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Best Platform for Identifying New Investment Opportunities

You can Google anything, but that doesn’t always mean you’ll get your answer - especially when your question goes way beyond what washing machine program should I use for wool socks?  Yes, you can access almost any piece of information online, but what about knowledge, what about data insights?

What about an online platform that can unveil new horizons for your company? When you’re looking for new investment ideas and/or business investment opportunities, is it enough to open a browser and start hacking away at it? 

Identifying new business investment opportunities requires a dedicated online platform that will provide you with data insights into your target sector that are both quality-based and quantifiable. You need the right people with the right technology that will help you quickly discern up-and-coming and disruptive tech, startups, and markets so that you can always be ahead of the competition.

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When it comes to any online platform that helps clients find their next golden ticket idea, i.e. new investment ideas, there are two general models: AI-driven and non-AI-driven solutions. While both types of online platforms use massive databases, the tech powering these databases makes a world of difference. Hint: An AI investment platform has a lot more to offer, and Valuer is one of them.

But let’s take a tour and let you see for yourself. We’ll give you a brief overview of some differences between these two types of online platforms, provide you with some examples of each, and finally, show you that Valuer is in fact the best AI investment platform for identifying new business investment opportunities.


Types of online database platforms

Platforms that are meant to provide clients with custom solutions are always based on huge databases containing all sorts of information that is used to make a connection between client needs and data insights. So, when you’re looking for new investment ideas, you target a specific tech, niche, market, disruptive trends, etc.

AI-driven vs. non AI-driven investment platforms (1)

The databases utilized by these online platforms contain all this information and more, allowing you to find suitable matches through data insights. Of course, how quick, effective, and successful the match is will depend on the platform. 

Before we get to the “showdown” that underlines the different methodologies behind AI and non-AI-powered platforms, let’s look at what’s similar. The three main areas of overlap are that both types of platforms are founded upon data, both can provide you with data insights relevant to your business, and finally, that both AI and non-AI platforms utilize predictive models that can help you formulate some sound, information-based forecasts of future business investment opportunities.

With that out of the way, let’s underline what the main differences between non-AI-driven and AI-driven online platforms are. Also, let’s take a look at how different technologies affect the way data insights are processed.


Non-AI-driven investment platforms

Non-AI-driven platforms, just like AI investment platforms, are founded on a database of information. However, the way that information is processed to provide users with relevant results is generally through algorithms and advanced analytics - which are sometimes confused for machine learning (ML), yet are quite different from it.

So, the way these online platforms work is through algorithms and analytics tools to provide clients with data insights and even make forecasts based on existing information. However, the algorithms set in place are still somewhat limited - the process functions are based on a set of sophisticated rules that are binding.

Even if we were to minimize human error, unusual cases would leave this sort of online platform strapped for answers. In other words, unless the algorithm is perfect, it simply won’t work right. The big difference here is that AI learns and adapts - but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. 

For now, it’s important to understand that this sort of non-AI software doesn’t make quick, effective decisions or draw general conclusions about specific needs - it needs to be regularly recalibrated in order to find the right answers.

Another drawback of non-AI-driven platforms is that they need a lot more “babysitting” - you’d get a devoted team of experts with each type of online platform, but non-AI-powered databases require a lot more time to update, manage, and implement or accept any changes. Handling huge, varied databases, in this context, takes more time and human resources to process efficiently. And in the world of disruptive technologies, it’s often the case that time is everything when looking for new business investment opportunities.  

In a nutshell: In comparison to AI, non-AI-powered database processing takes more time, is more rigid, and less adaptable. Overall, there’s less room for innovation, efficiency, investment ideas, and growth.

These online platforms will give you intel on various startups and companies, but the fact that they don’t use AI in the process increases the chances that you won’t really discover all your avenues and possibilities. Smooth interfaces and somewhat relevant data insights are no longer enough - you want something that can quantify quality, that can check all the boxes, find the best matches for you, and find you new business opportunities and the drop of a hat.


AI-driven investment platforms

You can sort of think of an AI investment platform like the innovative business equivalent of Netflix. AI solutions learn from your likes and dislikes, your habits and patterns, your past investments, and future interests.

The artificial intelligence within the software learns, adapts, processes huge amounts of data quickly, gets a hold of the most up-to-date market ongoings, and more to make sure you find new business investment opportunities, technologies, and companies you didn't know were there and are - in fact - the perfect new investment ideas.

But let’s break it down a bit more. First off, AI utilizes ML to learn things that we may not even notice and then categorize them to make decisions based on data insights. No one needs to come up with a new code or algorithm. In fact, AI utilizes a “purpose-built database to speed up ML model training.”

AI-driven databases have the ability to go through great amounts of information, draw conclusions from data insights, and make effective decisions that’ll help you grow your business. What’s more, the software is always connected to a constantly updated online radar, which means that any new developments there will be reflected in your search results, data insights, and analytics.

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In a nutshell: AI-driven platforms paired with ML tackle matters such as volume, complex data insights, and speed all at once, allowing you to allocate your time and resources more efficiently. The platform does the work for you, getting you the data insights you need for new business investment opportunities and investment ideas, new innovation within your company, and business collaboration. It’s a one stop-shop for innovation and growth.


Valuer: The best AI-driven online platform for finding new investment opportunities

If we’ve concluded that data-driven, AI-powered software is the most reliable way to get fast, up-to-date data insights that provide custom solutions for your business, the next logical step is recommending an online platform

The benefits of AI-driven databases that utilize ML

Valuer employs all that smart, efficient AI and ML we talked about and applies it in conjunction with a massive online database to help you find custom solutions - be it disruptive startups or untapped markets that are in line with your ideas for new innovation. What’s more, regardless of your position (startup or investor) or development stage, the easy-to-use intuitive Valuer platform has something to offer you. This could be in the form of a peek into new innovation trends, strategic insight reports, or tailored innovation radars that let you know as soon as something that fits your bill enters the market.

Generating investment ideas for your business, as well as finding new investment opportunities simultaneously. If that sounds too general, let’s take a look at the specifics of what Valuer has to offer.


Why choose Valuer?



Get custom solutions through our data insights

No matter what stage of the innovation pipeline you’re at, the AI-driven software will match you with the right business model, tech, niche, and industry. Discover a new innovation that you never knew existed through data insights generated by our AI. We’re especially excited about our sustainable startups and what they mean for a greener future and the business investment opportunities they generate.


Get updates on-the-go

Valuer’s custom solution innovation radar can notify you every time something to your liking pops up on the market, as our online database always improves and updates itself to include new innovations from across the world. 

All you need in one place

Our AI algorithms are non-discriminatory and are ensured to include global trends, not limiting themselves to only some parts of the world. But don’t worry - results are always translated in a language you’ll understand.


Quality, quantified

The Valuer score uses quality metrics to rate different startups and give them a quantifiable value. The AI assigns a score between 1 and 100 based on metrics such as success, maturity, innovation, growth potential, and sustainability. What this means is that instead of looking at multiple startups and trying to weigh in their pros and cons yourself, you get a pre-analyzed report.


Teach the AI to learn what you like

When our online platform offers solutions based on your preferences, you can upvote and downvote results so your Valuer AI assistant can learn what you like and what you don’t like. That way, it will identify even better business investment opportunities in the future.


Don’t get raw data - get data insights

Rather than just a list of potential business investment opportunities, you get thorough industry insights that will help you decide how to move forward. Depending on the plan you opt for, the AI assistant will provide you with not only an overview of trends, but also market and company case studies, strategic data insights, general market and in-depth niche market analyses, and much more.


Make things simple for yourself and your team

Our intuitive, easy-to-use interface will allow you and your team to stay on top of your industry and on top of new innovation. You can also vote and make decisions together. Our AI investment platform makes navigating, training the AI assistant, and looking at complex metrics super easy. All you need to do is select your interests - be it trends, companies, sectors, markets, or techs - to get started. 

Try platform for free

We feel our online platform is the complete solution for new innovation and investment ideas, allowing you to spot trends and business investment opportunities that you may overlook if using any other platform or database. Try the online platform now for free and you can see for yourself the potential of Valuer and how innovation on-demand can change your business.

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