries and their existing applications. 

Berlin, Germany


lumenaza logoFounders: Christian Chudoba

Year Founded: 2013

Lumenaza is a software, which uses sophisticated algorithms to provide green energy solutions and supply sustainable electricity in regional communities. In 2016 the company developed a “utility in a box” solution that allows providing all the energy services in a modular and highly automated way.

Athens, Greece


dtwise logoFounders: Athanassios Panagoulas, Spyros Tzovairis

Year Founded: 2015

Dtwise offers a suite of apps used to monitor energy consumption and optimize usage, providing a data-driven energy solution. Current projects include helping utility-grade photo-voltaic parks, wind farms, commercial buildings, warehouses, and factories become more efficient.

Budapest, Hungary


platio logo

Founders: Miklós Ilyés, Imre Sziszák

Year Founded: 2015

Platio develops and manufactures space-saving green energy systems that provide sustainable energy to homes, companies, and cities. It integrates solar cells into the pavement which generate electricity during the day and store it in saving units.

Reykjavík, Iceland


icewind logoFounders: Sæþór Ásgeirsson

Year Founded: 2012

IceWind is a company focusing on designing and manufacturing small vertical axis wind turbines for a variety of applications including telecom towers and off-grid cabins. The company's goal is to show that turbines can be elegant and cost-effective solutions for green energy systems.

Dublin, Ireland

Terra Solar

terra solar logoFounders: David Fewer

Year Founded: 2014

Terra Solar develops, finances, constructs, and operates solar farms in Ireland. Together with enterprises and landowners, they identify suitable places for planning and grid approval to complete the development of solar farms. They value sustainable energy solutions and exert minimal impact on their environment, as well as support biodiversity.

Milan, Italy

Limes Renewable Energy

limes renewable energy logoFounders/Directors: Cristiano Spillati, Vincenzo Cavallo

Year Founded: 2017

Limes are a renewable energy startup focusing on project development and collaboration. They collaborate with engineering firms and construction companies to deliver the latest sustainable energy solutions and technology in wind and solar projects. Limes is actively working on the Italian grid parity market and involved with the emerging South East Asian market. 

Riga, Latvia


citintelly logoFounders: Guntis Čoders

Year Founded: 2016

They are an intelligent street lighting control solution for the Smart Cities at their core. Citintelly offers simple to control monitors that decrease maintenance costs, CO2 emissions, and lighting costs. Their products range from Segment Controllers, Luminaire Controllers, Lighting Management Software, Lighting surge protector, Motion-sensing radar, WiFi luminaire, and an RGB controller.

Vilnius, Lithuania


inion logoFounders: Šarūnas Stanaitis

Year Founded: 2019

Inion develop SaaS and hardware monitoring solutions for solar panels. Their controllers collect information from solar panels and send it to the cloud. There, the data is analyzed and commands are sent. Inion's products are available for any solar setup, from a home system to a medium-large sized solar power plant. 

Valletta, Malta

TechMet Limited

techmet logoFounders: Brian Menell

Year Founded: 2017

TechMet is a private industrial company that invests in securing the supply of the key metals critical to the manufacturing of EVs, Energy Storage, and Renewable Energy technologies. TechMet currently holds interests in both production and development assets in Africa, North America, and South America.

Chisinau, Moldova


mega logoFounders: Alexandr Iscenco

Year Founded: 2013

MEGA is a collaborative project management platform that helps environmental organizations implement and guide innovative projects. It delivers services, such as project gamification and gamified education about ecological and social issues in the world.

Delft, The Netherlands


dewarmte logoFounders: Auke de Vries, Sander Wapperom

Year Founded: 2019

DeWarmte is a green startup specializing in waste-to-product. They take the wastewater from household use and extract all usable heat from it. This extracted heat is then used to heat freshwater, cutting down on the energy spent to create hot household water. 

Kristiansand, Norway


heaten logo

Founders: Geir Robstad, Harald Nes Risl, Ken Roger Lis

Year Founded: 2020

Heaten is a start-up creating green energy solutions in industrial heat. Namely, they aim to accelerate the electrification of heat with the prospect of deep decarbonization. They are a leader in innovating very-high-temperature heat pump (VHTHP) technology. 

Rzeszow, Poland


jitiv logoFounders: Bartomiej Zuba, Dominik Ciurko, Tomasz Rajzer

Year Founded: 2018

The SaaS startup JiTiV helps consumers regulate energy consumption by through any device. They apply AI, advanced analytics, and hardware to monitor energy usage in any setting, from households to industry.

Porto, Portugal


pavnext logo

Founders: Francisco Duarte, João Paulo Champalimaud, Sílvia Soares

Year Founded: 2017

Pavnext specializes in road pavement equipment that allows kinetic energy to be extracted from vehicles. The energy captured is then converted into electrical energy, which can be used in public street lighting, crosswalks, sensors, traffic lights, charging electric bicycles, or even used on the power grid.

St. Petersburg, Russia


zevs logoFounder/CEO: Oleg Borisov

Year Founded: 2018

The team at Zevs aims to combine their expert experience and knowledge in the fields of IT development and the electric power industry, to develop a better and more efficient electric transport system in Russia. Zevs's goal is to create modern, high-tech solutions for electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Bratislava, Slovakia


fuergy logo

Founder: Branislav Safarik, Radoslav Stompf, Rastislav Kuba, Vladimir Miskovsky

Year Founded: 2018

Fuergy specializes in technology revolving around Energy-as-a-Service, Energy Storage Management, and Energy Optimization. More specifically, they develop hardware devices and AI-powered software that is backed by blockchain, which they call brAIn. Their green energy solution helps to optimize energy consumption and maximize the efficiency of renewable energy sources. 

Ljubljana, Slovenia


suncontract logoFounder: Gregor Novak, Mojca Bajec

Year Founded: 2016

SunContract is an energy-trading platform that creates a business model for buying and selling electricity. It uses blockchain technology to optimize current operations and make them cost-efficient.

Barcelona, Spain


rawlemon logoFounder: Andre Broessel

Year Founded: 2013

Rawlemon is a producer of solar energy devices that can create green energy in any place. The company uses a solar concentration system and sun tracking system to generate green power on the land, air, and sea.

Malmö, Sweden

Orbital Systems

orbital systems logoFounder: Mehrdad Mahdjoubi

Year Founded: 2012

ORBITAL SYSTEMS is a clean-tech company that focuses on saving water and energy in domestic appliances. It developed a water recycling technology for a shower system, which saves 90% of water and 80% of the electricity used.

Zurich, Switzerland


pexapark logo

Founder: Luca Pedretti, Michael Waldner

Year Founded: 2017

Based on a community of wind energy producers, Pexapark connects them and enables advice exchange. This FinTech platform was made to build a marketplace and collect data analysis, which then is utilized for factual reports.

London, United Kingdom


phycobloom logo

Founders: Dr. Ian Hu, Dr. John Waite

Year Founded: 2019

Phycobloom is a biotechnology specializing in engineering algae for carbon neutral biofuels. They use synthetic biology to create algae that uses atmospheric CO2 to generate affordable and sustainable hydrocarbons. 

green energy


Green tech companies: solutions for the future

As far as the green energy startup ecosystem in Europe is concerned, the future looks bright. We have witnessed how innovative green energy solutions designed by sustainable startups will be powering the future of energy consumption, generation, and management. They will also be an integral part of our transition into renewable energy

Sustainability is the way forward for industry and for the longevity of this planet. Whether it's progress in photovoltaics, hydroelectricity, wind power, or waste-to-energy, the technologies are here. All that needs ironing out is optimizing efficiency and establishing an infrastructure that will allow green energy startups to mature and provide more clean power to the world. These sustainable startups are the future and the future is brimming with opportunity.

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